Chinwag with Stephen Asma: Unveiling the Depths of the Mind with Paul Giamatti


In the vast and ever-expanding world of podcasts, there are few that manage to stand out as uniquely as “CHINWAG with Stephen Asma,” hosted by none other than the acclaimed actor Paul Giamatti and the profound philosopher and author, Stephen Asma. This podcast is not just a casual chat; it’s a deep dive into the wilderness of the mind, exploring the esoteric and the profound in a way that is both unexpected and entertaining.

Chinwag with Stephen Asma Unveiling the Depths of the Mind with Paul Giamatti

Delving into the Mind’s Wilderness

“CHINWAG” lives up to its name, inviting listeners into a friendly conversation that extends far beyond the ordinary. Paul Giamatti and Stephen Asma, with their distinct backgrounds, create a dynamic duo that explores the depths of various topics with wit, humor, and intellectual curiosity.

The podcast format is freewheeling, allowing for a natural flow of conversation that covers a broad spectrum of subjects. From the enigmatic question of whether we are living in a simulation to pondering the existence of interdimensional Bigfoot, “CHINWAG” leaves no stone unturned. It’s a podcast that embraces the esoteric in the best way possible, making complex subjects accessible and engaging.


Eclectic Guests from Diverse Fields

What sets “CHINWAG” apart is its roster of prominent guests from diverse fields. The inclusion of experts and thought leaders adds depth to the conversations, providing listeners with a rich tapestry of perspectives. The discussions touch on science, the occult, philosophy, and even the influence of magic mushrooms on human consciousness. The result is a thought-provoking and entertaining exploration of the unknown.

Unexpected Humor and Profundity

One of the podcast’s strengths is its ability to seamlessly blend unexpected humor with moments of profound insight. The chemistry between Giamatti and Asma creates a lighthearted atmosphere, allowing listeners to enjoy the exploration of complex topics without feeling overwhelmed. The unexpected twists and turns in the conversation keep the audience engaged, and the occasional profundity adds layers of meaning to the discourse.


Review Of “CHINWAG with Stephen Asma” Podcast by Paul Giamatti

In the ever-expanding universe of podcasts, “CHINWAG with Stephen Asma” emerges as a captivating exploration of the mind’s intricacies. Hosted by the acclaimed actor Paul Giamatti and the philosophical luminary Stephen Asma, this podcast transcends the ordinary with its freewheeling and esoteric discussions. From questioning the fabric of reality to delving into the interdimensional mysteries of Bigfoot, each episode takes listeners on an intellectual journey that is both unexpected and entertaining.

With a diverse array of guests from various fields, “CHINWAG” boasts a rich tapestry of perspectives. The dynamic interplay between Giamatti and Asma injects humor into profound conversations, making complex subjects accessible to a broad audience. The podcast’s unique blend of wit, depth, and unexpected twists ensures that every episode is a delightful and enlightening experience. For those seeking a podcast that seamlessly combines entertainment and intellectual stimulation, “CHINWAG with Stephen Asma” stands out as a must-listen, promising an engaging voyage into the depths of the mind.


“CHINWAG with Stephen Asma” Podcast Summary

In the realm of thought-provoking podcasts, “CHINWAG with Stephen Asma” emerges as a captivating exploration of the mind’s wilderness, co-hosted by the versatile actor Paul Giamatti and the eminent philosopher and author, Stephen Asma. Delving deep into esoteric realms, the podcast encompasses a vast array of topics, from the philosophical pondering of whether our reality is a simulation to the mystical question of Bigfoot’s potential interdimensional existence. What sets “CHINWAG” apart is its dynamic duo, who not only bring humor and unexpected twists to the conversation but also engage in profound discussions with an eclectic mix of guests from diverse fields. The podcast strikes a harmonious balance between intellectual curiosity and entertainment, making it a must-listen for those seeking a genuinely unique and enlightening auditory experience.

“CHINWAG with Stephen Asma” invites listeners on a riveting journey through the intricacies of the human mind, skillfully blending humor and profundity. With Paul Giamatti’s charismatic presence and Stephen Asma’s philosophical insights, each episode explores a spectrum of esoteric subjects, ranging from the enigmatic to the downright whimsical. The podcast’s charm lies in its freewheeling format, allowing for unexpected twists and turns in the conversation. Featuring distinguished guests from various fields, “CHINWAG” ensures a diverse tapestry of perspectives, tackling everything from science and philosophy to the occult and magic mushrooms. This podcast stands out as a beacon of intellectual stimulation, providing a delightful auditory adventure for those eager to engage in conversations that transcend the ordinary.


Best Episodes of “CHINWAG with Stephen Asma” Podcast

Episode TitleDescriptionDuration
Talking Buffalo with Ken BurnsAward-winning documentarian Ken Burns joins Paul and Stephen for a riveting lesson on the tragic story of the American Buffalo. They discuss the near extinction of buffalo in the late 19th century, the moral responsibility of man to nature, and delve into obscure presidential facts, conspiracy theories, and philosophical musings. Bonus: Paul’s eerie encounter with a herd of buffalo.59 min
Bonus-wag: MASS MoCA Q&A TIMERecorded live from the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, Paul and Stephen field questions from the audience on precognitive dreams, past lives, reincarnation, causation, LaPlace’s Demon, prophecies in art and science fiction, and even the creepy Hoosac Tunnel. Plus, discussions on the latest viral BigFoot video, Jane Goodall’s thoughts on Sasquatch, and AI predicting the future.28 min
CHINWAG STORYTIME: The Gift of the MagiOn the 12th Day of Christmas, Paul Giamatti presents a dramatic reading of O. Henry’s “The Gift of the Magi.” The story explores the sacrifices a young couple makes to give meaningful Christmas presents. The episode includes historical context and a Chin-Word of the Story: MENDICANCY SQUAD.20 min
NOSTRADAMUS, PROPHETS, & CLAIRVOYANTS (OH MY!)Recorded live from MASS MoCA, Paul and Stephen delve into the power and impact of Nostradamus, prophets, and clairvoyants. Discussions include Nostradamus’s predictions, his popularity in times of crisis, and the difference between clairvoyance and prophecy. Bonus: Jackie Stallone’s theory of rumpology.45 min
Bonus-wag: Ted (Chiang) TalksPaul, Stephen, and fiction writer Ted Chiang discuss fallible memories, the human technological interface, self-identity, existentialist thought, karma, AI, and moral philosophy. Ted Chiang shares insights on the difference between fact and fiction regarding alien life and the dangers of online echo chambers.19 min
A Different Kind of Ted (Chiang) TalkPaul and Stephen engage in fascinating thought experiments with fiction writer Ted Chiang. Discussions range from the existence of alien life to the impact of social media on belief systems. They explore online echo chambers, conspiracy theories, and the potential romances between humans and AI robots.54 min


“CHINWAG with Stephen Asma” is a podcast that transcends the ordinary, offering listeners a unique blend of entertainment and intellectual stimulation. Whether you’re a philosophy enthusiast, a science buff, or simply someone who enjoys a good conversation, this podcast has something to offer. Paul Giamatti and Stephen Asma’s ability to make the esoteric accessible and the profound entertaining makes “CHINWAG” a standout in the world of podcasts. Tune in for a journey into the depths of the mind, where every episode promises an unexpected and delightful exploration of the unknown.

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Q1: What makes “CHINWAG with Stephen Asma” podcast unique?

A1: “CHINWAG” stands out for its freewheeling format and the dynamic duo of actor Paul Giamatti and philosopher Stephen Asma. The podcast delves deep into the wilderness of the mind, exploring esoteric topics with unexpected humor and profound insights.


Q2: What subjects are covered in the podcast?

A2: The podcast covers a broad spectrum of topics, including the question of living in a simulation, the most perfect sentence in literature, and even the intriguing idea of Bigfoot being interdimensional. Science, philosophy, the occult, and magic mushrooms are among the many subjects explored.


Q3: Who are the hosts of “CHINWAG,” and what is their background?

A3: The hosts are actor Paul Giamatti and philosopher/author Stephen Asma. Paul brings his entertainment industry experience, while Stephen contributes a wealth of knowledge in philosophy. Together, they create a unique and engaging podcasting experience.

Q4: Are there guest speakers featured on the podcast?

A4: Yes, “CHINWAG” includes prominent guests from diverse fields. These experts and thought leaders add depth to the conversations, offering varied perspectives on the topics discussed in each episode.

Q5: How does the podcast balance humor and profundity?

A5: The chemistry between Paul Giamatti and Stephen Asma allows for a natural and lighthearted atmosphere. Unexpected humor is seamlessly woven into the conversations, making complex subjects accessible without sacrificing the profundity of the discussions.

Q6: Can I enjoy “CHINWAG” if I’m not an expert in philosophy or science?

A6: Absolutely! The podcast aims to make esoteric topics accessible to a broad audience. The hosts’ engaging style and diverse range of subjects ensure that listeners, regardless of their background, can enjoy and appreciate the content.

Q7: How often are new episodes released, and where can I listen to the podcast?

A7: The release schedule may vary, but you can find new episodes of “CHINWAG with Stephen Asma” on popular podcast platforms. Check the official podcast website or your preferred streaming service for the most up-to-date information on episode releases.

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