Top 10 Best Climate Change Podcast On Spotify You Must Listen


Climate Change has affected the lives of all living beings on Earth. Industrialization was blamed for the longest for causing the havoc, but it can’t be reversed back. We have to see other alternatives before it’s too late. Such as changing your food preferences, you save our planet earth. Small acts lead to significant changes and revolutions. All the government bodies across the globe are making policies to stop carbon emissions from making the Earth green. So, here are the top 10 best climate change podcasts that could change your life-

Top 10 Best Climate Change Podcast On Spotify You Must Listen


Climate change concerns and present-day problems are overwhelming. Hosted by Dan Kwartler, Ted Climate brings you the issues and solutions for more significant matters in every episode. This podcast also changes daily life work with the ultimate goal of saving our surroundings. This podcast is for you if you are looking for a solution-focused approach to the latest climate concerns.

The TED CLIMATE podcast is one of the best climate change podcasts available. Each episode features a TED talk by a leading expert in the field, covering a range of topics such as sustainability, renewable energy, and climate policy. The podcast is a great way to stay informed about the latest developments in climate science and hear from some of the most inspiring thinkers and innovators working to address the global climate crisis.


The TED CLIMATE podcast is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in learning more about climate change and what we can do to mitigate its impacts. With new episodes released regularly, it’s easy to stay up-to-date on the latest research, policy developments, and innovations in the field. Whether you’re a climate scientist, policy maker, or simply someone who cares about the future of our planet, the TED CLIMATE podcast is a must-listen.

If you’re looking for the best climate podcasts, the TED CLIMATE podcast is definitely one to add to your list. With its engaging and informative content, it’s sure to be a valuable resource for anyone interested in climate change and its impacts on our world. So, be sure to tune in and hear from some of the most insightful and inspiring voices in the field.



TILClimate is an award-winning MIT podcast that delves into the latest research, science, and technologies behind climate change. Hosted by MIT Professor and Director of the MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative, John Fernandez, the podcast features a range of expert guests, including scientists, researchers, and professors such as MIT’s Professor Daniela Rus and Dr. David Keith. With a focus on the intersection of technology and climate change, TILClimate covers topics such as futuristic electric cars, farming on a warmer planet, and other technological advancements that are changing the way we approach climate issues. TILClimate is a great choice for anyone interested in learning more about cutting-edge technologies and their potential to impact our world’s climate.



Do you want to listen to the positive and good news and advancements concerning our planet earth? This podcast cuts the clutter that brings you the inspirational people who have marked their commitment toward a better and sustainable world. From leading social activists to politicians, the podcast focuses on the climate crisis’s solutions.


The Climate Conversation Podcast is a show that delves into the issues related to climate change and explores the ways in which individuals, businesses, and governments can work towards a more sustainable future. Hosted by climate policy expert and former politician Greg Dalton, the show features interviews with scientists, entrepreneurs, activists, and policymakers who are making a positive impact in the fight against climate change. Whether you’re looking to learn about the latest policy developments or simply want to be inspired by stories of individuals taking action, The Climate Conversation Podcast is a great place to start. With a focus on solutions and a positive outlook on the future, this podcast is one of the best climate change podcasts out there.



Human advancements on the verge of sustainability are costing the Earth in numerous ways. This BBC podcast focuses on the relationship between Earth and humans and how our actions mark any difference. It addresses various concerns, such as the Ukraine War- the environment is the most silent and vulnerable victim of war. In a place where people have not yet overcome the worst nuclear power plant accident, “Chernobyl,” the battle is causing many long-term damages. If you have a keen interest in present-day politics and work affairs, this podcast will give you an insight into the climatic concerns surrounding them.

“COSTING THE EARTH” is an award-winning BBC radio show and podcast that delves into environmental issues and their impact on the planet. With a focus on climate change and sustainability, the podcast features in-depth discussions with experts and professionals from various fields, including science, economics, and policy-making. The show provides valuable insights into the latest climate change research and technology, as well as the challenges and solutions to mitigate the impact of climate change on the environment. If you are looking for a comprehensive and informative podcast on climate change, COSTING THE EARTH is definitely worth listening to.




We call our planet “Mother Earth” because it is a warm blanket around us like our mamma’s. This podcast is hosted by Former First Female Irish President Mary Robinson and Comedian Maeve Higgins, citing the women making changes towards Climate Consciousness. It deals with feminist solutions to artificial climate change. These women discuss the issues from the melting arctic to the Paris Agreement and planned migrations. In three words, it is Engaging, Educational, and humorous. It explores how climate change affects women and how they are uniquely positioned to make a difference in addressing this global crisis. Each episode brings a new perspective on the role of gender in climate change, making it a must-listen for those interested in intersectional climate activism.



While the world is debating, inventing, and making remarks on Climate Change, deep inside us, climate emotions. Personal quest of climate change. This podcast puts the perspectives of various experts, such as climate psychologists and climate change experts. It’s pretty evident and supported by research on the mental health effect of Climate change. This is your destination if you want to escape to a safe space. 


Diplomats are the lifelines of globalization; their work and policies affect everyone. Climate Change is a global issue and needs better policies to reach the goal of a Sustainable Future. Raquel Munayer and Hannah Kurnoth host this podcast to give insights on international climate diplomacy. From the Syrian war to the Arctic, this podcast is a gem. It provides crisp and concrete takeaways of the current issues worldwide.

Climate Diplomacy Podcast is a podcast series that explores the intersection of climate, diplomacy, and international politics. The episodes cover a wide range of topics, including the latest climate negotiations and agreements, the role of diplomacy in addressing climate change, and the geopolitical and economic implications of climate action. If you’re interested in the politics and diplomacy of climate change, this is a podcast you won’t want to miss.


India-the fastest growing world economy, is facing a transitional shift in its developmental policies. Although there is a long way ahead, this podcast focuses on India-specific concerns, from Dokraini Glaciers to heat waves. It also recognizes and celebrates climate champions, individuals, and communities working to rectify the damage done thus far. This podcast takes a closer look at the challenges and opportunities of addressing climate change in India, which is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. It also celebrates the work of climate champions and communities who are making a difference


Understanding climate change can be complex, but this podcast is the place for all your questions. Hosted by Dr. Ciarán O’Carroll, a renowned scientist and activist, it provides the solution from the basic to complex terminologies. If you want to gain essential and concrete knowledge about climate change, listen to this climate change podcast.

Climate Change for Beginners” is a podcast that is designed to educate and inform people who are new to the topic of climate change. The podcast covers a range of topics, including the science behind climate change, the impact it is having on the planet and its inhabitants, and the actions that can be taken to address this global crisis. This podcast is perfect for anyone who wants to learn about climate change but may not have a background in science.


India has been ranked 10 in the Climate Change Performance Index 2022 Report out of the Group of 20. But still have a long way to go to become a climate-conscious nation. This podcast is specific to problems and solutions in India, hosted by Bibek Bhattacharya, Deputy Editor, Mint Lounge. It unpacks the issues and solutions such as Mumbai and Western India’s intense rainfall, Floods in Bihar, Clean Green Economy, etc., with experts in the field, including Minal Pathak, Neha Sinha, and many more. If you want to know more about India’s causes and long-term damage effects, go and listen to this best climate change podcast.

The Mint Climate Change Tracker is a weekly podcast that covers the latest news, policies, and events related to climate change in India and around the world. This podcast provides a detailed analysis of how climate change affects different sectors such as agriculture, energy, and infrastructure. It also explores various ways of combating climate change such as green energy and sustainable practices. This podcast is the perfect place to stay updated on the latest developments in climate change and their impact on the world.


While you are reading this article, let’s accept the fact that we have lost some time, which can be utilized towards climate change initiative. It cannot happen overnight. For the young generation, climate change is bigger than election and celebration. It’s life or death. If you want to start a podcast on climate change and contribute towards it, do check the guide here

These podcasts are a great way to stay up-to-date with the latest developments and research on climate change. They cover various aspects, including climate policy, scientific findings, environmental justice, and solutions to combat climate change.

The best thing about these podcasts is that they are available to everyone for free and can be accessed from anywhere at any time. By listening to these podcasts, you can educate yourself about climate change and be more aware of the impact you are making on the environment.

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