PBD Podcast Review: Patrick Bet-David’s World of Insights and Interviews


In the vast sea of podcasts, finding a gem that seamlessly blends current events, trending topics, and politics with insights into life and business can be like finding a needle in a haystack. However, look no further than the PBD Podcast, where Patrick Bet-David, a prominent American entrepreneur, author, and YouTuber, takes the helm to deliver a unique and engaging experience for his audience.

pbd podcast review

Who is Patrick Bet-David?

Patrick Bet-David, born on October 18, 1978, is a multifaceted individual with an entrepreneurial spirit that has fueled the success of his ventures. As the host of Valuetainment, a renowned entrepreneurship-focused YouTube channel since 2012, Bet-David has amassed a staggering 5 million subscribers and over 919 million views. In 2020, he expanded his digital empire by founding the PBD Podcast, which quickly gained traction with 1.4 million subscribers.

A Glance at PBD Podcast’s Content

The PBD Podcast stands out for its diverse array of guests, hailing from various industries such as business, sports, entertainment, and politics. Some notable figures include Kobe Bryant, George W. Bush, Jordan Peterson, Vivek Ramaswamy, Kevin Hart, Ray Dalio, Michael Franzese, Sammy Gravano, and many more. With intriguing interviews, guests share personal stories, insights, and advice, creating a rich tapestry of perspectives.


Bet-David’s podcast is not limited to a specific niche; it’s a melting pot of ideas and experiences. MMA fighters like Georges St-Pierre, Khabib Nurmagomedov, and Dustin Poirier, alongside bodybuilding legends Ronnie Coleman and Phil Heath, add a touch of diversity to the podcast’s guest list.

Memorable Moments and High-Profile Interviews

The PBD Podcast has been a stage for some remarkable moments in the world of interviews. Bet-David hosted Kobe Bryant’s final interview before his tragic passing, providing a unique insight into the Shaq-Kobe feud. Additionally, appearances on The Joe Rogan Experience and offering former presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump $5 million for a peace talk interview have elevated Bet-David’s profile.


Beyond Podcasting: Patrick Bet-David, the Author

Beyond the realm of podcasts, Bet-David is an accomplished author, with notable works such as “Your Next Five Moves: Master The Art of Business Strategy.” This Wall Street Journal bestseller focuses on strategic decision-making for success in both business and life, emphasizing deliberate planning and calculated choices.

Bet-David’s advocacy for entrepreneurship is evident in his book “Drop Out and Get Schooled: The Case for Thinking Twice about College.” He encourages individuals to consider dropping out of college, building a business, networking, and then returning to education with a newfound advantage.


PBD Podcast – More Than Just Talk

The PBD Podcast is not just another platform for discussions; it’s a testament to Patrick Bet-David’s commitment to providing valuable content. With a blend of insightful interviews, diverse topics, and Bet-David’s charismatic hosting style, the podcast has become a go-to source for those seeking inspiration, knowledge, and entertainment.

PBD Podcast Review: A Diverse Blend of Insights and Entertainment

In the ever-expanding realm of podcasts, the PBD Podcast, hosted by American entrepreneur Patrick Bet-David, stands out as a compelling intersection of current events, trending topics, and insightful discussions on life and business. Launched in 2020, this podcast has rapidly gained traction, boasting an impressive guest list that includes Kobe Bryant, George W. Bush, and Kevin Hart, among others. With a refreshing mix of interviews spanning various industries, from sports to politics, Bet-David weaves engaging narratives that captivate listeners and offer a unique blend of entertainment and education.


Patrick Bet-David’s PBD Podcast: A Riveting Journey Across Industries

From hosting Kobe Bryant’s final interview to extending a $5 million invitation for peace talks with former presidents, Bet-David’s podcast transcends conventional boundaries. The PBD Podcast not only serves as a platform for captivating discussions but also showcases Bet-David’s prowess as an author, with bestsellers like “Your Next Five Moves.” This review delves into the podcast’s memorable moments, diverse guest lineup, and Bet-David’s charismatic hosting style, offering readers a glimpse into the vibrant world of the PBD Podcast. Tune in for a riveting exploration of success, strategy, and the multifaceted realm of entrepreneurship.

PBD Podcast Summary: A Kaleidoscope of Insight and Intrigue

In the dynamic realm of podcasts, the PBD Podcast emerges as a compelling mosaic of contemporary discourse, deftly hosted by the prolific American entrepreneur, author, and YouTuber, Patrick Bet-David. This podcast, born in 2020, gracefully navigates the intersection of current events, trending topics, and the profound realms of politics, life, and business. Boasting a star-studded lineup of guests from diverse industries, including Kobe Bryant, George W. Bush, and Jordan Peterson, Bet-David crafts a narrative tapestry that not only entertains but enriches. The PBD Podcast transcends conventional boundaries, seamlessly blending high-profile interviews with Bet-David’s unique insights, creating a captivating auditory experience for its 1.4 million subscribers.


In a podcast landscape saturated with niche offerings, the PBD Podcast distinguishes itself through its charismatic host’s ability to orchestrate conversations that resonate across a spectrum of interests. Patrick Bet-David, also known for his entrepreneurial prowess and acclaimed authorship, brings a wealth of experience to the microphone. With an emphasis on strategic decision-making, diverse guest appearances, and an unwavering commitment to thought-provoking content, the PBD Podcast stands as a testament to Bet-David’s multifaceted persona. Tune in for an enriching auditory journey that transcends the ordinary, offering listeners a blend of entertainment, education, and unparalleled insights into the dynamic intersections of life, business, and beyond.

Best Episodes of PBD Podcast

In the ever-evolving landscape of podcasts, the PBD Podcast, hosted by the dynamic Patrick Bet-David, continues to captivate audiences with its insightful discussions on current events, politics, and trending topics. Here’s a closer look at some of the standout episodes that have made waves recently.


Episode 355 – January 23, 2024

“DOJ Says Hunter Biden’s Laptop is REAL & Joy Reid Defends Rape Book for Kids”

In this explosive episode, Patrick Bet-David, alongside Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana, delves into pressing news stories. The DOJ’s acknowledgment of Hunter Biden’s laptop authenticity takes center stage, alongside Joy Reid’s controversial defense of a book addressing sensitive topics for children.

Time StampHighlights
7:00Ohio lawmakers propose paying students to attend schools and graduate.
28:00NYC neighborhood turns into a giant toilet as migrants litter park with waste.
51:00MSNBC’s Joy Reid defends a controversial book during an interview.
1:17:00The Buy Now Pay Later holiday debt hangover and its impact on consumers.
1:28:00President Biden’s Department of Justice acknowledges the reality of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

This episode is a rollercoaster of breaking news and insightful commentary, providing listeners with a comprehensive update on various fronts.


Episode 354 – January 20, 2024

“BREAKING NEWS: Dave Portnoy Now Part Owner of Rumble w/ CEO Chris Pavlovski”

Patrick Bet-David, joined by the regular crew and Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski, discusses the exciting partnership between Dave Portnoy and Rumble. The episode offers a unique behind-the-scenes look at the business moves that shape the media landscape.

Time StampHighlights
5:00Chris Pavlovski explains why Barstool Sports made the move to Rumble.
23:00Insights into Rumble’s most viewed streamers and its differences from other platforms.
42:34UFC audience chants “F*ck Trudeau” during a recent fight, and Dana White’s stance on fighter expression.
1:19:10Speculation on Trump’s potential VP candidate for 2024.

This episode is a must-listen for those interested in the dynamics of media partnerships and the evolving landscape of content creation.

Episode 353 – January 18, 2024

“Glenn Beck”

A special guest, Glenn Beck, joins Patrick Bet-David and the team to discuss a wide range of topics. As a New York Times best-selling author and co-founder of Blaze Media, Beck’s insights add depth to the episode.

Time StampHighlights
14:00Ron DeSantis admits campaign mistakes.
1:21:00Mark Cuban’s comments on X under Elon Musk.
1:48:30China’s state media issues a stark warning about Taiwanese independence.

The Glenn Beck episode is a thought-provoking discussion on current affairs and the political landscape.

Episode 352 – January 17, 2024

“Javier Milei CALLS OUT WEF in Davos, Jamie Dimon Supports Trump in 2024”

In this episode, Patrick Bet-David and his team cover significant stories, including Javier Milei’s critique of the World Economic Forum and Jamie Dimon’s support for Trump in 2024.

Time StampHighlights
10:37Jamie Dimon’s comments on Donald Trump.
27:30Javier Milei’s bold statements against the World Economic Forum.
53:02Chevron CEO’s insights on Red Sea risks to oil prices.

This episode provides a deep dive into global affairs, economic considerations, and the evolving political landscape.

Episode 351 – January 16, 2024

“Big Pharma EXPOSED: Dr. John Abramson”

Renowned physician Dr. John Abramson joins Patrick Bet-David to expose the intricacies of the pharmaceutical industry in this enlightening episode.

Time StampHighlights
10:00Insights into the broken promises of American medicine.
53:00Hertz’s decision to scale back electric vehicles.
1:35:30Anthony Fauci’s testimony on COVID origins.

Dr. Abramson’s revelations and discussions on healthcare make this episode a compelling listen for those interested in the pharmaceutical landscape.

Episode 350 – January 16, 2024

“Vivek Drops Out, Trump Wins Iowa Caucuses, WEF Meets In Davos”

In this episode, Patrick Bet-David and the team tackle diverse topics, from Vivek Ramaswamy’s decision to drop out to the World Economic Forum’s meeting in Davos.

Time StampHighlights
20:45Peacock Network’s impressive viewership for Chiefs vs. Dolphins Game.
37:43Donald Trump’s comments on Vivek Ramaswamy.
1:48:48The World Economic Forum’s list of top threats to humanity.

This episode offers a comprehensive overview of recent political developments and global events. These episodes showcase the PBD Podcast’s commitment to delivering engaging, informative, and thought-provoking content. Whether it’s breaking news, exclusive interviews, or in-depth discussions, the podcast continues to be a valuable resource for staying informed on the latest happenings in the world. Tune in and stay ahead of the curve with Patrick Bet-David and his team.


In the competitive world of podcasting, the PBD Podcast has successfully carved its niche. Its ability to attract high-profile guests, address a variety of topics, and offer a unique blend of entertainment and education makes it a standout choice for listeners. Whether you’re interested in business, sports, or the nuances of life, Patrick Bet-David’s podcast delivers content that resonates. Tune in for an enriching experience that transcends the ordinary podcasting landscape.

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Q1: What is the PBD Podcast about?

The PBD Podcast is a dynamic platform hosted by Patrick Bet-David. It explores a wide range of topics, including current events, trending issues, politics, and their intersections with life and business.

Q2: Who is Patrick Bet-David?

Patrick Bet-David is an American entrepreneur, author, and YouTuber. He is the founder of the Valuetainment YouTube channel and the host of the PBD Podcast. His diverse background and entrepreneurial success contribute to the podcast’s unique perspective.

Q3: When was the PBD Podcast founded, and how popular is it?

The PBD Podcast was founded in 2020 and has rapidly gained popularity. As of the latest data, it boasts 1.4 million subscribers, providing a testament to its growing influence.

Q4: What distinguishes the PBD Podcast from other podcasts?

The PBD Podcast stands out for its diverse guest list, covering individuals from various industries, including business, sports, entertainment, and politics. The podcast’s unique blend of interviews, insights, and Patrick Bet-David’s hosting style sets it apart.

Q5: Can you provide examples of notable guests featured on the PBD Podcast?

Certainly! Guests include Kobe Bryant, George W. Bush, Jordan Peterson, Vivek Ramaswamy, Kevin Hart, Ray Dalio, Michael Franzese, Sammy Gravano, and many more. MMA fighters Georges St-Pierre, Khabib Nurmagomedov, and Dustin Poirier, as well as bodybuilding legends Ronnie Coleman and Phil Heath, have also been featured.

Q6: What is the significance of Patrick Bet-David’s interviews, such as Kobe Bryant’s last interview?

Patrick Bet-David’s interviews, including Kobe Bryant’s last one, offer unique insights into the lives and perspectives of high-profile individuals. The podcast serves as a platform for impactful conversations and memorable moments.

Q7: Besides podcasting, what other ventures is Patrick Bet-David involved in?

In addition to podcasting, Patrick Bet-David is a successful author. His notable works include “Your Next Five Moves: Master The Art of Business Strategy.” He also advocates for entrepreneurship, as highlighted in “Drop Out and Get Schooled: The Case for Thinking Twice about College.”

Q8: How can I access the PBD Podcast?

The PBD Podcast is accessible on various platforms, including YouTube. You can subscribe to the podcast on the official YouTube channel or other podcast streaming services to stay updated on new episodes.

Q9: What is the overarching theme of the PBD Podcast?

The podcast covers a broad spectrum of topics but maintains a focus on the intersection of current events, trending issues, and politics with life and business. It provides a holistic perspective on various aspects of the modern world.

Q10: Is the review independent, and does it represent the views of Patrick Bet-David or the podcast’s affiliates?

Yes, the review is an independent analysis crafted to provide an objective overview of the PBD Podcast. It does not aim to represent the views of Patrick Bet-David or the podcast’s affiliates.

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