Top 10 Most Shared Podcast Shows on Apple You Must Listen (2024)


Are you an avid podcast enthusiast hunting for the crème de la crème of the audio streaming world? Look no further! Apple Podcasts, the ultimate hub for captivating, informative, and entertaining audio content, hosts a treasure trove of exceptional shows that have garnered immense attention and shares across the digital landscape.

Top 10 Most Shared Podcast Shows on Apple

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll navigate through the top 10 most shared podcast shows on Apple, curated to cater to your diverse tastes and interests. Whether you’re into gripping true crime narratives, enriching educational discussions, side-splitting comedy, or thought-provoking interviews, there’s something here for everyone.


“Scamanda,” an enthralling podcast chronicling the riveting tale of Amanda—a wife, mother, blogger, and devout Christian whose vibrant facade conceals a shattering secret. As her life unfolds through the lens of her captivating blog chronicling her battle with cancer, Amanda unwittingly becomes a beacon of inspiration, captivating audiences worldwide and earning adoration within her local community. However, investigative producer Nancy receives an anonymous tip urging her to scrutinize Amanda’s blog, setting forth an unprecedented journey to unearth the hidden truth.


In this gripping narrative unraveled by award-winning journalist Charlie Webster, listeners are drawn into the bewildering and profoundly real account of a woman from San Jose, California, whose concealed secret tore through familial ties, leaving a community reeling in disbelief. “Scamanda” unveils the remarkable saga of a woman whose written words held the pivotal clues to her clandestine life. Join the compelling journey of discovery on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or your preferred streaming platform, where actor Kendall Horn brings Amanda’s blog posts to life in vivid detail.

For an immersive experience into Amanda’s extraordinary story, delve into “Scamanda” on your preferred podcast platform and unravel the gripping enigma woven by her compelling narrative.


Sold a Story

In the podcast “Sold a Story,” journalist Emily Hanford sheds light on a concerning issue: the struggle of millions of children with reading due to outdated teaching methodologies. Despite decades of scientific research on how children learn to read, numerous schools persist in neglecting this valuable knowledge. Instead, they invest in teacher training and materials founded on a disproven approach. Emily Hanford’s investigative journey delves deep into the practices of four authors and a publishing company, exposing how they’ve amassed significant profits by promoting this misguided idea.

This eye-opening podcast highlights the critical need for aligning educational practices with well-established scientific insights on reading acquisition. Join Emily Hanford as she unravels the consequences of ignoring evidence-based strategies and advocates for a much-needed shift in educational approaches to ensure every child has the opportunity to develop strong reading skills.


The Retrievals

Embark on an immersive journey into the gripping tale of ‘The Retrievals,’ a compelling five-part narrative series from Serial Productions and The New York Times. Delving into the startling events at a Yale fertility clinic, this podcast unravels the stories of numerous women striving to fulfill their dreams of motherhood. Experience the shocking twists and revelations that unfolded within this captivating series, offering an intimate and eye-opening exploration of the human quest for parenthood.

Huberman Lab

Discover the captivating world of neuroscience with the Huberman Lab podcast, where Dr. Andrew Huberman, a distinguished neuroscientist and tenured professor at Stanford School of Medicine, delves into the intricate workings of the human brain and its influence on our perceptions, behaviors, and overall health. This insightful podcast explores both established and cutting-edge tools used to measure and manipulate our nervous system’s functionalities, shedding light on brain development, function, and neural plasticity—the brain’s remarkable ability to reconfigure and acquire new skills and behaviors.


Dr. Huberman’s extensive contributions to neuroscience have garnered acclaim, including prestigious honors like the Cogan Award for groundbreaking discoveries in vision studies. His lab’s recent endeavors concentrate on understanding how vision and breathing impact human performance and brain states such as fear and courage. Additionally, he leads initiatives in neural regeneration and oversees clinical trials targeting visual restoration in blindness-causing diseases. Notably, Dr. Huberman is instrumental in crafting tools utilized by elite military units, athletes, and tech industries to optimize performance in high-stress environments, enhance neural adaptability, alleviate stress, and improve sleep quality.

The Huberman Lab podcast, launched in 2021, swiftly ascended to global acclaim, consistently ranking within the top 5 podcasts worldwide. Garnering frequent top spots in categories like Science, Education, and Health & Fitness, this podcast offers invaluable insights into neuroscience’s forefront, drawing from Dr. Huberman’s groundbreaking research published in esteemed journals like Nature, Science, and Cell. Featured prominently in renowned media outlets such as TIME, BBC, Scientific American, and Discover, the Huberman Lab podcast stands as an indispensable resource for those passionate about understanding the complexities of the human brain and its impact on our lives.



“SmartLess,” featuring Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, & Will Arnett, stands out as a podcast fostering connection and unity among diverse individuals. This podcast thrives on meaningful dialogue and spontaneous humor, allowing listeners to delve into shared experiences. What sets “SmartLess” apart is its unique format where each episode surprises hosts with a mystery guest, leading to unscripted and authentic conversations filled with laughter and insightful discoveries. Join in on this journey of organic hilarity and genuine exchanges, offering a delightful feed for the SmartLess mind.

The Witch Trials of J.K Rowling

The Witch Trials of J.K. Rowling, an intriguing audio documentary, delves into the contentious conflicts of our era by dissecting the life and journey of the world-renowned author. Hosted by Megan Phelps-Roper, this compelling series offers an unprecedented and candid dialogue with J.K. Rowling herself. Rowling fearlessly addresses controversies ranging from book bans to the discourse on gender and sexuality, providing profound insights. Moreover, the podcast navigates the societal currents shaping this pivotal moment in history. Featuring interviews with an array of voices, including supporters, critics, journalists, historians, and clinicians, this series provides a comprehensive exploration of the forces driving these debates.


Rachel Maddow Presents: Ultra

Experience the riveting tale of political intrigue and power in Rachel Maddow Presents: Ultra. Unravel the gripping saga of Congress members entangled in a plot to subvert the government, alongside insurrectionists facing charges for their role in attempting to dismantle American democracy. Dive deep into the forgotten narrative of extreme ideologies amplified by proximity to authority. Rachel Maddow leads the charge, unveiling the lengths to which extremist elected officials will go to conceal their involvement with the violent ultra-right. Join her for the first two compelling episodes on October 10th and witness the thrilling account of cover-ups and conspiracies that shook the foundations of American politics.

Wiser Than Me with Julia Louis Dreyfus

In the captivating podcast series “Wiser Than Me,” Julia Louis-Dreyfus takes the reins in unraveling the voices that often go unheard, engaging in profound discussions with influential older women. Delving into the question of why the narratives of older women aren’t more prominently featured, Louis-Dreyfus invites revered personalities like Jane Fonda, Carol Burnett, Amy Tan, Diane von Furstenberg, Isabel Allende, Fran Lebowitz, and a host of other remarkable women. Each episode offers a glimpse into their experiences, wisdom, and insights, guiding Louis-Dreyfus and listeners alike on the journey to lead a rich and meaningful life.


The Bible in a Year (with Fr. Mike Schmitz)

Experience an extraordinary journey through the scriptures with “The Bible in a Year” podcast, hosted by Fr. Mike Schmitz. This groundbreaking series comprises 365 episodes, each offering insightful commentary, profound reflection, and heartfelt prayers as you navigate through the entirety of the Bible.

Unlike any other Bible podcast, Ascension’s Bible in a Year adopts an innovative reading plan inspired by The Great Adventure Bible Timeline by esteemed Catholic Bible scholar Jeff Cavins. Fr. Mike collaborates with Jeff in special episodes, providing a deeper understanding of the context behind each reading, allowing you to grasp the profound narrative interwoven throughout the scriptures.

Embark on this transformative journey and not just read the Bible within a year but grasp how its various elements intricately connect, narrating an awe-inspiring story that resonates in your present-day life. Elevate your experience, gain confidence in your grasp of Scripture, and witness the illuminating power of God’s Word as it shapes your daily existence.

Every 20-25 minute episode features two to three scripture readings, a reflective discourse from Fr. Mike Schmitz, and a guided prayer, facilitating a profound engagement with God’s Word and enabling you to perceive the world through the lens of Scripture. Dive into this captivating podcast and immerse yourself in the timeless wisdom and transformative essence of the Bible.

True Sunlight

True Sunlight, previously recognized as the Murdaugh Murders Podcast (MMP), embodies the convergence of True Crime, journalism, and systemic corruption. This podcast marks a fresh phase in MMP’s journey, epitomizing an unparalleled blend of journalistic integrity and unyielding dedication to exposing societal injustices.

Diverging from conventional True Crime narratives, True Sunlight prioritizes precision over “access journalism” and approaches its subject matter with a lens of empathy, steering clear of exploitation. This podcast stands as a beacon of public service rather than mere entertainment, amplifying its mission to cast a spotlight on crime and corruption wherever it lurks. While its name has evolved, True Sunlight remains steadfast in its unwavering mission, unaltered values, and the dedicated team behind its thought-provoking content.

Renowned journalists Mandy Matney and Liz Farrell are venturing beyond the narrative of Alex Murdaugh and his associates, extending their investigative reporting style to pursue justice for all victims encountered thus far.

Previously holding the prestigious global ranks of #1 and #2 in 2021 and 2023 respectively as the Murdaugh Murders Podcast, True Sunlight continues its legacy by offering unparalleled insights into past cases covered on MMP while deeply delving into new instances of corruption across the United States. Through their investigative journalism, the podcast empowers listeners by providing a deeper understanding of legal and judicial systems, equipping them with the tools necessary to demand accountability from agencies and public figures, ultimately striving to instigate positive systemic change.

Whether you’re seeking laughter, knowledge, inspiration, or a deeper understanding of the world, these top 10 most shared podcast shows on Apple Podcasts promise an enriching and immersive listening experience. Dive into the diverse world of podcasts and let these captivating shows elevate your audio streaming journey.

Remember, these rankings reflect the most shared and highly recommended podcasts on Apple, ensuring that you don’t miss out on the finest content available in the realm of podcasting.

So, grab your headphones and immerse yourself in the captivating world of these top-rated podcasts on Apple. Happy listening!

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1. How were these top 10 podcasts selected?

These podcasts were selected based on their high shareability and popularity on Apple Podcasts. The list reflects shows that have garnered significant attention and shares within the podcasting community.

2. Are these rankings based on specific genres or categories?

The list comprises podcasts from diverse genres and categories, including true crime, self-improvement, comedy, news, interviews, and more. This variety ensures there’s something appealing for every listener.

3. Do these podcasts cater to a specific audience, or are they suitable for everyone? The curated list features podcasts that cater to a broad audience. With diverse topics and styles, these shows offer content that can resonate with listeners of different ages, interests, and backgrounds.

4. How frequently is this list updated? The rankings might evolve over time based on changing trends and new podcast releases. We strive to keep our recommendations up-to-date with the latest and most engaging content available on Apple Podcasts.

5. Are these podcasts available for free on Apple Podcasts? Yes, all the recommended podcasts are available for free streaming on Apple Podcasts. Listeners can easily access and enjoy these shows on their iOS devices, Macs, or other platforms supporting the Apple Podcasts app.

6. Can I suggest a podcast for consideration in future rankings? Absolutely! We welcome suggestions and recommendations from our audience. Feel free to reach out to us with your favorite podcast suggestions, and we’ll consider them for future rankings and reviews.

7. Is there any way to explore more podcasts beyond this top 10 list?

Certainly! Our platform offers an extensive array of podcast reviews and recommendations. Explore our website or reach out to us for additional podcast suggestions tailored to your specific preferences.

8. How can I stay updated with new podcast recommendations and reviews?

Stay connected with us through our website, social media channels, or newsletter subscription. We regularly share insights, reviews, and updates on the most engaging podcasts across various platforms.

9. Can I listen to these podcasts on platforms other than Apple Podcasts?

While these shows are highly popular on Apple Podcasts, many of them are available on multiple podcasting platforms such as Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and more. Check your preferred podcast app to access these shows.

10. Are there any subscription or membership requirements to access these podcasts?

No, these podcasts are freely available for streaming without any subscription or membership requirements. Simply download the Apple Podcasts app or access them through other supported platforms to start listening.

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