Top 10 Best Human Trafficking Podcasts: Shedding Light and Empowering Change


Human trafficking remains an insidious global issue that demands attention, awareness, and action. Podcasts have emerged as powerful tools for education, advocacy, and storytelling, offering a platform for survivors, experts, and activists to share their experiences and insights. If you’re seeking informative and impactful content on this critical subject, Spotify hosts a plethora of exceptional podcasts dedicated to exploring and combating human trafficking. Here are the top 10 best human trafficking podcasts on Spotify that you must tune into:

Top 10 Best Human Trafficking Podcasts

Ending Human Trafficking Podcast

The “Ending Human Trafficking Podcast” by The Global Center for Women and Justice has been a pivotal resource since its inception in April 2011, having surpassed a landmark of 160 episodes by January 2018. Embracing the mantra of “Study the Issues. Be a voice. Make a difference,” this podcast prioritizes informed discussions to empower listeners. Recognized by the National Family and Youth Services Clearinghouse as an invaluable resource for gaining comprehensive knowledge on human trafficking, it serves as an educational platform for students, community leaders, and government officials. With a diverse global audience, this podcast fosters a united community committed to combatting human exploitation

Emancipation Nation

Emancipation Nation (EN) Podcast stands as a dedicated platform empowering advocates and aspiring activists in the battle against diverse forms of human trafficking. This podcast hosts successful guests who share invaluable insights and practical information to equip the audience with actionable best practices. With a commitment to offering competent strategies, Emancipation Nation ensures its listeners receive expert guidance and actionable steps toward combating human trafficking effectively.


Listeners tuning in to the Emancipation Nation Podcast gain access to a wealth of firsthand experiences and expert advice. By bringing forth successful guests, the podcast delivers practical, implementable information, empowering advocates to make a tangible impact in the fight against various forms of human trafficking. Join the conversation on EN to gain valuable insights and become a more effective advocate against this critical issue.

Human Trafficking True Crime

Experience the gripping narratives of human trafficking survivors on the ‘Human Trafficking True Crime’ podcast. Delving into the poignant stories of victims and survivors, this weekly series is dedicated to shedding light on the harrowing realities of human trafficking. Each episode is a compelling exploration of true crime, offering listeners a closer look at the experiences of those affected while ensuring that victims and survivors have the final say—the Last Word. Join this podcast to immerse yourself in these powerful tales and gain a deeper understanding of the impact of human trafficking.


The Ugly Truth About The Girl Next Door

In this podcast the compelling narrative of “The Ugly Truth About The Girl Next Door,” uncovering the harrowing story of a suburban girl subjected to trafficking and sexual exploitation from an alarmingly young age, starting before she turned six. This gripping podcast sheds light on the tragic realities faced by a middle-class girl, offering profound insights into the dark world of trafficking. Join this poignant journey to understand the complexities and long-lasting impact of exploitation, amplifying the urgent need to combat such atrocities. Tune in to explore this crucial narrative, igniting awareness and advocating for change in the fight against human trafficking.

Talk For Freedom

Explore the stark realities of Human Trafficking through ‘Talk For Freedom,’ a compelling podcast shedding light on this pervasive issue while spotlighting individuals actively working towards its eradication. Delve into in-depth discussions that uncover the harsh truths surrounding Human Trafficking, narrated with a focus on the stories of survivors, experts, and advocates. Join the movement to end exploitation and learn from insightful conversations that inspire action and awareness. Tune in to ‘Talk For Freedom’ and become part of the solution against this global crisis.


Red X Podcast: Ending Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery

The Red X Podcast is a beacon of change, dedicated to eradicating the scourge of sex and labor trafficking across North America. Through powerful discussions and insights, this podcast aims to engage listeners in the critical mission to end these exploitative trades. By fostering collaboration with local municipalities and organizations, the Red X Podcast empowers individuals to actively contribute to creating safe havens for their communities. Moreover, it advocates for establishing an inhospitable environment for criminals involved in trafficking while extending support to victims and survivors, offering them a renewed chance at life. Tune in to join this movement, become informed, and be part of the solution to combat human trafficking and modern slavery.

Crusader Foundation Observations

Discover the unfiltered truth about the ongoing battle against human trafficking in the United States through the ‘Crusader Foundation Observations’ podcast. Gain raw insights from the front lines as this podcast unveils the stark realities and challenges faced in the fight against modern-day slavery. Delve deep into firsthand observations, shedding light on the harsh truths and efforts underway to combat human trafficking within the country. Tune in to this compelling podcast for an unvarnished look at the relentless pursuit of justice and freedom from exploitation on American soil.


Trafficked with Mariana van Zeller

The gripping narratives of the hidden world through the podcast ‘Trafficked with Mariana van Zeller,’ a riveting companion to National Geographic’s acclaimed investigative series. In its second season, award-winning journalist Mariana van Zeller delves deep into the clandestine realms of illegal trades, exploring the underbelly of black markets and shadow economies. Unveiling stories behind illegal plastic surgery, methamphetamine labs fuelling America’s addiction crisis, and a global marijuana smuggling empire orchestrated by high school surfers, each episode exposes the masterminds at the core of these operations. Hear firsthand accounts of their journeys into the shadows, their motivations, and the eventual unraveling of their enterprises. Join Mariana in this immersive exploration of the underworld. Don’t miss out on the compelling TV series, ‘Trafficked with Mariana van Zeller,’ available on National Geographic and Hulu.

UNSEEN: The Trafficked Truth Podcast

Delve into the harrowing truth of sex trafficking with ‘UNSEEN: The Trafficked Truth’ podcast. Experience raw, authentic stories straight from survivors and delve into the narratives of victims, often overlooked by mainstream media. This podcast shines a light on commercially sexually exploited individuals, offering untold accounts and raising awareness about this pervasive issue. Through these unheard voices, the podcast aims not only to unveil the hidden realities but also to educate skeptics or disbelievers about the alarming growth of this epidemic


I Dare You – A Podcast by United Against Human Trafficking

I Dare You – A Podcast by United Against Human Trafficking” stands as a beacon for those committed to effecting enduring change in the battle against human trafficking. This compelling podcast serves as a rallying point for individuals eager to make a difference. Featuring insightful discussions, impactful interviews, and empowering narratives, it equips listeners with the knowledge, tools, and motivation to engage actively in combating human trafficking. From expert analyses to survivor testimonials, this podcast offers a comprehensive understanding of the issue, empowering listeners to take meaningful action in the fight against modern-day slavery. Tune in and be inspired to join the movement for a world free from exploitation.

Each of these podcasts offers a unique perspective, from survivor stories to policy discussions, empowering listeners to become advocates in the fight against human trafficking. By tuning in, you contribute to the crucial dialogue and efforts to end this heinous crime.



In conclusion, these top 10 best human trafficking podcasts on Spotify serve as powerful resources for education, inspiration, and action. It’s time to lend an ear, spread awareness, and join the movement towards ending human trafficking. Together, we can make a difference and create a world where exploitation has no place.

Remember, your listenership matters, and by supporting these podcasts, you play a pivotal role in the collective mission to eradicate human trafficking from our communities and beyond. Take a stand, listen, learn, and act for a future where every individual lives free from exploitation.


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Q1: Why should I listen to podcasts about human trafficking?

A1: Podcasts offer a unique platform to hear firsthand accounts from survivors, gain insights from experts, and stay informed about the complexities of human trafficking. They empower listeners to understand the issue better, identify signs, and contribute to the fight against exploitation.

Q2: How can these podcasts help in combating human trafficking?

A2: These podcasts serve as educational tools, providing information on prevention, legal aspects, survivor stories, and global efforts to stop human trafficking. By raising awareness and fostering dialogue, they inspire action and advocacy against this crime.

Q3: Are these podcasts suitable for everyone, including survivors or those affected by trafficking?

A3: Yes, many of these podcasts approach the subject with sensitivity and care. They may include trigger warnings and provide resources for support. However, individual experiences may vary, so it’s essential to choose content that feels appropriate and supportive for personal healing and understanding.

Q4: How can I access these recommended podcasts?

A4: These podcasts are available on Spotify, a popular streaming platform. You can access them through the Spotify app on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Simply search for the podcast title in the app’s search bar and start listening.

Q5: Are these podcasts regularly updated with new episodes?

A5: Podcasts often release new episodes on a regular schedule, but the frequency may vary for each show. Some may have weekly updates, while others might release episodes monthly or irregularly. Checking the podcast’s description or website can provide information about their release schedule.

Q6: Can I get involved or support the cause against human trafficking through these podcasts?

A6: Absolutely! Many of these podcasts provide information about organizations, campaigns, and ways to get involved in anti-trafficking efforts. They often encourage listeners to donate, volunteer, or take specific actions to support the cause.

Q7: Are there any age restrictions for listening to these podcasts?

A7: While most podcasts aim to be informative and suitable for a general audience, some episodes may contain mature themes or discussions. Parental discretion is advised, and it’s recommended to review the podcast’s content or listen beforehand if sharing with younger audiences.

Q8: How can I stay updated on new podcasts or episodes related to human trafficking?

A8: To stay informed about new podcasts or episodes on human trafficking, consider subscribing to the podcasts you find intriguing. Additionally, following anti-trafficking organizations, activists, or advocates on social media platforms can lead you to discover new podcast recommendations and discussions on this topic.

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