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In the vast landscape of podcasts, “Not Skinny But Not Fat” stands out as a beacon of wit, humor, and unfiltered commentary. Hosted by the vivacious Amanda Hirsch, this podcast has taken the entertainment world by storm, dishing out hot takes on everything from celebrity gossip to pop culture phenomena. In this article, we’ll delve into what makes “Not Skinny But Not Fat” a must-listen and explore the reasons why it’s become a favorite among podcast enthusiasts.

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A Glimpse into the Podcast’s Essence

At the heart of “Not Skinny But Not Fat” is Amanda Hirsch, a charismatic host known for her candid and relatable style. The podcast’s unique charm lies in Amanda’s ability to share her unapologetic opinions on entertainment news and celebrities, creating an engaging and authentic listening experience. The focus keyword, “not skinny but not fat podcast,” reflects the podcast’s commitment to embracing all body types and promoting body positivity.

Hot Takes on Entertainment News

Amanda’s hot takes on the latest in entertainment news are a major draw for listeners. Whether it’s dissecting the latest celebrity scandal or offering insightful commentary on pop culture trends, “Not Skinny But Not Fat” keeps its audience hooked with relevant and timely content. The podcast has successfully carved a niche for itself by fearlessly tackling the juiciest stories in the entertainment industry.


A Personal Touch

What sets this podcast apart is Amanda’s knack for creating a personal connection with her audience. Listeners feel like they’re catching up with a friend over coffee as Amanda shares her thoughts on the latest happenings. The focus keyword, “Amanda not skinny but not fat,” reflects the personal brand that Amanda has built around the podcast, making it a name synonymous with authenticity and relatability.

Interviewing Your Faves

Another exciting aspect of “Not Skinny But Not Fat” is the lineup of celebrity interviews. Amanda brings a fresh and conversational approach to her interviews, extracting intriguing insights from her guests. This not only adds variety to the podcast but also offers listeners a chance to connect with their favorite celebrities on a more personal level.


“Not Skinny But Not Fat Podcast Review: A Candid Dive into Entertainment’s Heartbeat”

In the vast sea of podcasts, “Not Skinny But Not Fat” emerges as a refreshing tide, offering a candid and unfiltered take on entertainment news, celebrities, and pop culture. Hosted by the charismatic Amanda Hirsch, this podcast has quickly become a fan favorite for its genuine and relatable approach. With a focus on inclusivity and body positivity, Amanda’s witty commentary on the latest happenings in the entertainment industry resonates with a diverse audience.

In each episode, Amanda dives headfirst into the juiciest celebrity scandals and pop culture phenomena, delivering hot takes that keep listeners eagerly tuning in. What sets this podcast apart is the personal touch Amanda brings to the table, making her audience feel like they’re catching up with a close friend. The interviews with celebrities add an extra layer of excitement, providing fans with an insider’s look into the lives of their favorite stars. With its unique blend of humor, authenticity, and insightful commentary, “Not Skinny But Not Fat” is not just a podcast; it’s a captivating journey into the heartbeat of the entertainment world. Embrace the laughter, the realness, and the unapologetic charm – this podcast is a delightful escape for anyone seeking an entertaining and genuine audio experience.


Cultural Zeitgeist: A Snapshot of ‘Not Skinny But Not Fat’ Podcast Summary

In the ever-evolving landscape of podcasts, “Not Skinny But Not Fat” emerges as a compelling voice, resonating with enthusiasts of entertainment, pop culture, and candid conversations. Hosted by the charismatic Amanda Hirsch, this podcast captures the essence of the current cultural zeitgeist. With a focus on the keyword “not skinny but not fat podcast,” Amanda takes her audience on an engaging journey through the latest in celebrity gossip and pop culture phenomena, offering a refreshing blend of humor, authenticity, and unfiltered commentary.

In each episode, Amanda shares her hot takes on the most talked-about news, creating an intimate atmosphere that feels like catching up with a close friend. The focus keyword “Amanda not skinny but not fat” reflects the personal brand she has cultivated, contributing to the podcast’s unique charm. Seamlessly integrating key phrases into the podcast summary optimizes its SEO potential, ensuring that this cultural gem reaches a broader audience, eager to explore the world of entertainment through Amanda’s unapologetic lens. So, whether you’re a dedicated podcast aficionado or a casual listener, “Not Skinny But Not Fat” promises an authentic and entertaining dive into the heart of contemporary cultural discourse.


Best Episodes of “Not Skinny But Not Fat” Podcast

As avid podcast enthusiasts continue to seek engaging and insightful content, “Not Skinny But Not Fat” stands out as a beacon of entertainment, tackling everything from celebrity gossip to personal stories. In this article, we’ll explore the top episodes of January 2024, offering a glimpse into the podcast’s diverse and captivating content.

DateEpisode NumberTitleSummaryDuration
JAN 16, 2024255THE BREAKUP W/ SAM FEHERSummer + Winter House’s Sam Feher opens up about her breakup with Kory Keefer. Listeners get an exclusive insight into the who, what, when, why, and where of the breakup, along with revelations about Winter House dynamics.1 hr 3 min
JAN 9, 2024254THIS IS MANDY MOOREMandy Moore, beloved for her roles in “This Is Us” and “A Walk to Remember,” shares her journey from acting to motherhood. Delve into Mandy’s experiences filming iconic movies and TV shows, including insights into her postpartum filming.58 min
JAN 2, 2024253FRANCESCA FARAGO IS A NEW WOMANFrancesca Farago returns to the podcast after a year, providing updates on her life, engagement, and plans for the future. Explore her thoughts on Netflix’s portrayal and her take on a rumored relationship from Dancing With the Stars.55 min
DEC 26, 2023252DANIELLE OLIVERA ON LINDSAY/CARL, WINTER HOUSE HOOKUP & HER NEW MANDanielle Olivera spills the tea on Winter House dynamics, discussing her fling with Alex, a new Bravolebrity relationship, and her perspective on the Lindsay and Carl breakup.56 min
DEC 19, 2023251SOUTHERN CHARM’S OLIVIA FLOWERS ON HER OWN SCANDOVALOlivia Flowers of Southern Charm opens up about her unique reality TV journey, addressing love triangles, loss, and her grounded approach to being in the limelight.50 min
DEC 12, 2023250RITA F**KING ORA IS HERERita Ora, the pop icon, takes center stage as she discusses her career, married life with Taika Waititi, quirky interests, and more. Discover the stories behind the hits and headlines in this captivating episode.53 min

“Not Skinny But Not Fat” continues to deliver top-notch content, providing listeners with a mix of celebrity interviews, personal stories, and unfiltered insights into the lives of public figures. The January 2024 episodes, in particular, offer a diverse range of topics, from breakups and engagements to career journeys and reality TV revelations. Tune in to these episodes for a captivating listening experience that transcends the ordinary, and join the podcast’s ever-growing community of fans.



“Not Skinny But Not Fat” has undoubtedly earned its spot in the podcast hall of fame. With Amanda Hirsch at the helm, this podcast offers a refreshing blend of humor, authenticity, and celebrity insights. By embracing the focus keywords strategically, we can ensure that more listeners discover the charm of this podcast. So, if you’re on the lookout for a podcast that seamlessly combines entertainment news with a personal touch, “Not Skinny But Not Fat” should be at the top of your must-listen list. Tune in and join Amanda on a journey through the wild and fascinating world of entertainment!

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1. What is the “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast all about?

  • “Not Skinny But Not Fat” is a podcast hosted by Amanda Hirsch, focusing on entertainment news, celebrity gossip, and pop culture. Amanda shares her candid and unfiltered opinions on various topics, creating a unique and engaging listening experience.

2. Why should I listen to the “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast?

  • The podcast offers a refreshing take on entertainment news with a personal touch. Amanda Hirsch’s authenticity, humor, and celebrity interviews make it a must-listen for those seeking a relatable and entertaining podcast experience.

3. How does Amanda Hirsch stand out as a podcast host?

  • Amanda’s charm lies in her unapologetic and relatable hosting style. Listeners appreciate her candid hot takes on trending topics, making the podcast feel like a casual conversation with a friend.

4. What does the focus keyword “not skinny but not fat” signify for the podcast?

  • The focus keyword reflects the podcast’s commitment to body positivity and inclusivity. It encapsulates the idea that everyone, regardless of their body size, can find a place in the “Not Skinny But Not Fat” community.

5. Are there celebrity interviews in the “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast?

  • Yes, the podcast features interviews with various celebrities. Amanda Hirsch brings a conversational and personal approach to these interviews, providing listeners with a unique glimpse into the lives of their favorite stars.

6. How can I optimize my search to find the “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast?

  • To enhance search engine visibility, use keywords like “Amanda not skinny but not fat” and “not skinny but not fat podcast.” Craft compelling meta titles and descriptions that accurately represent the podcast’s content, making it easier for potential listeners to discover.

7. Is the “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast suitable for all audiences?

  • The podcast caters to a broad audience interested in entertainment news, celebrity gossip, and pop culture. However, it’s advisable to check the content to ensure it aligns with personal preferences and sensitivities.

8. How frequently are new episodes released?

  • The release frequency of new episodes may vary. To stay updated, it’s recommended to subscribe to the podcast and follow Amanda Hirsch on social media for announcements and updates.

9. Can I connect with Amanda Hirsch or the podcast on social media?

  • Yes, Amanda Hirsch is active on social media platforms. You can follow her and the podcast on platforms like Instagram and Twitter for additional content, updates, and behind-the-scenes glimpses.

10. Where can I listen to the “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast?

  • The podcast is typically available on popular podcast platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and others. Check your preferred podcast platform to subscribe and start enjoying the episodes.

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