Top 10 Best Whistleblower Podcasts on Spotify


In an era where transparency and accountability reign supreme, whistleblowers have become the unsung heroes who bravely unveil hidden truths and shed light on vital issues. If you’re captivated by stories of courage, moral integrity, and uncovering the unknown, then delve into the world of whistleblower podcasts. These audio narratives not only entertain but also educate, offering listeners a glimpse into real-life narratives that have shaped industries, policies, and societal perceptions.

Top 10 Best Whistleblower Podcasts on Spotify

To make your journey into the realm of whistleblower podcasts seamless, we’ve curated the ultimate list of the top 10 must-listen shows available on Spotify. These podcasts shed light on diverse topics, providing gripping storytelling and thought-provoking insights.

Whistleblower of the Week

Delve into the compelling narratives of courage and integrity on the “Whistleblower of the Week” podcast, hosted by FBI whistleblower Jane Turner. Join her bi-weekly as she engages in heartfelt conversations with whistleblowers, unraveling their life experiences, motivations behind blowing the whistle, and the aftermath of their courageous actions. Each episode offers a deep dive into the personal journey of these individuals, exploring their decisions to blow the whistle within their respective fields and the consequential impact on their lives. Turner brings to light the profound choices made by these whistleblowers, shedding insight into their challenges, triumphs, and the bravery it takes to expose truths that shape our world.


The Whistleblowers podcast

Step into a realm where truth confronts deception in various institutions worldwide with ‘The Whistleblowers’ podcast. From healthcare and prisons to bikie gangs and governmental bodies like the house of reps, immerse yourself in riveting tales uncovering truth amidst secrecy. Our inaugural episode premieres on November 2nd. Subscribe today to receive instant notifications for each new episode release.


Experience gripping tales of courage and sacrifice with ‘Whistleblowers,’ a compelling Spotify Original podcast from Parcast. Delve into the darkest secrets of history as each Tuesday, we unravel colossal deceptions through the courageous narratives of those who risked it all for the truth. Uncover the chilling accounts of revered spiritual leaders demanding undue sacrifices, unethical doctors driven by hidden agendas, and profit-driven governments. Behind every astonishing revelation lies a brave whistleblower who defied all odds to reveal the truth, despite the grave consequences. Tune in for captivating stories of corruption and the unyielding bravery of these unsung heroes on ‘Whistleblowers.’



Dive deep into the tumultuous Trump administration with ‘The Whistleblowers: Inside the Trump Administration.’ Hosted by former DHS official and anonymous whistleblower Miles Taylor, known for ‘Blowback,’ this podcast unveils the struggles and decisions faced by high-ranking officials and public servants. Delve into their lives and the chaos they navigated while contemplating the monumental choice of speaking the truth. These individuals understood the risks—losing homes, jobs, safety, and altering history itself—as they contemplated the daunting repercussions of revealing their truths.

Into The Dirt

“Into The Dirt” delves into the captivating journey of Rob Moore, once a television professional who ventured into the world of corporate intelligence as a spy. Tasked with infiltrating an environmental campaign group, Moore’s loyalties shifted as he empathized with the campaigners’ cause. Without revealing his true identity to either side, he found himself straddling two conflicting worlds until an unexpected outing in 2016 exposed his dual role. Now perceived as a traitor by the campaigners and a misunderstood whistleblower by himself, Moore’s story unravels themes of truth, espionage, and the narratives we construct.


From the creators of “Sweet Bobby,” this six-part series is an intriguing exploration of Moore’s complex journey. Scheduled to launch on Tuesday, June 27th, this narrative promises an immersive experience. Access the first three episodes early and relish the premium Tortoise listening experience meticulously curated by their journalists

Whistleblowers | By Greg Kerr

“Whistleblowers” podcast, hosted by Greg Kerr, delivers fresh revelations on unsolved crimes through investigative journalism, profiling, and storytelling. Discover why modern detectives seek outside help when faced with puzzling cases, diving deep into each episode’s comprehensive research for a unique perspective on crime-solving challenges.


Whistleblowing Now and Then

“Whistleblowing Now and Then,” helmed by Anna Myers, Executive Director of the Whistleblowing International Network, takes listeners on an insightful journey through the crucial landscape of whistleblowing. This podcast tackles contemporary issues surrounding whistleblowing, offering in-depth discussions with global experts, courageous whistleblowers, and passionate advocates. Host Anna Myers delves into the heart of these pivotal issues, exploring diverse perspectives that shape the whistleblowing narrative. Produced by Verity Loughlin, Communications Officer at WIN, the podcast features captivating theme music by the Routes Quartet and is meticulously edited by Josh Brown, ensuring a compelling and informative listening experience. Stay tuned to gain profound insights and stay abreast of the latest developments in the world of whistleblowing through “Whistleblowing Now and Then.

The Witness

Would you be willing to risk everything in order to stand up against corruption? These are the stories of the men and women who have done just that. They are a collection of brave and courageous whistleblowers who, all over Africa, have risked assassination, unemployment and severe stress in order to call out governments and huge corporations in their wrongdoing. The Witness is a new podcast brought to you by PPLAAF, the platform to protect whistleblowers in Africa and produced by Volume. Hosted by Fatima Hassan.


The Inside Story

Delve into the compelling narratives of whistleblowing with ‘The Inside Story’ podcast. Uncovering the clandestine world behind closed doors, this podcast sheds light on the untold tales of individuals who dared to speak up. Explore the challenges, impact, and courageous stories of those who have risked it all to stop harm. Join us on an enlightening journey through the intricacies and significance of whistleblowing in today’s world

Ground Truth

Explore the profound impact of whistleblowing in ‘The Whistleblower: Truth, Dissent and the Legacy of Daniel Ellsberg,’ part of the award-winning GroundTruth Podcast series by GBH. Unveiling Daniel Ellsberg’s transformation from a government insider to a whistleblower during the Vietnam War, this series delves into the release of the Pentagon Papers, exposing decades of deception about the war. Based in Boston, GroundTruth Podcast has earned acclaim for its in-depth, shoe-leather reporting, dissecting global affairs and providing insightful narratives.


All these podcasts are available on Spotify, providing a treasure trove of gripping tales that showcase the resilience and determination of individuals who stand up for truth and justice.

So, whether you’re a true-crime enthusiast, a history buff, or simply curious about the hidden truths behind significant events, these top 10 whistleblower podcasts offer a diverse range of compelling narratives. Tune in, listen closely, and be inspired by the courage of those who dare to uncover the truth.


Remember, these podcasts are free to stream on Spotify, offering an enriching and enlightening auditory experience for all listeners.

Stay informed, entertained, and inspired with these incredible whistleblower podcasts, where the pursuit of truth takes center stage. Happy listening!

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1. What are whistleblower podcasts?

Whistleblower podcasts delve into real-life stories of individuals who courageously expose wrongdoing, corruption, or hidden truths within various industries, institutions, or communities. These podcasts explore the journeys of those who risked everything to bring important issues to light.

2. How can I access these whistleblower podcasts?

All the mentioned whistleblower podcasts are available for free streaming on Spotify. You can listen to them on the Spotify platform through your desktop, mobile app, or web browser.

3. Are these podcasts suitable for all listeners?

While these podcasts cover diverse topics and stories, some episodes might contain mature content or sensitive subject matter. Listener discretion is advised, especially for younger audiences.

4. Can I download these podcasts for offline listening?

Yes, Spotify offers the option to download episodes for offline listening. This feature allows you to enjoy your favorite whistleblower podcasts without an internet connection.

5. Are these podcasts available worldwide?

Availability might vary based on your geographical location. However, Spotify aims to provide a wide range of podcasts globally. If any podcasts are unavailable in your region, you might explore alternative platforms or check for updates on their availability.

6. Are there new episodes released regularly?

Podcasts generally have different schedules for releasing new episodes. While some may release weekly, others might have a different frequency. It’s advisable to subscribe or follow these podcasts on Spotify to receive notifications about new episodes.

7. Are there other whistleblower podcasts not mentioned in the top 10 list?

Absolutely! The world of podcasts is vast, and there are numerous other whistleblower-themed shows available on various platforms. The curated list highlights some of the standout shows, but there are many more worth exploring.

8. Can I suggest a whistleblower podcast for inclusion in future lists?

Yes, definitely! If you have a favorite whistleblower-themed podcast that you believe deserves recognition, feel free to share it with us. We’re always open to recommendations and exploring new content.

9. Are there transcripts or additional resources available for these podcasts?

Some podcasts might offer transcripts or supplementary materials on their official websites or platforms. Check the respective podcast’s website or description on Spotify for additional resources or related content.

10. Can I support these podcasts or the whistleblowers featured in them?

Absolutely! Supporting these podcasts can be as simple as subscribing, leaving positive reviews, sharing episodes with friends, or engaging with the content on social media. Supporting whistleblowers might involve spreading awareness about their stories and advocating for justice and transparency.

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