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In the ever-expanding world of podcasts, there’s a treasure trove of audio content awaiting your discovery. If you’re a fan of all things French, whether it’s the language, culture, or cuisine, you’re in for a treat! We’ve scoured the virtual airwaves to bring you a handpicked selection of the Top 10 Best French Podcasts on Spotify. From language learning to cultural insights and inspiring stories, these podcasts have something for every Francophile and curious mind. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of captivating French podcasts.

Top 10 Best French Podcasts on Spotify

Les actus du jour – Hugo Décrypte

In “Les Actus du Jour – Hugo Décrypte,” host HugoDécrypte brings you the latest news summarized and explained in just ten minutes. If you’re seeking a quick, insightful, and concise way to stay informed about the world’s current events, this podcast is your go-to source. From politics to technology, entertainment to global affairs, HugoDécrypte provides an engaging and informative daily news update that’s perfect for the busy, modern listener. Tune in regularly to get a clear and comprehensive understanding of the most important happenings, all conveniently served in a ten-minute dose. This podcast is proudly hosted by Acast, ensuring top-notch audio quality and accessibility for your listening pleasure.

Thread Horreur

This podcast promises a spine-tingling journey through the world of horror stories, where each tale is more chilling than the last. If you’re a fan of the macabre and love a good scare, this is the podcast for you. Join the host on a hair-raising adventure into the darkest corners of storytelling. Don’t miss out; tune in now for a pulse-pounding experience!


La Table Ovale

Hosted by the legendary YouTube duo, Mcfly & Carlito, “La Table Ovale” is where riveting, unfiltered, and in-depth discussions unfold. Gather around this oval table each month exclusively on Spotify for a unique and engaging experience.

In this podcast, Mcfly & Carlito bring their signature charm and legendary camaraderie to the audio world, offering listeners a front-row seat to their thought-provoking conversations. With fresh content every month, this podcast promises to keep you entertained and enlightened. Join them at the table and be part of the conversation that’s taking the audio world by storm.



In the vibrant world of podcasts, ‘LEGEND’ stands out as a unique gem. Whether they’re celebrities or unsung heroes, ‘LEGEND’ offers a platform for individuals with extraordinary life journeys to share their compelling stories.

Every week, ‘LEGEND’ brings you three new captivating interviews, each offering a glimpse into the incredible experiences of the people behind the stories. From the famous to the everyday person, these episodes promise inspiration, insight, and a deeper understanding of the exceptional lives that others lead. Tune in each week to uncover a world of remarkable narratives in podcast form.


Heure Miroir

Step into the world of restless thoughts and sleepless nights with the captivating podcast, “Heure Miroir.” We’ve all experienced those moments when our minds refuse to quiet down, and insomnia feels inevitable. Hosted by a compassionate guide, this podcast delves deep into the internal musings that keep us awake.

“Heure Miroir” tackles the worries, doubts, and questions we all have about our lives. Through thoughtful narration and introspection, the host skillfully transforms these sleepless hours into opportunities for reflection and personal growth. With every episode, listeners are invited to navigate their innermost thoughts, turning moments of restlessness into avenues for self-discovery.


So, take a deep breath and relax as “Heure Miroir” promises a comforting journey through the labyrinth of your mind. Embrace the chance to explore your thoughts and emerge stronger on the other side. Rest assured, this podcast is your companion during those challenging nights, offering solace and insight as you navigate the intricate landscape of your thoughts.

L’Heure du Monde

Are you looking for a way to stay informed about the latest news, but want a fresh perspective? Look no further than “L’Heure du Monde.” Airing every weekday, this podcast takes the most pressing current affairs topics and unravels them, all with the expertise of a journalist from the renowned Le Monde editorial team.


In a world that’s constantly evolving, it’s crucial to grasp the significance of daily news. “L’Heure du Monde” provides a reliable source for understanding the world’s most important stories. Tune in every weekday and let the experts from Le Monde guide you through the day’s key events. It’s like having a personal journalist to decode the news, making sure you’re always in the know.

Jardin soSecret

Tune into the enchanting world of ‘Jardin soSecret’ hosted by Mia, also known as Socharmante on social media. Every Sunday, Mia takes us on a journey through profound topics in episodes that inspire personal growth, well-being, and femininity. In this podcast, you’ll explore the depths of self-discovery, cultivating the beauty of your own secret garden. Mia’s soothing voice guides listeners on a path to uncovering their inner beauty and embracing charm with grace and confidence. Whether you’re seeking inspiration for personal development or simply looking for a comforting voice to accompany your Sunday, ‘Jardin soSecret’ is a delightful oasis of wisdom and empowerment


Sip & Gossip

If you’re seeking a delightful escape into a world of untold stories and hushed confessions, ‘Sip & Gossip’ is your perfect companion. Hosted by the charming Maghla, this podcast takes you on a journey through a treasure trove of hidden secrets, whispered tales, and unspoken confidences. As you tune in, you’ll find yourself immersed in a world where the juiciest secrets are revealed, and hushed whispers become audible conversations. ‘Sip & Gossip’ creates a safe and welcoming space for listeners to share and connect through the power of storytelling. With Maghla’s warm and inviting presence, you’ll feel like you’re sipping a cup of tea with a close friend while exchanging the most intriguing tales. So, pour yourself a beverage, settle in, and get ready for an enthralling journey through the world of unspoken secrets on ‘Sip & Gossip.

Nos Mémoires

If you’re a history enthusiast or simply curious about the intricate interplay between past and present, “Nos Mémoires” is a must-listen podcast. This documentary mini-series takes you on a thought-provoking journey through the contemporary echoes of French colonial history. Presented in five compelling narratives, each set in different territories – Senegal, Vietnam, Martinique, Polynesia, and Guyana – the podcast explores the complex political, environmental, and social reverberations of France’s colonial legacy.


Produced as an original series by Spotify in collaboration with L’Officine, “Nos Mémoires” is a treasure trove of historical insights. Written by the talented Karfa Diallo, Léa Mormin-Chauvac, Lauriane Nembrot, Louis Raymond, and Titaua Peu, this podcast delves into stories that bring the past to life in a contemporary context. Hosted by Thibaud Delavigne, “Nos Mémoires” promises a fascinating and enlightening exploration of French colonial history, making it a valuable addition to your podcast playlist.

La Maladie d’amour

In the enchanting world of podcasts, “La Maladie d’amour” stands out as a captivating gem, delving into the intricacies of love and human connections. Hosted by the talented Camélia Jordana, this documentary-style podcast is an adaptation of the beloved series “Irrésistible,” a romantic comedy comprising six enthralling episodes.

Produced in collaboration by Louie Media and Jour Premier, “La Maladie d’amour” takes its listeners on an emotional journey, unraveling the mysteries of love and decoding the complexities of romantic relationships. What sets this podcast apart is its unique perspective, allowing listeners to explore the nuances of love through real-life stories and heartfelt conversations.

This exceptional podcast experience is made possible by the generous support of Bumble, the pioneering dating app where women take the first step. Through “La Maladie d’amour,” listeners are offered a profound exploration of love, relationships, and the human heart, making it a must-listen for anyone seeking genuine insights into the world of amour. Tune in and let the magic of “La Maladie d’amour” enchant your ears and soul.


Whether you’re a language learner, a Francophile, or simply looking for captivating content, these Top 10 Best French Podcasts on Spotify offer a delightful journey through the French-speaking world. From language lessons to cultural insights and compelling stories, there’s something here for everyone. So, tune in and let the beauty of the French language and culture wash over you. Happy listening!

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  1. What is the best way to access these French podcasts on Spotify?
    • To access these podcasts, simply download the Spotify app on your smartphone or visit the Spotify website on your computer. Then, search for the podcast title in the Spotify search bar, and you can start streaming them for free.
  2. Are these podcasts suitable for French language learners, or are they more for advanced speakers?
    • These podcasts cater to a wide range of language learners, from beginners to advanced speakers. Some, like “Coffee Break French,” are designed specifically for learners, while others, like “Les Couilles sur la Table,” are excellent for advanced speakers interested in deep conversations.
  3. Are these podcasts only in French, or do they offer English translations as well?
    • Most of these podcasts are primarily in French to provide an immersive language experience. However, some, like “Duolingo French Podcast,” include English translations or explanations to help learners understand the content.
  4. Do I need to pay for a Spotify Premium subscription to listen to these podcasts?
    • No, you can listen to these podcasts for free on Spotify. While a Spotify Premium subscription offers additional features like offline listening and no ads, it’s not required to access and enjoy these French podcasts.
  5. Are there other French podcasts available on Spotify apart from the top 10 listed here?
    • Yes, there is a wide variety of French podcasts available on Spotify. These top 10 are just a selection of some of the best ones. You can explore more by searching for specific topics or interests on the Spotify platform.
  6. Can I download these podcasts for offline listening?
    • If you have a Spotify Premium subscription, you can download these podcasts for offline listening. Free Spotify users can stream them online.
  7. Are there podcasts in this list suitable for people interested in French culture and travel?
    • Yes, podcasts like “The Earful Tower” and “Paris: The Great Saga” are perfect for those interested in French culture and travel. They offer insights into French life, traditions, and hidden gems in Paris.
  8. Do any of these podcasts focus on specific regions in France, or are they more broadly about the French language and culture?
    • Some of these podcasts, like “The Earful Tower,” delve into specific regions, particularly Paris. Others, such as “French Voices Podcast,” offer a broader exploration of French culture and the lives of people from various regions.
  9. Are these podcasts regularly updated with new content?
    • Yes, most of these podcasts are updated regularly with new episodes. It’s a good idea to subscribe to your favorites to receive notifications of new content.
  10. Can I suggest a French podcast for inclusion in future lists or reviews?
    • Certainly! We’re always open to recommendations and would love to hear about your favorite French podcasts. Feel free to contact us through our website or social media channels with your suggestions.

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