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In a world where movement becomes an art form, choreography stands as the heartbeat of dance. Whether you’re a budding choreographer seeking inspiration or a dance enthusiast eager to delve into the creative process behind captivating movements, the realm of podcasts offers an immersive avenue to explore this dynamic world. Embark on a rhythmic journey as we unveil the best Choreography Podcasts on Spotify, meticulously curated to satiate your passion for movement, creativity, and the art of choreography.

Top 10 Best Choreography Podcasts on Spotify

The Dance Podcast

Discover the compelling essence of the dance world with ‘The Dance Podcast.’ Delve into a series of inspiring interviews featuring some of North America’s most accomplished dancers, where big dreams, setbacks, and genuine conversations unfold. This podcast is a treasure trove of insights designed to motivate, unite, and empower aspiring dancers navigating their careers within the industry. Join the journey, gain inspiration, and connect with the stories that resonate deeply within the hearts of those pursuing a passion for dance.

Conversations on Dance

“Conversations on Dance” holds its prestigious spot as the foremost dance podcast on Apple Podcasts, showcasing riveting conversations hosted by former luminaries of the Miami City Ballet, Rebecca King Ferraro, and Michael Sean Breeden. Dive into their weekly rendezvous, delving deep into the diverse facets of the dance sphere. These engaging discussions span a wide spectrum, covering training methodologies, choreographic innovations, invaluable career counsel, musical influences, dance history, and an array of other captivating subjects. Embark on an enlightening journey through the intricacies of dance, guided by these seasoned hosts and their distinguished guests, delivering a rich tapestry of insights and expertise from within the dance world’s inner circle.


Movers & Shapers: A Dance Podcast

Dive into the captivating world of dance with ‘Movers & Shapers: A Dance Podcast.’ Hosted by Erin Carlisle Norton, Artistic Director of The Moving Architects, this podcast unveils personal stories and insights from influential figures shaping the dance realm. Discover a tapestry of experiences, ideas, and journeys shared by prominent personalities within the dance field. With new episodes releasing every other Monday, listeners gain access to a treasure trove of inspiration, making this podcast a must-listen for enthusiasts, aspiring dancers, and choreographers seeking to unravel the intricate layers of the dance world.

Kinetic Conversations with the Fort Wayne Ballet

“Kinetic Conversations with the Fort Wayne Ballet” is an engaging interview-style podcast crafted by the esteemed Fort Wayne Ballet and the Auer Academy. Delve into the captivating world of dance as this podcast unfolds the rich tapestry of dance artistry and history. Explore the intricate workings behind nurturing a professional ballet company, accompanied by insightful discussions that highlight the beauty and depth of this expressive art form.


Hosted by the dynamic duo, Jim Sparrow and Karen Gibbons-Brown, “Kinetic Conversations” invites listeners to an enlightening journey through the realms of ballet. Produced in collaboration with John Dawkins and Wayneshout Productions, this podcast promises a blend of expertise and creativity. With original theme music by John Dawkins, this podcast offers a harmonious symphony of knowledge and passion for ballet enthusiasts and anyone intrigued by the art of dance.

Line Dance Podcast

Dive into the world of line dance with the Line Dance Podcast, hosted by Christopher Gonzalez and Megan Barsuglia. This podcast offers a comprehensive exploration of line dancing, featuring insightful interviews with prominent figures within the line dance community. Discover how line dance acts as a catalyst, igniting creativity, instilling confidence, fostering fitness, enhancing memory, and elevating overall quality of life. Join the hosts as they delve into the vibrant realm of line dancing, unveiling its multifaceted benefits and celebrating its profound impact.


City Ballet The Podcast

“City Ballet The Podcast” invites listeners on an enchanting exploration into the vibrant world of the New York City Ballet. Delving deep into the illustrious history and captivating repertoire, this podcast offers insider insights and captivating anecdotes. Season after season, the podcast unveils a trio of engaging topics: “New Combinations,” hosted by the Associate Artistic Director Wendy Whelan, provides a window into innovative creations. “Hear the Dance,” led by former NYCB dancer and dance educator Silas Farley, promises an intimate exploration of the choreographic world. Meanwhile, “See the Music,” hosted by Music Director Andrew Litton, unveils the enthralling symbiosis between movement and musical compositions. Join this enthralling journey through the podcast’s episodes, where the rich tapestry of New York City Ballet’s legacy intertwines with behind-the-scenes revelations and artistic brilliance.

Feel the pulse of New York City Ballet’s artistry through “City Ballet The Podcast.” Immerse yourself in the essence of each season’s thematic exploration, guided by industry luminaries. From Wendy Whelan’s deep dives into fresh choreographic endeavors to Silas Farley’s nuanced perspectives on dance as an art form and Andrew Litton’s insights into the harmonious union of movement and music, this podcast offers a captivating odyssey through the heart and soul of ballet. Tune in for an enchanting blend of history, innovation, and the sheer artistry that defines the esteemed New York City Ballet.


Pathways to Perform

“Pathways to Perform with Kiesha Lalama” spotlights the inspirational journey of Kiesha Lalama, an acclaimed choreographer, educator, and mentor revered by countless aspiring talents. Renowned for her extraordinary choreography showcased on diverse platforms, including Broadway’s prestigious Jimmy Awards, the film “Perks of Being a Wallflower,” and performances with esteemed dance troupes like Dayton Contemporary Dance Company, Giordano Dance Chicago, and Dance Kaleidoscope. As a beacon of purpose-driven living, Kiesha orchestrates insightful interviews, delving into the authentic narratives of individuals, fostering pathways for peak performance across various fields. Holding the esteemed role of a Professor at Point Park University’s Conservatory of Performing Arts Dance Department and serving as the Director of Community Engagement for the Pittsburgh CLO, Kiesha Lalama empowers audiences with her wisdom while balancing her roles as a devoted mother to her two incredible sons, Jake and Jax.

The Background Dancer

Explore the multifaceted world of dance and performing arts with “The Background Dancer” podcast. Hosted by Jason Yap, this podcast delves into crucial elements that shape the industry, covering diverse topics such as management, entrepreneurship, education, technology, fashion, choreography, politics, media, and wellness. With a bi-weekly release schedule, Jason Yap provides a wealth of intriguing insights, preparing listeners for a career beyond the spotlight while enriching their understanding of offstage dynamics.


Jason Yap, a dance artist, multidisciplinary producer, and psychology graduate, offers a unique perspective, infusing psychology’s principles into the performing arts. Engage in intimate conversations with dance enthusiasts from Asia, Europe, and the US, gaining firsthand experiences and invaluable practices. Discover the interconnectedness of disciplines and the holistic ecosystem that defines the performing arts, exploring the concept of multiplicity and the amalgamation of various elements contributing to a greater whole.

Join “The Background Dancer” to foreground dance in your life and uncover the intricate layers that shape the vibrant world of performing arts.


Dance Matters Podcast

Dive into the captivating world of dance with the ‘Dance Matters Podcast,’ a compelling series that delves deep into all facets of the dance universe. Join engaging interviews featuring prominent dancers, passionate dance instructors, and key contributors within the dance industry. This podcast serves as a unifying force, aiming to unite and empower the vibrant dance community. Discover insightful conversations, gain inspiration, and explore the diverse perspectives shaping the realm of dance through this immersive podcast experience.

Bluebells Forever Podcast

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Bluebell dancers through the captivating Bluebells Forever Podcast. Hosted by Sheri Lewis, this podcast takes you on a mesmerizing journey, featuring exclusive interviews with both past and present Bluebell dancers. Recognized for their towering presence, elegance, and exceptional dance techniques, these elite performers have left an indelible mark in the world of dance.


Originating in the 1930s with their debut performance in Follies Bergere, spearheaded by the visionary Margaret Kelly, fondly known as Miss Bluebell, this group of iconic dancers expanded their artistry to prestigious stages like the Lido de Paris and the Moulin Rouge. Miss Bluebell’s legacy continued to flourish across decades, offering unparalleled opportunities to dancers in renowned locations such as Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, Hong Kong, Reno, and various touring shows. While the glamour and travel that once defined this era have diminished, the Lido de Paris proudly preserves the essence of Bluebell dancers, keeping alive the legacy and history of the showgirl in an era that has largely evolved away from these traditions. Join the Bluebells Forever Podcast to uncover the rich heritage and fascinating tales behind these legendary performers.

Whether you’re a dance aficionado or simply intrigued by the world of choreography, these podcasts promise to enrich your understanding and appreciation for the craft.


The best Choreography Podcasts on Spotify stand as an ode to the power of movement, offering a gateway to the soulful and diverse world of dance. Immerse yourself in these captivating podcasts, and let the rhythm guide you through the enchanting universe of choreography.

Tune in, dance along, and unlock the stories behind the steps. Discover the magic that lies within the graceful art of choreography—all at your fingertips on Spotify.


1. What are Choreography Podcasts, and why should I listen to them?

Choreography Podcasts are audio shows that delve into the world of dance, focusing on the art, techniques, and stories behind choreographed movements. Listening to these podcasts offers valuable insights into the creative process, inspiration for budding choreographers, and a deeper appreciation for the art of dance.

2. How can Choreography Podcasts benefit aspiring dancers or choreographers?

These podcasts serve as educational resources, providing aspiring dancers and choreographers with a wealth of knowledge. They offer inspiration, practical tips, discussions on different dance styles, and interviews with experienced choreographers, allowing listeners to learn about the technical and emotional aspects of choreography.

3. Are these Choreography Podcasts suitable for non-dancers or individuals new to the dance world?

Absolutely! While these podcasts cater to dance enthusiasts and professionals, they are designed to be accessible and engaging for everyone. They offer a fascinating look into the creative process, the stories behind iconic dance routines, and discussions about the cultural significance of choreography.

4. How can I access these Choreography Podcasts on Spotify?

To access these podcasts on Spotify, simply open the Spotify app on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Navigate to the “Podcasts” section and use the search bar to look for the specific podcast titles mentioned in the article. You can then listen to episodes directly through the app.

5. Are these Choreography Podcasts available worldwide on Spotify?

Podcast availability can vary based on geographical regions on the Spotify platform. While many podcasts are accessible globally, some may have restrictions in certain countries or regions. It’s recommended to check your local Spotify listings to ensure the availability of the mentioned podcasts in your area.

6. Can I expect diverse content from these Choreography Podcasts?

Yes, the recommended podcasts offer a diverse range of content. From interviews with renowned choreographers to discussions about different dance styles, techniques, and the cultural significance of choreography, these podcasts cover a wide array of topics, ensuring a rich and varied listening experience.

7. Are there any costs associated with listening to these Choreography Podcasts on Spotify?

Access to podcasts on Spotify is generally free. However, some podcasts might offer premium content or ad-free listening through subscription services like Spotify Premium. The specific pricing and availability of premium features may vary based on your subscription plan.

8. Can I find new episodes regularly on these Choreography Podcasts?

Most Choreography Podcasts release new episodes on a regular basis, providing fresh content to their audience. It’s advisable to subscribe to these podcasts on Spotify to receive notifications or updates whenever new episodes are released.

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