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In the realm of true crime enthusiasts, podcasts have become a primary source of riveting narratives, intriguing investigations, and exclusive interviews. Among the plethora of options available, the 20/20 Podcast stands out as a beacon of captivating storytelling and meticulous journalism. With its focus on unforgettable true crime mysteries, exclusive newsmaker interviews, and hard-hitting investigative reports, the 20/20 Podcast promises an enthralling experience for listeners seeking to delve into the depths of high-profile stories.

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Exploring the 20/20 Podcast

Unraveling True Crime Mysteries

The 20/20 Podcast excels in bringing to light gripping true crime stories that linger in the minds of listeners long after the episodes conclude. From cold cases to headline-grabbing incidents, each episode offers a nuanced exploration of the intricacies surrounding the case.

Exclusive Newsmaker Interviews

One of the hallmarks of the 20/20 Podcast is its access to exclusive interviews with key figures involved in the cases. Listeners gain unique insights and perspectives directly from the individuals at the center of the story, adding depth and authenticity to the narrative.


Hard-Hitting Investigative Reports

Delving beyond the surface, the 20/20 Podcast delivers in-depth investigative reports that uncover layers of complexity surrounding high-profile stories. Through meticulous research and rigorous journalism, the podcast sheds light on crucial details often overlooked by mainstream media.

The 20/20 True Crime Vault

Every Wednesday, listeners can indulge in the 20/20 True Crime Vault, a curated collection of episodes that offer a deeper dive into some of the most compelling cases featured on the podcast. This exclusive access provides fans with the opportunity to revisit their favorite episodes and uncover new insights with each listen.


The World of True Crime: A Review of the 20/20 Podcast

Step into the gripping world of true crime with the 20/20 Podcast, where each episode offers a captivating journey through unforgettable mysteries, exclusive interviews, and hard-hitting investigative reports. Seamlessly blending storytelling prowess with meticulous journalism, this podcast keeps listeners on the edge of their seats as it delves into high-profile stories that have left an indelible mark on history. From cold cases to headline-grabbing incidents, the 20/20 Podcast leaves no stone unturned in its quest to uncover the truth behind the most compelling cases. With its twice-weekly releases and access to the True Crime Vault, listeners are treated to a treasure trove of content that keeps them coming back for more.

Whether you’re a seasoned true crime enthusiast or a newcomer to the genre, the 20/20 Podcast offers something for everyone. With its availability on popular streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Stitcher, accessing this enthralling podcast is just a click away. Join the legion of fans who have been captivated by the immersive storytelling and insightful reporting of the 20/20 Podcast, and embark on a journey into the heart of true crime like never before.


The Intriguing Realms of True Crime: A Summary of the 20/20

Dive into the gripping narratives and captivating investigations offered by the 20/20 Podcast, where listeners are treated to an immersive exploration of true crime mysteries and high-profile stories. With exclusive interviews featuring key figures and in-depth investigative reports, each episode delves deep into the heart of compelling cases, leaving audiences enthralled and eager for more. Whether unraveling cold cases or shedding light on headline-grabbing incidents, the 20/20 Podcast delivers an unforgettable listening experience, available on popular platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Stitcher. Join the legion of true crime enthusiasts and embark on a journey into the captivating world of the 20/20 Podcast, where every episode promises intrigue, suspense, and unrivaled storytelling.

Best Episodes of the 20/20 Podcast

In the realm of true crime podcasts, the 20/20 Podcast stands out as a beacon of captivating storytelling and meticulous journalism. With a treasure trove of gripping episodes, each offering a unique glimpse into the dark underbelly of society, it’s essential to highlight the standout episodes that have left listeners spellbound. Let’s delve into the best episodes of the 20/20 Podcast:

DateEpisode TitleDescriptionDuration
Feb 7, 2024True Crime Vault: The Last Days of Phil HartmanDelve into the tragic story of Phil Hartman, whose seemingly perfect Hollywood life ended in a shocking murder-suicide that stunned the entertainment world.1 hr 24 min
Feb 6, 2024Bad Romance: Shot in the DarkFollow the tale of a star football player’s attempt to win back his high school sweetheart, which ends in foul play.45 min
Feb 3, 2024The Murderer In The MinivanExplore how an attempted kidnapping led police to uncover a chilling murderer.1 hr 22 min
Jan 31, 2024True Crime Vault: Sole SurvivorJoin Heather Robinson on her quest for truth after the arrest of a serial killer unravels a dark family secret, turning her life upside down.1 hr 27 min
Jan 30, 2024Bad Romance: No TraceWitness the mysterious disappearance of a young waitress after her love affair is uncovered.43 min
Jan 28, 2024Gypsy Rose: The Next ActStep into the complex world of Gypsy Rose Blanchard, exploring themes of murder, family, romance, deception, and abuse in her first interview post-release.1 hr 25 min

These episodes offer a glimpse into the breadth and depth of the 20/20 Podcast’s storytelling prowess, promising an immersive experience for true crime enthusiasts. Tune in to uncover the secrets, unravel the mysteries, and embark on a journey into the captivating world of true crime with the 20/20 Podcast.

Where to Listen

The 20/20 Podcast is available for streaming on various platforms, including:

  • Spotify: Access the complete catalog of 20/20 Podcast episodes on Spotify, ensuring seamless listening anytime, anywhere.
  • Apple Podcasts: Dive into the world of true crime with ease on Apple Podcasts, where you can subscribe and receive updates on new episodes.
  • Stitcher: Enjoy uninterrupted listening on Stitcher, where you can explore the extensive library of 20/20 Podcast episodes at your leisure.


With its enthralling storytelling, exclusive interviews, and in-depth coverage of high-profile stories, the 20/20 Podcast has established itself as a must-listen for true crime aficionados. Whether you’re seeking to uncover unsolved mysteries or gain insight into headline-making cases, the podcast delivers a compelling and immersive experience. Tune in to the 20/20 Podcast and embark on a journey into the captivating world of true crime.

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Q1: What is the 20/20 Podcast about? A1: The 20/20 Podcast is a captivating true crime podcast that delves into unforgettable mysteries, conducts exclusive interviews with key figures, and presents hard-hitting investigative reports on high-profile stories.

Q2: How often are new episodes released? A2: The 20/20 Podcast releases new episodes twice weekly, with the addition of The 20/20 True Crime Vault every Wednesday, providing listeners with a curated collection of in-depth episodes.


Q3: Where can I listen to the 20/20 Podcast? A3: You can listen to the 20/20 Podcast on various platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Stitcher, ensuring accessibility for listeners across different devices.

Q4: Are there specific episodes or series within the 20/20 Podcast that stand out? A4: Yes, the 20/20 Podcast offers the True Crime Vault series, which features curated collections of episodes focusing on particular cases or themes, providing listeners with a deeper dive into the stories they find most intriguing.

Q5: How can I stay updated on new episodes and releases from the 20/20 Podcast? A5: To stay updated on new episodes and releases, you can subscribe to the 20/20 Podcast on your preferred streaming platform or follow the podcast’s official social media channels for announcements and updates.

Q6: Is the 20/20 Podcast suitable for true crime enthusiasts and newcomers alike? A6: Absolutely! Whether you’re a seasoned true crime enthusiast or new to the genre, the 20/20 Podcast offers engaging storytelling, insightful interviews, and comprehensive investigations that cater to a diverse audience.

Q7: Can I access previous episodes of the 20/20 Podcast?

A7: Yes, previous episodes of the 20/20 Podcast are available for streaming on the aforementioned platforms, allowing listeners to explore the podcast’s extensive catalog at their convenience.

Q8: Are there any additional resources or materials available related to the 20/20 Podcast?

A8: In addition to the podcast episodes, listeners can often find supplementary materials such as articles, photos, and videos related to the cases discussed on the podcast, providing further context and insight into the stories presented.

Q9: Is the 20/20 Podcast affiliated with the television show of the same name?

A9: Yes, the 20/20 Podcast is an extension of the renowned television show “20/20,” offering listeners an audio-centric experience that complements the television program’s investigative reporting and storytelling.

Q10: How can I support the 20/20 Podcast and show my appreciation for the content?

A10: You can support the 20/20 Podcast by subscribing, leaving reviews and ratings, sharing episodes with friends and family, and engaging with the podcast on social media platforms to help spread the word about this captivating true crime podcast.

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