Girls Gone Bible Podcast – Embracing Imperfections with Angela and Arielle


In a world bustling with podcasts, finding one that resonates with both the spiritual and everyday aspects of life can be a challenge. However, the “Girls Gone Bible” podcast, hosted by Angela Halili and Arielle Reitsma, stands out as a refreshing blend of all things Jesus and all things life. In this review, we’ll delve into what makes this podcast a unique and enriching experience for listeners seeking a connection between faith and the challenges of daily living.

Girls Gone Bible Podcast - Embracing Imperfections with Angela and Arielle

Authenticity Shines Through

One of the standout features of “Girls Gone Bible” is the genuine authenticity that Angela and Arielle bring to their discussions. As imperfect individuals serving a perfect God, their honesty creates an immediate connection with the audience. Listeners appreciate the transparency, making the podcast feel like a heartfelt conversation with friends rather than a scripted presentation.

All Things Jesus, All Things Life

The podcast lives up to its tagline by seamlessly intertwining discussions about faith with the realities of daily life. From navigating relationships to handling challenges, Angela and Arielle skillfully weave biblical principles into relatable narratives. This holistic approach makes the podcast accessible to a broad audience, catering to both the spiritually inclined and those seeking practical guidance.


Engaging Conversations

“Girls Gone Bible” excels in creating engaging and thought-provoking conversations. Angela and Arielle’s dynamic chemistry keeps the discussions lively and enjoyable. The hosts skillfully balance humor, vulnerability, and deep spiritual insights, ensuring that each episode is both entertaining and enlightening.

A Community-Centric Approach

Beyond the podcast episodes, Angela and Arielle foster a sense of community through their online presence. Their dedication to building a supportive community for their listeners enhances the overall podcast experience. This community-centric approach not only strengthens the bond between hosts and audience but also encourages discussions and shared experiences among listeners.


Love and Inclusivity

The hosts’ message of love and inclusivity permeates every episode. Their non-judgmental and accepting stance creates a safe space for listeners to explore and grow in their faith journey. In a world that often feels divided, “Girls Gone Bible” promotes unity and understanding.

“Girls Gone Bible” Podcast Review: A Refreshing Blend of Faith and Everyday Life

In the crowded realm of podcasts, “Girls Gone Bible” stands out as a unique and enriching experience hosted by Angela Halili and Arielle Reitsma. This podcast, encapsulating the essence of all things Jesus and all things life, offers a refreshing perspective on the intersection of faith and everyday challenges. The hosts’ authenticity and engaging conversations create an immediate connection with listeners, making each episode feel like an intimate conversation with friends. The dynamic chemistry between Angela and Arielle, coupled with their community-centric approach, fosters a sense of inclusivity and warmth. “Girls Gone Bible” is more than a podcast; it’s a beacon of light for those seeking a genuine connection with faith amid life’s complexities.


Girls Gone Bible” Podcast Summary: Navigating Life’s Tapestry Through Faith

In the bustling landscape of podcasts, “Girls Gone Bible” emerges as a spiritual haven hosted by Angela Halili and Arielle Reitsma. This dynamic duo, imperfect yet sincere, explores the intricate tapestry of life through the lens of faith. The podcast’s unique blend of relatable anecdotes, biblical wisdom, and genuine camaraderie creates an authentic experience for listeners seeking a connection between their everyday struggles and spiritual aspirations. From navigating relationships to addressing life’s challenges, Angela and Arielle foster an inclusive community that extends beyond each episode, making “Girls Gone Bible” a beacon of light in the ever-expanding world of podcasting. Embark on a journey where imperfections are embraced, and an absolutely perfect God guides the way.

“Girls Gone Bible” is a heartfelt exploration of faith and life, featuring hosts Angela Halili and Arielle Reitsma. Imperfect girls serving a perfect God, they bring authenticity to every episode, seamlessly weaving biblical principles into relatable narratives. The podcast’s engaging conversations and community-centric approach make it a unique and enriching experience for listeners seeking a harmonious balance between spirituality and the challenges of daily living. In a world filled with podcasts, “Girls Gone Bible” stands out as a genuine, inclusive, and inspiring space where love and faith converge, inviting all to join the conversation and navigate life’s journey together.


Best Episodes of “Girls Gone Bible” Podcast

Episode TitleRelease DateDurationSynopsis
Broken Families & Boundaries22 DEC 20231 hr 3 minIn this intense episode, Angela and Arielle discuss dealing with childhood trauma, broken families, toxic parents, and struggles with boundaries. They explore the importance of the family unit from a biblical perspective and offer guidance on overcoming challenges within familial relationships.
The King is Born15 DEC 20231 hr 12 minCelebrating Christmas, the hosts delve into the birth of Jesus, emphasizing the miraculous truth of God entering human history. The episode is a joyful blend of singing praises, breaking down the Christmas story, and reflecting on the true meaning of the season.
Singleness8 DEC 20231 hr 50 minAngela and Arielle open up about their singleness, discussing it from a biblical standpoint and offering insights on viewing singleness as a gift. The second hour takes a lighter turn, with the hosts answering personal questions from the audience, showcasing their goofy sides and bringing laughter to the episode.
The Waiting Season2 DEC 20231 hr 16 minFocused on the waiting season, the hosts draw inspiration from the story of Abraham and Sarah. They explore the importance of waiting well, patiently, and expectantly for God’s promises. The episode provides encouragement to those facing delays in their lives, emphasizing God’s perfect timing.
We Got Baptized… Again24 NOV 20231 hr 1 minAngela and Arielle share their personal experiences with baptism, discussing its significance, different forms, and the importance of repentance. The hosts also talk about their recent baptisms and provide details about an upcoming GGB Baptism Night at Mosaic in Hollywood.

This compilation of the best episodes showcases the diversity of topics covered by “Girls Gone Bible,” from intense discussions on challenging life situations to joyful celebrations of faith. Each episode offers a unique blend of sincerity, humor, and biblical insights, making them a must-listen for anyone seeking a deeper connection with spirituality and everyday life.


“Girls Gone Bible” is more than just a podcast; it’s a beacon of light for those seeking a genuine connection with faith in the midst of life’s complexities. Angela Halili and Arielle Reitsma have crafted a podcast that not only shares insights into the teachings of Jesus but also embraces the imperfections of humanity. Through engaging conversations and a community-centric approach, they’ve created a space where all are welcome.


Whether you’re on a spiritual journey or simply looking for a podcast that adds a touch of inspiration to your day, “Girls Gone Bible” is a must-listen. Tune in, join the conversation, and let the warmth of Angela and Arielle’s friendship guide you through the intersection of all things Jesus and all things life.


1. What is the “Girls Gone Bible” podcast about?

  • “Girls Gone Bible” is a podcast hosted by Angela Halili and Arielle Reitsma. It revolves around discussions about all things Jesus and all things life. The hosts, two imperfect individuals, share their perspectives on faith, daily challenges, and the intersection of spirituality and everyday living.

2. What makes “Girls Gone Bible” unique among other podcasts?

  • The uniqueness of “Girls Gone Bible” lies in its authenticity, engaging conversations, and holistic approach to faith. Angela and Arielle’s genuine, unscripted discussions create a relatable and inviting atmosphere, making the podcast stand out in the crowded podcast landscape.

3. How do the hosts, Angela and Arielle, contribute to the podcast’s appeal?

  • Angela and Arielle bring a refreshing authenticity to the podcast. Their dynamic chemistry, humor, and vulnerability make each episode enjoyable and relatable. Listeners appreciate their honesty, making it feel like a heartfelt conversation with friends.

4. How does “Girls Gone Bible” integrate biblical principles into real-life situations?

  • The hosts skillfully weave biblical principles into discussions about everyday challenges, relationships, and life experiences. This approach ensures that the podcast remains relevant and applicable to listeners from various walks of life.

5. Is the podcast suitable for a specific audience or denomination?

  • “Girls Gone Bible” is designed to be inclusive and welcoming to a broad audience. While it is centered around Christian principles, the hosts’ non-judgmental and accepting stance makes it accessible to individuals from different denominations and backgrounds.

6. Does the podcast have a community aspect?

  • Yes, Angela and Arielle actively foster a sense of community through their online presence. They encourage listeners to engage in discussions, share experiences, and connect with one another, creating a supportive community around the podcast.

7. How can I join the “Girls Gone Bible” community?

  • You can engage with the community by following the hosts on their social media platforms, participating in discussions, and connecting with fellow listeners. Details on community engagement are often shared during the podcast episodes or on the official “Girls Gone Bible” website.

8. Can I recommend topics for discussion on the podcast?

  • Yes, the hosts often welcome suggestions and feedback from their listeners. You can reach out to them through their official channels to share your ideas or topics you’d like to see covered in future episodes.

9. Is there a specific release schedule for “Girls Gone Bible” episodes?

  • Release schedules may vary, but the hosts typically share new episodes on a regular basis. Check the official podcast website or subscribe on your preferred podcast platform to stay updated on the latest releases.

10. How can I support “Girls Gone Bible”?

  • You can support the podcast by subscribing, leaving positive reviews, sharing episodes with friends, and actively participating in the community. Additionally, check for any donation or sponsorship options mentioned on their official platforms to contribute to the growth of the podcast.

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