Audio Series ‘The Cursed Prince’ on Pocket FM : Listen The Full Story


In the mystical realm of Draec, a chilling curse befalls Prince Mars, rendering his touch fatal to any who come in contact with him. This captivating narrative unfolds with trepidation, revenge, and an unforeseen bond that could change destinies. Discover the enthralling saga of The Cursed Prince, exclusively available on Pocket FM!

Audio Series The Cursed Prince on Pocket FM  Listen The Full Story

The Premise: Prince Mars and the Fatal Touch

In a world where magic and destiny intertwine, Prince Mars bears a dire curse—one touch, and doom befalls the unfortunate soul. Surviving an assassination attempt by Princess Emmelyn of Wintermere unveils an unforeseen truth—Emmelyn is immune to Mars’s lethal touch. This revelation sets the stage for an unanticipated alliance, merging their fates in ways neither envisioned.

The Unraveling Drama: Blood Covenant and Vengeance

Bound by a blood covenant, Mars and Emmelyn must unite to fulfill the dynasty’s legacy by producing an heir. Yet, Emmelyn’s heart is torn between her thirst for vengeance and the burgeoning feelings she harbors for the cursed prince. As conflicting desires collide, the balance of power and emotions becomes increasingly precarious.


The Nexus of Emotions: Love, Vengeance, and Dynasty

Caught amidst conflicting aspirations and emotions, The Cursed Prince encapsulates a saga where vengeance clashes with burgeoning affection. Emmelyn’s journey from a seeker of revenge to a harbinger of love for Prince Mars threatens to alter the dynasty’s course irrevocably.

“The Cursed Prince” on Pocket FM : Summary

In the mystical realm of Draec, Pocket FM unveils an enthralling narrative with “The Cursed Prince.” This captivating tale revolves around Prince Mars, burdened with a chilling curse—his touch brings inevitable doom to those he contacts. Surviving an assassination attempt by Princess Emmelyn of Wintermere reveals a startling truth: Emmelyn is immune to Mars’s fatal touch. Bound by an unexpected blood covenant, the pair navigates conflicting desires, with Emmelyn torn between vengeance and an unexpected affection for the cursed prince. This saga of love, revenge, and destiny unfolds exclusively on Pocket FM, promising a riveting experience for listeners and readers alike.


“The Cursed Prince” on Pocket FM Review: A Captivating Tale of Curses and Forbidden Love

Delving into the realms of Pocket FM’s audio offerings, “The Cursed Prince” emerges as a riveting narrative that intertwines curses, royal intrigues, and an unlikely love story. This gripping tale, set in the mystical land of Draec, introduces Prince Mars, burdened with a fatal touch that brings demise to those who come in contact with him. The plot thickens when Princess Emmelyn of Wintermere, immune to Mars’s deadly curse, survives an assassination attempt. What follows is an enthralling journey of their forced alliance through a blood covenant, as vengeance collides with burgeoning emotions, potentially altering the course of an entire dynasty.

“The Cursed Prince” on Pocket FM captivates listeners with its immersive storytelling, where love battles against a curse. The podcast unfolds the complexities of the characters’ emotions, drawing audiences into a world where destiny and desires clash. With each episode, the narrative delves deeper into the conflicting aspirations of the protagonists, promising an engaging experience for listeners seeking a blend of fantasy, romance, and intrigue. Explore this enchanting tale exclusively on Pocket FM, where curses and forbidden love take center stage in an enthralling saga.


Tale of The Cursed Prince on Pocket FM Full Story

In a realm steeped in mystique and peril, The Cursed Prince emerges as a mesmerizing saga that grips audiences on Pocket FM. Prince Mars of Draec, afflicted with a fatal touch, embarks on a journey fraught with danger and unforeseen alliances. Surviving an assassination attempt by Princess Emmelyn of Wintermere, Mars discovers her immunity to his curse, leading to a binding blood covenant to secure the dynasty’s future. Yet, amidst their intertwined fates, Emmelyn’s thirst for vengeance clashes with burgeoning emotions, creating a narrative tapestry teeming with love, vengeance, and the precarious balance of power.

Delve into the gripping narrative of The Cursed Prince exclusively on Pocket FM, where love and curses collide, and destiny takes an unforeseen turn. Immerse yourself in this captivating tale that weaves a complex web of emotions and intrigue, available for exploration through the platform’s comprehensive access to the full story.


The Cursed Prince on Pocket FM – All Episodes Revealed

In the realm of enthralling narratives, The Cursed Prince emerges as a gripping tale weaving together love, curses, and destinies. This spellbinding saga, available across all episodes on Pocket FM, immerses audiences into the mystic world of Draec. Prince Mars, burdened with a fatal touch, discovers an unexpected ally in Princess Emmelyn of Wintermere, immune to his curse. As their destinies intertwine, a blood covenant binds them, setting the stage for a tumultuous journey where vengeance collides with burgeoning emotions, shaping the fate of a dynasty. Engage with every episode, as the narrative unfurls, revealing intricate layers of love, vendetta, and the precarious balance between power and emotions.

Embark on the Epic Journey: The Cursed Prince – All Episodes Unveiled on Pocket FM

Dive deep into the compelling narrative of The Cursed Prince with all episodes available exclusively on Pocket FM. This enthralling saga encompasses a tale where curses collide with love, and destinies entwine amidst the mystical land of Draec. Join Prince Mars and Princess Emmelyn on their tumultuous odyssey as they navigate the complexities of a fatal touch, an unforeseen bond, and the impending fate of a dynasty. Immerse yourself in the drama, experience the emotions, and unveil the secrets chapter by chapter, available for exploration on Pocket FM. Don’t miss the chance to indulge in this mesmerizing saga where every episode uncovers a new facet of the enchanting world within The Cursed Prince.


Where to Find the Epic: Pocket FM Exclusive

Dive into the saga of The Cursed Prince by accessing the free audiobook or reading the entire story on the Pocket Novel app. Don’t miss out on this mesmerizing tale that promises to enthrall and captivate.

Unravel the Mystery – Listen, Read, and Engage

For an immersive experience, access the full episodes of The Cursed Prince on Pocket FM. Dive into the heart of the story, feel the characters’ emotions, and witness the drama unfold in every episode.


Join the Journey

Engage with the gripping narrative of The Cursed Prince today! Dive into the story’s depths, feel the characters’ passions, and unravel the mysteries that shape their destiny.

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