Top 10 Best Mining Podcasts on Spotify for Industry Insights & Expert Interviews (2023)


In the dynamic world of mining, staying updated with the latest trends, innovations, and industry insights is crucial for professionals and enthusiasts alike. What better way to dive deep into this fascinating realm than through podcasts? With their engaging discussions, expert interviews, and insider knowledge, mining podcasts on Spotify offer an invaluable resource for everyone from seasoned professionals to curious minds eager to explore the depths of this field.

Top 10 Best Mining Podcasts on Spotify for Industry Insights & Expert Interviews

Here’s a curated list of the top 10 mining podcasts on Spotify that are worth tuning into:

Dig Deep – The Mining Podcast

Discover insights and expert discussions in ‘Dig Deep – The Mining Podcast.’ Delve into the world of mining through engaging conversations, educational insights, and industry updates. Hosted by Rob Tyson, Founder, and Director of Mining International, a premier recruitment and headhunting agency specializing in global mining talent, this podcast offers a wealth of knowledge. Explore hot industry topics, company reviews, and captivating live interviews with renowned mining professionals and industry leaders. Stay informed with the latest trends and get exclusive access to the minds shaping the mining landscape.


Full Production with Peter Finn

For the latest updates and in-depth conversations about active mining operations, burgeoning projects, career pathways, industry news, and innovative strides, ‘Full Production’ with Peter Finn is your go-to resource. With an emphasis on bringing together top minds in mining, this podcast provides a valuable platform to stay informed about the dynamic developments within the industry. Join the discussions that are shaping the present and future of mining, making ‘Full Production’ an essential listen for professionals and enthusiasts keen on staying abreast of the ever-evolving mining sector.

Mining Stock Daily

Stay updated on the pulse of the mining and metals sector with Mining Stock Daily. This podcast provides a concise yet comprehensive overview of finance and resource exploration news worldwide. Delve into the crucial aspects of both precious and base metals, accessing market trends and insightful analysis. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or an industry enthusiast, Mining Stock Daily offers a quick, valuable snapshot of the day’s most important sector information, empowering you to make informed decisions in the dynamic world of mining and metals


Deep Insights with Mining Review Africa

Deep Insights with Mining Review Africa” stands as the official podcast of Mining Review Africa, a prominent monthly magazine and digital platform within the African mining industry. Reaching an influential audience of over 50,000 mining authorities and pivotal decision-makers monthly, Mining Review Africa employs diverse channels such as an interactive website, videos, and widespread print distribution at major mining conferences in Africa and globally. Esteemed as a conduit for knowledge, news dissemination, and information exchange, MRA fosters advancement and sustainable growth in Africa’s mining sector. Its content revolves around illuminating articles detailing project advancements, technological innovations, and the financial frameworks steering these developments.

Maintaining close collaborations with major, mid-tier, and junior mining entities alongside providers of capital, technology, and equipment, Mining Review Africa stands tall as the embodiment of the industry’s thought leadership, innovation, and strategic business content. With a commitment to fostering progress and sustainable practices, this podcast serves as a vital resource, offering profound insights and discussions on the sector’s critical aspects, ensuring professionals and enthusiasts alike stay abreast of the latest developments and strategic initiatives shaping the African mining landscape.


Money of Mine

Discover insights into the ever-evolving world of the resources sector with ‘Money of Mine – The Aussie Mining Podcast.’ Stay informed about the latest mining news, delve into the stock market’s dynamic actions, and explore compelling narratives about the industry’s key drivers. Engage with in-depth stories that spotlight the individuals shaping the mining landscape. This podcast offers a wealth of information, ensuring listeners are up-to-date with current industry trends, making it an invaluable resource for mining professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Mining Minds

Experience the heartbeat of mining with Mining Minds – a riveting podcast immersed in the core of the action within one of the globe’s leading gold-producing districts. Focused on the vibrant life at ‘the face,’ where mining activities thrive, this podcast encapsulates the firsthand encounters of dedicated miners and their impact on communities. Delving deep into the essence of miners’ lives and the diverse lifestyles they embrace, Mining Minds offers a unique narrative shaped by real experiences at the dig face. Beyond individual stories, this podcast accentuates the pivotal role of mining in our world’s functioning while emphasizing the criticality of responsible mining practices for the environment and our collective future.


The Northern Miner Podcast

Experience the pinnacle of mining insights with The Northern Miner Podcast, backed by a century of industry expertise. Delivered by The Northern Miner’s seasoned writing staff, this podcast serves as an indispensable resource for mining and exploration professionals. With a legacy of informing and guiding high-performing individuals in the industry, their reports empower thousands of decision-makers, offering crucial insights that drive informed decision-making processes.

Mining Stock Education

Discover invaluable insights into resource and precious metals investing with the “Mining Stock Education” podcast. Hosted by industry experts, this podcast offers a goldmine of knowledge, guiding listeners towards profitable mining investment opportunities. Explore in-depth discussions, expert interviews, and market analyses, empowering you to make informed investment decisions in the mining sector. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or new to resource investing, tune in to learn from the best in the industry and elevate your understanding of mining investments with the “Mining Stock Education” podcast.


On The Rocks

Discover a refreshing take on mining insights and innovation with ‘On The Rocks,’ hosted by Emily King, the esteemed Mining Futurist and Prospector Founder & CEO. This podcast offers a unique blend of industry expertise and a lighthearted approach, providing listeners with engaging discussions on mining’s latest trends and innovations. Join Emily King as she navigates through the depths of the mining world, offering invaluable insights into the industry’s advancements, all delivered through an entertaining and informative lens.

Behind the Scenes with Bryan

Discover ‘Behind the Scenes with Bryan,’ an engaging engineering podcast that frequently delves into the realm of mining, particularly emphasizing mining waste management among various other captivating topics. Hosted by Bryan, each episode is designed to be succinct, offering insightful discussions within a concise format. Explore the intersections of engineering and the mining industry as Bryan captures intriguing facets that spark imagination and curiosity.


Whether you’re a mining professional seeking to expand your knowledge or an enthusiast intrigued by the intricacies of this field, these podcasts provide a wealth of information and entertainment. Accessible on Spotify, they offer a convenient way to stay informed while on the go.

Don’t miss out on these valuable resources; tune in to these top 10 mining podcasts on Spotify and unearth a wealth of knowledge about the fascinating world of mining. Happy listening!


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Q1: What are mining podcasts?

Mining podcasts are audio-based shows available on platforms like Spotify that focus on various aspects of the mining industry. They cover topics such as technology, sustainability, market trends, safety, geology, and more, providing insights, discussions, and expert interviews relevant to the mining sector.

Q2: How can I access these mining podcasts?

You can access these mining podcasts on Spotify, a popular streaming platform. Simply search for the podcast’s name in the Spotify app or website, and you’ll find the episodes available for streaming.

Q3: Are these podcasts suitable for beginners or only for industry professionals?

These podcasts cater to a diverse audience. Some podcasts are specifically designed to simplify complex mining concepts for beginners, while others delve into advanced topics for industry professionals. There’s something for everyone interested in learning about the mining industry.

Q4: Are these podcasts regularly updated with new content?

Yes, most of these podcasts regularly release new episodes. The frequency might vary, but they strive to provide fresh content to keep listeners informed about the latest trends, news, and discussions within the mining industry.

Q5: Can I listen to these podcasts for free?

Yes, all the podcasts mentioned in the article are available for free streaming on Spotify. Users can access these podcasts without any cost, though some platforms might offer premium subscriptions with additional features.

Q6: Can I listen to these podcasts offline?

On Spotify, users with a premium subscription can download episodes for offline listening. This feature allows you to enjoy your favorite mining podcasts without an internet connection.

Q7: Are these podcasts suitable for students or researchers studying mining-related subjects? Absolutely! These podcasts can be a valuable resource for students or researchers studying mining-related subjects. They offer insights, expert opinions, and discussions that can complement academic studies and provide real-world perspectives on the industry.

Q8: How do I know which podcast to start with from the list of top 10 mining podcasts?

It depends on your interests within the mining sector. Consider exploring the podcast descriptions, episode titles, and reviews to find a podcast that aligns with your preferences—whether it’s technology, sustainability, safety, or overall industry insights.

Q9: Can I engage or interact with the hosts or other listeners of these podcasts?

Some podcasts have social media channels, websites, or platforms where listeners can engage with hosts, ask questions, or participate in discussions. Check the podcast’s website or social media profiles for such opportunities.

Q10: Are there transcripts available for these podcasts?

Transcripts may or may not be available for these podcasts. Some podcast hosts offer transcripts for their episodes, while others do not. You can check the individual podcast’s website or contact the creators for more information on transcripts.

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