Unleash Your Potential: The Top 10 Best Workshop Podcasts on Spotify (2023)


In today’s fast-paced world, continuous learning and self-improvement have become essential. With the rise of podcasts, learning new skills and gaining insights has never been more accessible. If you’re looking to boost your knowledge and acquire new skills, you’re in luck! We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 workshop podcasts available on Spotify. Whether you’re interested in personal development, professional growth, or expanding your horizons, these podcasts offer valuable content to help you on your journey.

The Top 10 Best Workshop Podcasts on Spotify

workshops work

Discover the art of facilitation with ‘Workshops Work,’ the podcast that’s making waves in the world of collaboration. Dr. Myriam Hadnes, the visionary founder of NeverDoneBefore, a global online facilitation community and festival, guides you through this journey. With ‘Workshops Work,’ you’re invited into a 50% sandbox, 50% classroom, where the secrets of successful facilitation are unveiled. In each episode, Myriam engages in candid conversations with professional facilitators, trainers, and coaches, unraveling their experiences and insights in the realm of facilitation. These discussions are a goldmine of knowledge, presented openly and honestly, making facilitation an accessible skill for all. Join us to gain practical tips, advice, and discover the enchanting ingredients that truly make workshops work.

First Time Facilitator

First Time Facilitator with Leanne Hughes is your gateway to becoming an exceptional group facilitator. Leanne Hughes, the mastermind behind the First Time Facilitator blog, shares her wealth of knowledge on group facilitation, training, and workshop best practices. Whether you’re a seasoned facilitator or stepping in front of a group for the first time, this podcast provides invaluable tips and techniques to enhance your facilitation style, ensuring your audience leaves with lasting impact and 5-star feedback.


Discover a treasure trove of insights on icebreakers, leadership, group dynamics, preparation, games, conflict resolution, and more. Leanne delves into the art of facilitation, covering aspects like delivery, voice modulation, body language, and building confidence. Whether you’re an experienced facilitator looking to refine your skills or a newcomer eager to connect with your audience, First Time Facilitator is your ultimate resource to understand what works, what doesn’t, and how to consistently deliver engaging and impactful sessions. Subscribe to this podcast and stay ahead of the curve in the world of facilitation. Your journey towards facilitating excellence starts here.

Training Business

For those involved in the training and development industry, the Training Business podcast is a goldmine of knowledge and guidance. Designed for freelance trainers, training business owners, facilitators, and coaches, this podcast is your ticket to success. Tune in every Thursday to gain expert tips on effectively marketing your training, facilitation, and coaching programs while boosting your sales of learning and development services. Hosted by Mark, who honed his training skills at The Walt Disney Company and holds an MBA from the University of Ulster, this podcast is backed by his 17 years of experience in training individuals worldwide. Mark’s expertise as a sales coach and his commitment to personal development make this podcast a must-listen. Don’t miss out – subscribe today for a fresh episode every week to fuel your professional growth.


There is a Workshop for that!

There is a Workshop for That” is a podcast tailor-made for facilitators eager to enhance their expertise. This podcast features insightful interviews with leading facilitators, renowned book authors, and corporate managers from around the globe. It’s your go-to source for invaluable insights on leveraging facilitation techniques to foster better collaboration and create workshops that stand out. Whether you’re a seasoned facilitator or just starting your journey, “There is a Workshop for That” offers a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration, empowering you to take your facilitation skills to new heights. Tune in today to tap into the industry’s best practices and elevate your workshop experience.

Hosted by Nathy Ravez, a skilled workshop designer, facilitator, and trainer, “There is a Workshop for That” is driven by a profound belief in the power of facilitation to ignite collaboration within teams. Nathy Ravez’s brainchild, “La Workshoppeuse,” is dedicated to delivering workshops and training sessions crafted for businesses looking to unleash their team’s full potential. Additionally, it caters to facilitators aiming to upgrade their skills and create distinctive workshop experiences. With this podcast, you’re just a click away from unlocking the keys to successful facilitation and supercharging your team’s collaborative efforts. Subscribe now and embark on your journey to becoming a facilitation maestro


Facilitation Stories

Join the journey of transformation with ‘Facilitation Stories,’ a remarkable podcast that unveils the secrets behind the art of group facilitation. Presented by IAF England Wales, this podcast caters to facilitators, those on the path to becoming one, and individuals curious about harnessing facilitation for driving meaningful change. With intriguing guest narratives, hands-on experiences, and proven facilitation techniques, ‘Facilitation Stories’ is your gateway to unlocking the potential of groups. Furthermore, it keeps you updated on the vibrant world of IAF Meetups. If you’re committed to making a positive impact through the power of group dynamics, ‘Facilitation Stories’ is your essential resource, inspiring growth and providing valuable insights

The Conversation Factory

The Conversation Factory podcast is your gateway to creating transformative change by altering the way we engage in conversations. Conversation design, akin to user experience design, becomes a powerful tool in reshaping the dialogues within your organization, your team, and even within yourself. Join us on a captivating journey as we delve into the intricacies of conversations within outstanding organizations, teams, and communities. Our host engages in enlightening discussions with exceptional facilitators, visionary leaders, and creative individuals of various backgrounds, all in pursuit of unraveling the secrets to shifting patterns in all facets of our lives. Come along and explore the frontiers of change creation and sustainability through the art of conversation.


From Your Center

From Your Center is not just another podcast; it’s a source of empowerment and enlightenment. Hosted by Lea Durante, NP, and Adriana Baer, MFA, this podcast marries the worlds of art and science, offering a unique, holistic approach to personal and professional growth. With a focus on the integration of body, mind, and spirit, “From Your Center” is your guide to unlocking your true potential. Whether you’re seeking inspiration, cutting-edge research, personal anecdotes, or simply a hearty laugh, this podcast delivers it all. Join us for weekly conversations that inspire you to take courageous steps towards a life that’s truly well-lived.

Leading Learning

Discover the ultimate resource for those invested in adult continuing education, professional development, and lifelong learning with the Leading Learning Podcast. Crafted specifically for organizations dedicated to serving the dynamic world of continuing education, this podcast boasts over 350 insightful episodes. It consistently ranks in the top 2.5% of global podcasts, according to Listen Notes.


Tune in to gain access to a wealth of expert insights and perspectives aimed at helping learning businesses not just survive but thrive. Don’t miss out on this invaluable resource—subscribe to the Leading Learning Podcast via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon, Android, Stitcher Radio, iHeartRadio, PodBean, RSS, or any podcatcher service or app that suits your preferences. Start your journey towards empowerment through lifelong learning today!

The Business of Learning

The Training Business Anatomy podcast, hosted by Sergey Kotlov, delves into the intriguing world of training businesses. If you’re passionate about building and scaling a successful training enterprise, this podcast is your guiding light. Kotlov engages with the founders of training businesses, peeling back the layers of their journeys, exploring the hurdles they’ve overcome, their losses, and, most importantly, their triumphant victories.


In each episode, listeners gain invaluable insights as Kotlov and his guests embark on a deep dive into the decision-making processes that shaped their businesses, the intricate structures that support their operations, and the winding paths they navigated on their road to success. Whether you’re contemplating the launch of your training business, wrestling with growth challenges, or simply seeking inspiration, this podcast is a treasure trove of stories, tips, and best practices. Tune in and equip yourself with the knowledge you need to develop and scale a thriving training business. Your journey to success starts here.

Learning Uncut Podcast

Learning Uncut Podcast is your go-to source for authentic and practical insights into the world of learning and development (L&D). This podcast sets itself apart by emphasizing “real” over scripted. Hosted by genuine L&D professionals, Learning Uncut is your window into the strategic and tactical aspects of creating exceptional learning solutions, building effective frameworks, and cultivating high-performing teams.


What makes Learning Uncut truly unique is its unfiltered, unscripted approach. The podcasts maintain their professionalism while preserving authenticity. This means you get to hear professionals engaging in candid conversations, sharing real-life experiences, and offering actionable advice. It’s about showcasing the unsung heroes of L&D, individuals who dare to be innovative and take on new challenges, all while providing practical tips and strategies. With show notes, links, and downloadable resources, Learning Uncut ensures that every episode delivers actionable takeaways to help you elevate your L&D game. Tune in to these genuine conversations to take your learning solutions to the next level.


These top 10 workshop podcasts on Spotify are your ticket to personal and professional growth. With a diverse range of topics and experts, you can take charge of your learning journey and acquire valuable skills to help you succeed in any endeavor. Subscribe to these podcasts and start your journey to self-improvement today. Remember, the power to enhance your life is just a click away on Spotify!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I listen to these workshop podcasts on Spotify?

To listen to these workshop podcasts on Spotify, you can download the Spotify app on your mobile device or visit the Spotify website on your computer. Once you’re on Spotify, simply search for the podcast by name, and you can start streaming the episodes for free.

Are these workshop podcasts suitable for beginners, or do they cater to experts?

These workshop podcasts offer content for a wide range of audiences. Some podcasts are designed for beginners looking to acquire basic skills, while others cater to experts and professionals seeking advanced knowledge and insights.

Do I need a premium Spotify account to access these podcasts?

No, you don’t need a premium Spotify account to access these podcasts. They are available for free to all Spotify users, so you can start listening without any subscription.

Are there new episodes released regularly?

Most of these podcasts have a consistent release schedule, with new episodes coming out regularly. The frequency may vary, so be sure to check the specific podcast for information on their release schedule.

Can I download episodes for offline listening?

Yes, Spotify offers the option to download episodes for offline listening. With a premium Spotify account, you can download your favorite episodes and listen to them without an internet connection.

Are there any costs associated with subscribing to these podcasts?

No, subscribing to these podcasts is entirely free. You can listen to the content on Spotify at no cost. However, if you choose to subscribe to Spotify Premium, you can enjoy additional features like ad-free listening and offline downloads.

How can I get in touch with the hosts or creators of these podcasts?

Many podcast creators are active on social media or have their own websites. You can often find contact information or links to their profiles in the podcast descriptions or show notes for each episode.

Can I recommend a topic or request specific content from these podcasts?

Yes, most podcast creators are open to feedback and suggestions from their listeners. You can often reach out to them through social media or email to share your ideas or request specific topics for future episodes.

Are these podcasts suitable for all age groups?

While many of these podcasts are designed for a general adult audience, some may cater to specific age groups. It’s a good idea to check the podcast descriptions and content warnings to determine if they are suitable for your age group.

How do I leave a review or rating for these podcasts on Spotify?

To leave a review or rating for a podcast on Spotify, you can visit the podcast’s page and look for the review or rating section. Follow the provided instructions to share your thoughts and feedback. Your reviews and ratings can help other listeners discover these valuable workshop podcasts.

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