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Knowledge is easily accessible in this digital age, and now you may even get legal education through the power of a pair of headphones. Join us as we go on a journey through a carefully curated selection of amazing legal podcasts that explain the complexity of the legal aspect of complex world in a fun and approachable manner.

Top 10 Legal Podcasts on Spotify 2023"

Our blog is your resource for choosing the best legal podcast for your interests, whether you’re a law student ready to complement your studies, a legal professional seeking to remain current on industry trends, or just someone interested by the complexity of justice.

I’ve personally chosen each legal podcast with extensive research that cover an assortment of legal interests, ranging from dramatic real crime stories that provide insights into criminal trials to debates on important decisions from the courts that have impacted society.


So why wait let’s learn the law via high volume voices. These are thought provoking discussion, interview, analysis and type of drama podcast, but when you listen to this, you will be gaining sea of knowledge in the legal world.


The first podcast is Serial which is hosted by Sarah Koenig. She is the best investigative journalist. The podcast is started since 2014 and has many seasons which run around different true crime stories.


Each story is well examined case study, presented with fresh and information, spoke with important witnesses, and frequently questioned the justice of the court system, the podcast amassed enormous popularity.

The framework of “Serial” has changed over the seasons to cover different cases, but it always takes a deep dive into a particular case over several episodes. The true crime genre has been greatly influenced by this podcast, which has also had a long-lasting effect on how we consume and discuss true crime stories.


Lawyerist Podcast

The Lawyerist Podcast is your weekly guide to the evolving landscape of law practice. Join our team of legal experts as they engage in insightful conversations with accomplished attorneys, forward-thinking leaders, and creative minds who are actively influencing the legal profession. With a keen focus on emerging trends and innovative strategies driving the industry forward, this podcast is an invaluable resource, especially if you’re preparing for a career in law. Don’t miss out on the discussions shaping the future of lawyering and the legal field.

I am the law

The podcast is hosted by Law Hub by LSAC. “I am the Law” is best legal podcast for the students as well as legal professionals who works in the various fields of the law. The podcast sheds light on various realities of legal practices inside and outside of the tradition jobs which confines to the real realities.


Each episode is of near about 30-40minutes focusing on daily aspects of legal practitioners, their tasks, challenges and advices to overcome certain challenges coming on their way. The podcast is interview based and different guest suggest some of the best practices as simple dialogues with various fields and areas of legal world.

Legal Tool kit

Legal Toolkit: as the name itself suggest it offers each and every aspect of Legal systems. This lega podcast is created and hosted by Legal Talk Network and within this you can listen different legal professionals who defines standard for various insurance, legal and law enforcement sectors.


The host has very smooth and calming voice which him self is a legal nerd and has very great detailed gab for creative data capturing, with him each lawyer opens up about the various legal products, concepts and initiative with their metal shifts that have made their practices great. This is great educational as well as professional podcast and must be recommended to each and every lawyer for bettering law practices into their various domains.

Bloomberg Law

One more podcast on in detailed discussion on various legal laws for legal enthusiasts. The podcast covers different legal topics and its intellectual property to criminal law and beyond. The podcast is hosted by June Grasso. And his scholar guest to covers various high-profile cases to discuss variety of legal laws pertaining to real life scenario.  The host June Grasso is an Emmy award winner journalist and he is the Jem for this podcast.


BBC – law in action

As we all know the BBC is full form in the news lines and they are masters in creating and making the real news more real and shades the light of injustices to the justice on each and every aspect of life. So why not to legal. The podcast is wonderful resource to get insight into this matter. The podcast is hosted by the Thodore Rozenberg.

Till date this legal podcast has convers many undiscussed aspects of legal system including but not only limited to domestic violence, international wars, politics war, sexual harassment, and latest technology and their associated legal aspects. So just go to the link and start listening on the amazing podcast.


Life of the Law

Everything on this world has the definite life span and so to the Law. Welcome to this wonderful podcast on “life of the Law”. The podcast is hosted by Nancy Mullane and Produced by Panoply.

The podcast emphasizes on various aspects of Laws in our daily life and it shows how it allies and applied to real life situations. Its realty great source of information. Through this podcast the host focuses on each and every area of law, its implication and answer for its discovery. Its full of engaging storytelling which will keep you listening each and every episode with more enthusiasm. So, weather you are student or legal professional seeking in depth knowledge on legal Laws the podcast is must listen for every legal matter of American Society.

Digital Edge

Digital Edge the podcast is hosted by Sharon Nelson, president of Sensei Enterprises, and Jim Calloway, Director of the Oklahoma Bar Association’s Management Assistance Program. In each episode they invite various guest who are masters in technologies, publications, lectures, professor and various legal leaders to focus and discuss different topics in line with the legal laws.

As we know that in each and every sector the technology is creating a great impact in practicing such things why not to legal too. The Digital edge focuses the impact of technology in the legal world. Podcast is produced by Legal talk network. Moreover, the podcast gives idea about how the different tools like legal software and various cloud systems can be used by lawyers to make their practices easy.

So, I think this is first of its kind podcast which gives you digital knowledge to apply in your laws to make it easy for the legal professional and gives valuable input for it. Podcast is produced by Legal talk network.

Lawyer 2 lawyer

Do you know that this is the longest running legal podcast till date and has got many awards for its amazing contribution in the legal system. The podcast is also supported and hosted by Legal talk Networks and this is also interviewing based podcast created and hosted by J. Craig Williams and Robert Ambrogi.

The podcast has so many famous guests interview, discussion and arguments on various legal subjects. The host and guest both gives great insight in each and every aspect of current and futuristic legal issues and cases.

The Lawyer stories

I think the name it self gives the hint about the podcast content, right?

The Lawyer Stories is podcast founded by Benny Gold and its focuses on the real stories, various challengers faced by legal practitioners, Lawyers and legal leaders and their law students across the world.

This is really great resource to know about their real-life stories which not only focus on their work but also gives unique ride in to their real experiences with specific cased, inside of the law, pressures they are handling and the deeper insight of the legal world. So, it is best podcast to know the real legal world through this podcast.  So, each episode is great story in itself.

Amicus with Dhaling

This is something bigger than I have ever expected from the Podcast but it’s must for every American. A podcast about the law and the nine Supreme Court justices who interpret it for the rest of America. The podcast is created and hosted by Candain Legal lawyer Dahlia Lithwick, Amicus. They are the biggest and top most lawyers appointed by the POTUS and approved by the Senate.

The show is very heat and focuses on controversial statements of each law, their challenges, obligations, and disputes attached with its word-by-word interpretation. The podcast gives clear views on Americana federal law.

The animal Law Podcast

Well now we have heard so many things about human legal system, which is for human rights and laws pertaining to there basic needs, but what about animals who can not speak but need justice for their own survival. Here we have podcast for them too.

The Animal Law Podcast is hosted by Mariann Sullivan, an animal law professor and activist, This is very interesting podcast to get insight of legal issues related to animal, the podcast is must listen resources for each animal lover, animal owner, animal welfare and for all who are directly or indirectly connected with animal laws. The podcast features and invites guest who are working on litigated cases and efforts to make the legal protection for animal rights.


So, I am now the Lawyer. Sorry but after listening this all podcasts I have got the very good inside of legal education, about various legal aspects, different types of laws and its impact on various system. So, this is our featured list of podcasts for every legal enthusiast. Each podcast selected here are itself a good resource to get insight of the legal system, legal leaders, various laws and its interpretation and more over the real life of legal leaders.

So why wait just go and listen at least one episode from each recommendation and I am dam sure that you will not going to stop anywhere without scrolling for more.

FAQs About the Top 10 Best Legal Podcasts on Spotify

  1. What are legal podcasts?

Legal podcasts are audio programs that cover a wide range of topics related to law, including discussions on legal cases, issues, and developments in the legal field.

  1. Why should I listen to legal podcasts on Spotify?

Spotify offers a convenient platform for discovering and enjoying legal podcasts. It provides easy access to a variety of legal content, making it a great choice for staying informed about legal matters.

  1. Are these podcasts suitable for legal professionals only?

No, these podcasts are designed for a broad audience. While legal professionals can benefit from the insights and discussions, anyone interested in law, justice, or intriguing legal cases will find them engaging.

  1. Can I listen to these podcasts for free on Spotify?

Yes, many legal podcasts on Spotify are available for free. You can listen to them without the need for a premium Spotify subscription.

  1. Are the podcasts in this list updated regularly?

Most of the podcasts included in our list are updated regularly with new episodes. This ensures that you can stay up-to-date with the latest legal topics and discussions.

  1. Can I access these podcasts on platforms other than Spotify?

Some of these podcasts may also be available on other podcast platforms like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and more. However, we’ve curated this list specifically for Spotify users.

  1. How do I find and subscribe to these podcasts on Spotify?

To find these podcasts on Spotify, simply open the app, use the search bar, and enter the podcast’s name or keywords related to law or legal topics. Once you’ve found a podcast you like, you can subscribe to it to receive new episodes automatically.

  1. Can I suggest a legal podcast that’s not on this list?

Absolutely! If you have a favorite legal podcast that you believe should be included in this list, please feel free to let us know. We’re always open to recommendations from our readers.

  1. Are these podcasts suitable for educational purposes?

Yes, many of these legal podcasts offer educational content and can be a valuable resource for students, aspiring lawyers, or anyone interested in learning more about the legal field.

  1. How can I get started with listening to legal podcasts on Spotify?

Getting started is easy! Download the Spotify app, create an account (if you don’t have one already), search for the legal podcast that interests you, and start listening. You can also explore our list of the top 10 legal podcasts on Spotify for some excellent recommendations.

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