Top 10 Best Metal Music Podcasts on Spotify: Your Ultimate Headbanging Playlist


Are you a metalhead searching for the ultimate audio journey into the world of headbanging rhythms, electrifying riffs, and mind-blowing breakdowns? Look no further! Spotify, the haven for music enthusiasts, hosts an array of remarkable metal music podcasts that cater to every metal genre aficionado’s taste. Dive into the realm of the heaviest beats and scintillating guitar solos with our curated list of the Top 10 Best Metal Music Podcasts available on Spotify.

Top 10 Best Metal Music Podcasts on Spotify

The MetalSucks Podcast

MetalSucks Podcast, the official podcast hub by MetalSucks, where hosts Petar Spajic, Brandon Hahn, and Jozalyn Sharp deliver engaging interviews with renowned metal musicians. Dive into the vibrant world of metal culture with a featured interview each week, complemented by insightful discussions on the latest headlines in the metal music scene. Tune in every Monday morning for brand-new episodes, packed with exclusive interviews and the freshest metal news

The Metal Hammer Podcast

Dive into the heart of metal music with ‘The Metal Hammer Podcast,’ a dynamic platform offering exclusive interviews, essential album reviews, and thought-provoking discussions on the most significant issues affecting the metal world. Hosted by Team Hammer alongside esteemed guests, this podcast delivers a comprehensive exploration of the genre’s latest trends, iconic releases, and the pulse of the metal community. Stay updated, informed, and engaged with this podcast, your ultimate destination for all things metal.


Radioactive Metal Podcast

Radioactive Metal Podcast, your weekly destination for the latest updates, engaging discussions, and in-depth interviews across diverse heavy metal genres. Snowy, Coreen, and Aaron curate a dynamic platform covering everything from hard rock, thrash, death metal, power metal, punk, grindcore, black metal, hardcore, to metalcore. Stay tuned to feed your metal cravings with our comprehensive exploration of the vibrant world of heavy metal music.

The Jasta Show

The Jasta Show, hosted by musician and former television personality Jamey Jasta, known for his roles in Hatebreed, Kingdom of Sorrow, and MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball, invites iconic figures for captivating interviews every Monday and Thursday. Access the latest 15 episodes for free, and for exclusive perks like full archives, live streaming, interactive chats, forum access, and early episode releases, subscribe now at Use the code ‘JASTA’ during subscription to enjoy a 15% discount on the entire network.


Into The Combine Metal Podcast

Embrace a no-frills, elitist-free experience with the ‘Into The Combine Metal Podcast.’ This engaging podcast is curated by three passionate metal enthusiasts who deliver compelling interviews, thought-provoking discussions, and thrilling music clips encompassing the expansive realms of metal and hardcore. Dive deep into the heart of metal culture, as this podcast explores everything from emerging bands to established icons, providing an inclusive space for all things metal.

Focus on Metal Podcast

Experience the ultimate global metal frenzy with ‘Focus on Metal,’ the go-to podcast led by passionate and seasoned metal aficionados boasting extensive radio expertise. This dynamic show showcases exclusive interviews with revered personalities in the metal world, delivers the latest headlines, explores compelling topics, presents outstanding music, reviews the freshest releases, and includes diverse segments from devoted metal enthusiasts. Get ready for a weekly dose of metal excellence – just a click away! ‘Focus on Metal’ is your definitive destination for everything metal. Join us as we dive into the heart of the genre, leaving everything else insignificant


The Beer Metal Show

Dive into the thrilling collision of Craft Beer and Metal Music with The Beer Metal Show Podcast. Follow The Beer Metal Dude as he embarks on an engaging journey through the celebrated careers of featured bands, all while exploring the vibrant world of Texas Craft Beer. Expect immersive discussions as each beer is meticulously paired with a Metal Song, creating an invigorating experience blending Beer Drinking and the power of Metal Music. Join the adventure to savor the fusion of two dynamic worlds in every episode!

Noise Dosage Media

Embark on an auditory journey into the realm of extreme music with ‘Noise Dosage Media,’ crafted by independent filmmaker and podcast luminary Jon Lambert. Raised in rural landscapes far from bustling music scenes, Jon’s upbringing fueled his fascination with the dark, heavy sounds of bands like Death, Slipknot, and Iron Maiden, among others. His podcast serves as a platform delving into the evolution of extreme music and its profound impact on society. Through insightful discussions and interviews featuring global guests, Jon offers an indispensable space for both dedicated genre enthusiasts and those curious about the music industry’s progression.


Old Guys Talk Metal and Sometimes Punk

Old Guys Talk Metal and Sometimes Punk is the definitive podcast for enthusiasts of Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, and Punk. Explore a treasure trove of discussions, insights, and anecdotes on these genres. Join the passionate hosts as they delve into the essence of Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, and Punk, delivering engaging content that resonates with seasoned aficionados and newcomers alike. Dive into the podcast to unravel the rich history, dissect iconic albums, and unearth hidden gems within the world of Metal and Punk. Show your support for this enthralling podcast!

Decibel Geek Podcast

Indulge in a riveting journey through Hard Rock & Heavy Metal history with the Decibel Geek Podcast. Hosted by lifelong enthusiasts Chris Czynszak & AAron Camaro, this weekly show delves into the realm of Hard Rock & Heavy Metal, spanning from the 1960s to the present day.


Each episode of Decibel Geek offers a vibrant mix of discussions covering new releases, iconic albums, and a comprehensive exploration of the genre. Engage with exclusive interviews featuring musicians, industry insiders, and knowledgeable experts, providing invaluable insights into the world of Hard Rock & Heavy Metal.

Immerse yourself in the passionate and informed discussions led by Chris & Aaron and their guests, showcasing an unwavering dedication to the genre’s essence. Stay updated on the latest news, trends, and timeless classics in Hard Rock & Heavy Metal. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a newcomer, subscribing to Decibel Geek on all major podcast platforms is a must-do for an enthralling auditory experience. Start your journey into the heart of rock today!


From classic heavy metal to extreme sub-genres like black metal and deathcore, these podcasts offer an immersive experience for every metal enthusiast. Whether you’re a seasoned metal veteran or a newcomer eager to explore this exhilarating genre, these podcasts on Spotify are your gateway to the pulsating world of metal music.

So, grab your headphones, crank up the volume, and prepare for an auditory adventure unlike any other. Subscribe to these Top 10 Best Metal Music Podcasts on Spotify and elevate your metal music journey to new heights!


Remember to follow, like, and share these podcasts to support the thriving metal community on Spotify. Stay tuned for electrifying episodes and don’t miss out on the latest updates from your favorite metal icons.

Keep headbanging, keep exploring, and keep the metal spirit alive!

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1. What criteria were used to select the Top 10 Best Metal Music Podcasts on Spotify?

  • The selection process involved considering several factors, including podcast popularity, content quality, listener reviews, diversity of metal genres covered, interviews with renowned metal personalities, and relevance within the metal music community.

2. Are these podcasts free to listen to on Spotify?

  • Yes, all the mentioned podcasts are available for free streaming on Spotify. Users can access these podcasts without any subscription fees, although they might encounter occasional ads depending on their Spotify account type.

3. Can I access these podcasts outside of Spotify?

  • As of the article’s publication, these podcasts are exclusive to Spotify. However, some podcast creators might make select episodes available on other platforms or their websites.

4. Are these podcasts suitable for both hardcore metal fans and newcomers to the genre?

  • Absolutely! These podcasts cater to a wide audience, from die-hard metalheads seeking in-depth discussions to newcomers eager to explore the diverse world of metal music. The podcasts cover various sub-genres, making them accessible and enjoyable for all levels of metal enthusiasts.

5. How frequently are new episodes released on these podcasts?

  • The frequency of new episodes varies across the podcasts. While some may release episodes weekly, others might have a bi-weekly or monthly schedule. It’s recommended to follow these podcasts on Spotify to receive notifications for new releases.

6. Can I interact with the hosts or participate in discussions related to these podcasts?

  • Many podcast creators encourage listener engagement. Some podcasts have dedicated social media platforms, email addresses, or community forums where listeners can interact, share opinions, suggest topics, and sometimes even participate in discussions.

7. Do these podcasts offer exclusive content or interviews with famous metal musicians?

  • Yes, several podcasts on the list feature exclusive interviews with renowned metal musicians, industry insiders, and personalities. They often provide insights into the artists’ lives, music creation processes, and the overall metal music scene.

8. Can I download episodes for offline listening on Spotify?

  • Spotify’s premium subscription allows users to download episodes for offline listening. However, this feature might not be available for free Spotify users. Check Spotify’s subscription options for more details on offline listening capabilities.

9. Will the list of Top 10 Best Metal Music Podcasts on Spotify be updated in the future?

  • The landscape of podcasts is dynamic, and new ones emerge while existing ones evolve. Updates to the list may occur based on the emergence of noteworthy podcasts or significant changes within the existing ones.

10. How can I support these podcasts and the metal music community on Spotify?

  • You can support these podcasts by subscribing, leaving positive reviews, sharing episodes on social media, engaging with the content, and spreading the word to fellow metal music enthusiasts. Your support helps these podcasts thrive and contributes to the vibrant metal community on Spotify.

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