FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023: Top Best Football Podcasts for the Ultimate Football Experience


FIFA which stands for “Federation Internationale de Football Association” . FIFA Women’s World Cup is an exhilarating global event that showcases the brilliance of women’s football on the grandest stage. As football fans gear up to witness the excitement of FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023, staying updated with the latest news, match analysis, and team performances is crucial. In this article, we present a handpicked selection of top podcasts that will immerse you in the world of women’s football and keep you informed throughout the tournament.

FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 - Top Podcasts for Football Enthusiasts

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Daily Podcasts: Dub at the Cup

Dub at the Cup is the ultimate daily podcast by the KEEPUP Audio Network, providing comprehensive coverage of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023. Powered by experts from the Liberty A-League’s acclaimed Dub Zone program, this podcast promises to keep you updated throughout the tournament.

Join the engaging host, Teo Pellizzeri, as he leads you through a daily journey of news, reactions, and in-depth analysis of the biggest issues and talking points from this global showpiece event. With a rotating panel of Australia’s most respected pundits, experts, and Liberty A-League stars, you’ll gain valuable insights into the teams, players, and memorable moments shaping the tournament’s narrative.


Whether you’re a die-hard football fan or a casual observer, Dub at the Cup guarantees a captivating audio experience that will enhance your Women’s World Cup journey. Stay tuned daily for your dose of excitement, passion, and football expertise, right from the heart of the action.

The Athletic Women’s Football Podcast: World Cup Edition

Join Michelle Owen and a team of The Athletic’s finest reporters and writers as they take you on an exciting journey through the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023. This podcast brings you in-depth coverage and analysis of the tournament, featuring expert insights and behind-the-scenes stories from the world of women’s football.


The Optus Sport Football Podcast: Unraveling the Global Football Scene

Step into the world of Australian football’s finest analysts and enthusiasts with The Optus Sport Football Podcast. Delve into comprehensive discussions about the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™, Premier League, LaLiga, FA Women’s Super League, and J.League. Stay informed about the latest headlines and updates from the entire spectrum of football.

The Women’s World Cup Show with Faye Carruthers

Join Faye Carruthers on talkSPORT’s Women’s World Cup Show, a captivating podcast that brings you the finest moments of women’s football, featuring top-notch analysis, engaging debates, and insightful guests. With each episode, you’ll delve into the exciting world of women’s football and stay updated on all the tournament action.


Make sure to hit that follow button to stay up-to-date and never miss a single episode of this thrilling podcast!

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Hosted on Acast, the Women’s World Cup Show is your go-to podcast for everything women’s football. Tune in and let Faye Carruthers guide you through the excitement and drama of the Women’s World Cup!

World Football at the Women’s World Cup: Uncovering Stories from the Biggest Tournament in Women’s Football

Experience the excitement of the Women’s World Cup through the captivating storytelling of World Football at the Women’s World Cup – BBC World Service. This podcast takes you on a journey behind the scenes, unearthing inspiring tales of players, teams, and historic moments that have shaped the tournament’s legacy.


This podcast provides listeners with exclusive insights and interviews from the heart of the action, making it a must-listen for football enthusiasts eager to delve deeper into the world of women’s football on the grandest stage.

Between Two Worlds: Unraveling the Filipino-American Journey to FIFA Women’s World Cup

“Between Two Worlds” is an exceptional audio documentary that delves deep into the Filipino-American experience, intricately interwoven with the remarkable journey of the Philippines women’s national team to their inaugural FIFA Women’s World Cup. This podcast serves as a powerful connector, blending threads of identity, history, achievements, and hope, all seen through the lens of sport. The heartfelt narration, hosted by the talented Megan Reyes, offers a profound exploration of how football can bridge worlds and foster unity among diverse communities. “Between Two Worlds” stands as a testament to the strength and resilience of the Filipino-American community and their passion for the beautiful game.


Men in Blazers: The Premier League’s Sporting Telenovela

Men in Blazers takes you on an enthralling journey through the drama, passion, and narrative of the Premier League, often referred to as the world’s greatest sporting telenovela. With a keen eye for football, empathy, and courage, this podcast covers all aspects of the beautiful game that burns bright in the hearts of fans worldwide. New episodes are released daily, offering a diverse range of football content throughout the week.

  • Monday: Men in Blazers Podcast – Join the lively discussions and witty banter as the hosts dive into the latest happenings and insights from the world of football.
  • Tuesday: European Nights with Rory Smith, Presented by Paramount+ – Delve into the thrilling European football nights with Rory Smith, as he provides in-depth analysis and captivating stories from the top leagues on the continent.
  • Wednesday: Do It Live! – Experience the excitement of live football as the hosts bring you real-time commentary, reactions, and analysis of ongoing matches and events.
  • Thursday: VAMOS with Herculez Gomez, Presented by Bud Light – Embark on a journey through the world of North and Central American football with Herculez Gomez, who shares his expert opinions and stories from the region.
  • Friday: WGFOP – Weekend Preview – Kickstart your weekend with the Weekend Preview, where the hosts preview the upcoming football fixtures and provide insights into the key matchups.

Whether you’re a die-hard football fan or simply curious about the beautiful game, Men in Blazers offers a delightful podcasting experience that captures the essence of football’s emotional tapestry. Tune in and immerse yourself in the world of football passion, camaraderie, and excitement!


Football for Kids: The Ultimate Podcast for Young Football Enthusiasts

Are your kids passionate about football? Look no further! Welcome to the Football for Kids Podcast, an audio-only delight curated especially for young football enthusiasts. Led by the engaging host Darren Rees (@ReesBoxing89), this captivating show promises to ignite your child’s love for the beautiful game. Packed with fascinating facts, thrilling stories, and valuable insights from the world of football, each thoughtfully produced episode guarantees an immersive listening experience that will leave young minds in awe. Join us on this thrilling journey as we kick off a series of engaging episodes tailored to inspire and entertain your kids’ passion for football!

Alexi Lalas’ State of the Union Podcast: Exploring Soccer’s Biggest Stories

If you’re a soccer enthusiast, Alexi Lalas’ State of the Union Podcast is a must-listen. Join U.S. Soccer legend Alexi Lalas and soccer guru David Mosse as they dive into the most significant stories shaping the world of soccer. From in-depth analysis of the US Men’s National Team (USMNT) and US Women’s National Team (USWNT) to captivating discussions about Major League Soccer (MLS), Bundesliga, Premier League, and the prestigious World Cup, this podcast covers it all.

Discover exclusive insights and engaging conversations as Alexi and David break down the latest developments, key player performances, and captivating moments from the soccer universe. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just starting your soccer journey, Alexi Lalas’ State of the Union Podcast promises to keep you informed and entertained with its captivating blend of knowledge, passion, and expert analysis. Tune in now and stay up-to-date with all things soccer!

RTE Women’s World Cup: Daily Updates and Expert Analysis from Australia’s Soccer Pundits

Stay ahead of the game with RTE Women’s World Cup, your ultimate source for daily updates and expert analysis straight from Australia’s top soccer pundits. As the Republic of Ireland embarks on their inaugural journey in the FIFA Women’s World Cup, our dedicated team of reporters and analysts will keep you informed with real-time coverage of their every move on the field. From match previews and in-depth player insights to post-game discussions, our podcast brings you comprehensive coverage of Ireland’s thrilling quest for success on the global stage.


With these top podcasts at your disposal, your FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 experience will be nothing short of extraordinary. From thrilling match analysis to captivating player stories, these podcasts will keep you engaged and well-informed throughout the tournament’s exciting journey. Tune in and let the world of women’s football unfold before your ears!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – FIFA Women’s World Cup Podcasts

1. What are FIFA Women’s World Cup podcasts?

FIFA Women’s World Cup podcasts are audio shows dedicated to covering all aspects of the upcoming tournament. They provide listeners with insightful analysis, match previews, post-match discussions, interviews with players and experts, and much more.

2. Are these podcasts free to listen to?

Yes, the majority of FIFA Women’s World Cup podcasts are free to listen to. You can access them on various podcast platforms and streaming services without any cost.

3. Can I listen to these podcasts on my mobile device?

Absolutely! These podcasts are easily accessible on various podcasting platforms, and most of them are available for listening on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.

4. How frequently are these podcasts released?

The frequency of podcast episodes may vary from one show to another. However, during the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023, many podcasts release episodes regularly, covering pre-match analysis, post-match reviews, and updates on a timely basis.

5. Are these podcasts suitable for new football fans?

Yes, these podcasts cater to a wide range of audiences, including new football fans. They offer a mix of informative content and entertaining discussions that can enhance your understanding and enjoyment of the tournament.

6. Can I find podcasts in languages other than English?

Yes, you can find FIFA Women’s World Cup podcasts in various languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, and more. This ensures that football fans from different regions can enjoy the content in their preferred language.

7. Do these podcasts feature exclusive interviews with players and coaches?

Yes, many podcasts feature exclusive interviews with players, coaches, and football experts, providing unique insights into the tournament and behind-the-scenes moments.

8. How can I listen to these podcasts?

You can listen to FIFA Women’s World Cup podcasts on popular podcast platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and others. Simply search for the podcast’s name, and you can start enjoying the content right away.

9. Can I use these podcasts as a resource to stay updated on the Women’s World Cup standings and fixtures?

Absolutely! Several podcasts provide up-to-date information on Women’s World Cup standings, fixtures, match schedules, and group-stage scenarios, keeping you informed throughout the tournament.

10. Can I participate in discussions and share my views on these podcasts?

While you may not directly participate in live discussions on most podcasts, you can engage with the content by leaving comments, sharing your views on social media, and interacting with other listeners who share similar interests in women’s football and the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023.

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