Italy’s Top 10 Most-Listened Italian Podcasts on Spotify for Free


When it comes to podcasting, Italy has embraced the medium with open arms. From thought-provoking discussions on history to food-centric shows that tantalize your taste buds, there’s a podcast for every interest. If you’re on the hunt for the best Italian podcasts on Spotify, you’re in the right place. We’ve curated a list of the top 10 most-listened podcasts in Italy, all available for free. Let’s dive in and explore the diverse world of Italian podcasting.

Italy's Top 10 Most-Listened Italian Podcasts on Spotify

The Essential

In a world where time and space are constantly shifting, and our schedules seem to shrink day by day, “The Essential” podcast steps in to keep you updated on the ever-evolving political, economic, and cultural landscape. Hosted by the knowledgeable Mia Ceran, this succinct and informative show delivers your daily dose of news in just five minutes. Each episode is meticulously curated to provide you with the most pertinent updates.

What sets “The Essential” apart is not only its brevity but also its interactivity. Mia invites you to actively participate in shaping the Saturday episode. Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions for the weekend edition directly in the comments of each Spotify episode. Stay informed, engage, and make your voice heard with “The Essential” podcast – your gateway to staying in the know without overwhelming your precious time.



“Stories” podcast takes you on a captivating journey through the world’s most intriguing narratives, shedding light on the reality that surrounds us. Hosted by Cecilia Sala, this show unveils the untold tales of both renowned and undiscovered individuals who play pivotal roles in shaping the international stage. In each episode, Cecilia’s storytelling prowess vividly paints a picture of the globe’s events, crises, and heartwarming stories.

But “Stories” is no armchair discussion; it’s an adventure that will transport you to the front lines with Cecilia. You’ll get a firsthand look at what’s happening in the world – the contexts, the challenges, and the moments that inspire hope. This thought-provoking podcast is brought to you by Chora News and produced by Chora Media, with Cecilia Sala at the helm as the writer. The editorial oversight is in the capable hands of Francesca Milano, and Simone Pieranni manages the newsroom. The sound and music, skillfully orchestrated by Luca Micheli, are both engaging and immersive. With post-production and editing by Daniele Marinello, Cosma Castellucci, and Filippo Mainardi, “Stories” promises to deliver a captivating auditory experience. The show is produced by Monica De Benedictis, and the additional music is licensed through Universal Music Publishing Ricordi Srl and Machiavelli Music. Tune in and embark on an exciting journey through the world’s most enthralling stories with “Stories” podcast


Elisa True Crime

In 2020, Elisa De Marco opened her YouTube channel, “ElisatrueCrime,” which has now garnered over 850 thousand subscribers. On this channel, she delves into chilling crime stories, unsolved mysteries, and mysterious disappearances. Her content spans from the serial killers next door to high-profile disappearances and even the macabre trends of TikTok. Fast forward to 2022, and this successful YouTube channel made its way into the world of podcasts, breaking records along the way.

In its latest season, Elisa True Crime tackles a subject close to her heart – toxic relationships. But before we jump into the latest season, let’s take a quick look at the previous ones. Season 1 delved into stories of female killers, victims, and those in search of the truth. Season 2 explored the intriguing shift of celebrities from the realms of tabloids to the dark side of crime reporting, while Season 3 unraveled the chilling narratives of the most famous and bloodthirsty American serial killers. To keep up with all the spine-tingling episodes, you can tune in to the Elisa True Crime podcast on the One Podcast app, Radio Deejay app, and all major podcast platforms. If you’re a fan of the darker mysteries in life, Elisa True Crime is the podcast you don’t want to miss.


La Zanzara

“La Zanzara” is a captivating podcast hosted by Giuseppe Cruciani and David Parenzo, offering a refreshing take on current affairs without any taboos, censorship, or sugar-coating of opinions. It’s a true no-holds-barred zone for listeners, a space that defies banality and political correctness. This podcast serves as an arena where the first commandment is crystal-clear communication. In a world often filled with filtered information, “La Zanzara” stands as a beacon of unfiltered, candid discussions, making it a must-listen for those who appreciate open and honest dialogue on a wide range of topics.

Giuseppe Cruciani and David Parenzo’s hosting synergy is apparent in every episode, creating an engaging atmosphere that pulls you in from the first moment. “La Zanzara” is not just a podcast; it’s an intellectual battleground where thought-provoking debates and bold ideas thrive. If you’re tired of the usual mainstream narratives and crave genuine, unadulterated discussions, this podcast is your go-to destination for an unfiltered dose of reality. So, whether you’re a seasoned podcast enthusiast or a newbie, make sure to tune in and experience the refreshing, no-nonsense world of “La Zanzara.”


My fair mommy

Step into the enchanting world of the late 1950s with “My Fair Mommy,” a captivating podcast that unravels a unique mother-daughter bond through the lens of innovative communication. In this delightful series, we follow the story of a 20-year-old Milanese girl studying in London in 1959. Rather than relying on lengthy letters, she and her mother opt for an avant-garde means of communication: Geloso tape recorders’ magnetic tapes. These reels travel back and forth between London and Milan, akin to prehistoric voice notes. Fast forward 64 years, and Gaetano Cappa, the girl’s son and a talented radio playwright and director, stumbles upon these vintage tapes. The result? “My Fair Mommy” – an extraordinary, vivid voyage back to the late ’50s. The voices of these two women seem to echo from a black-and-white film, their eloquence a stark contrast to today’s language. The world they describe, once modern and astonishing, is now beautifully encapsulated within the confines of history.

“My Fair Mommy” is a meticulously crafted piece, mixed in mono and sonorized with utmost precision. Presented by Chora Media in collaboration with Istituto Barlumen, this podcast is a testament to Gaetano Cappa’s storytelling prowess. Every episode is a masterpiece, meticulously written, narrated, and soundscaped by Cappa himself. Under the editorial care of Marco Villa and Luca Micheli, and executive production led by Ilaria Celeghin, this podcast promises a mesmerizing auditory experience. Prepare to be transported to a bygone era, where the charm of vintage communication meets the wonders of heartfelt storytelling, only in “My Fair Mommy.”


Dove nessuno guarda – Il caso Elisa Claps

“Dove Nessuno Guarda – Il caso Elisa Claps” takes listeners on a gripping journey through one of Italy’s most chilling true crime mysteries. The podcast delves into the dark and haunting case of Elisa Claps, a young girl whose tragic disappearance in 1993 sent shockwaves through the nation. The mystery remained unsolved for over 17 years until her mummified body was discovered in the church attic in Potenza. This podcast is a rollercoaster of plot twists, misdirection, secrets, and investigative errors that plagued the case. What could have been a closed chapter within days unraveled into a 17-year enigma, allowing the killer, Danilo Restivo, to strike again.

Created by Chora Media for Sky Italia and SkyTG24, “Dove Nessuno Guarda – il caso Elisa Claps” is an exceptional production. With the talented trio of Riccardo Spagnoli, Alessia Rafanelli, and Pablo Trincia behind the script, along with the editorial support of Eleonora Numico, this podcast unfolds the chilling story with expert narration. Michele Boreggi’s musical compositions and sound design set an eerie atmosphere, while the meticulous post-production by Michele Boreggi ensures a seamless listening experience. If you’re fascinated by true crime stories, “Dove Nessuno Guarda – Il caso Elisa Claps” is an unmissable podcast that explores a case that shook Italy to its core.


Il Mondo

If you’re seeking a daily dose of global insights, “Il Mondo-Ogni giorno due notizie dal mondo” is the podcast that should be on your radar. Curated by the editorial team of Internazionale, this podcast brings you two carefully chosen international news stories every weekday at 6.30 AM, hosted by Claudio Rossi Marcelli and Giulia Zoli.

“Il Mondo” provides a succinct yet comprehensive overview of world affairs, making it perfect for those who are short on time but still wish to stay informed. The podcast is a valuable resource for anyone interested in international news, offering a balanced perspective on significant global events. With its concise format, it’s an ideal way to start your day with a better understanding of the world. The production, led by Claudio Balboni and Vincenzo De Simone, is top-notch, ensuring the delivery of accurate and engaging content. Chiara Nielsen oversees the editing process, guaranteeing a polished final product. The music, composed by Tommaso Colliva and Raffaele Scogna, enhances the podcast’s overall experience. Jonathan Zenti’s creative direction adds an artistic touch to the show. “Il Mondo” is your daily briefing on the world stage, and it’s well worth adding to your podcast playlist.


Geopop – Le Scienze nella vita di tutti i giorni

“Geopop – Le Scienze nella vita di tutti i giorni” is a captivating podcast that caters to the curious minds seeking insight into the scientific wonders that touch our daily lives. Hosted by Andrea Moccia, this Italian-language science communication podcast offers bite-sized episodes ranging from 5 to 10 minutes. Every week, listeners can expect an engaging exploration of topics such as energy, geopolitics, the environment, technology, natural phenomena, curiosities, disaster reconstructions, and contemporary issues. The beauty of this podcast lies in its ability to connect these subjects to our everyday experiences because, indeed, science is an integral part of our lives.

Geopop, the driving force behind this podcast, is already a well-established project on social media, boasting a substantial following of approximately 7 million enthusiasts. Its primary mission is to ignite curiosity and a deep-seated passion for knowledge. So, whether you’re a science enthusiast or just someone keen to unravel the mysteries of the world around you, “Geopop – Le Scienze nella vita di tutti i giorni” welcomes you aboard for an exhilarating journey into the captivating world of science.

Racconti da Gaza

“Racconti da Gaza” is a podcast that transcends borders and brings us right into the heart of Gaza, the Gaza Strip, and the West Bank. Hosted by the skilled reporter Valerio Nicolosi, this podcast offers a unique and immersive experience. Valerio’s storytelling ability is remarkable, as he eloquently narrates the stories of the people living in these areas, shedding light on their daily lives, struggles, and triumphs.

What sets “Racconti da Gaza” apart is its authenticity. Valerio Nicolosi has a keen eye for detail and an unparalleled dedication to presenting the real stories of these regions. This podcast is a window into the lives of those often overlooked by mainstream media. Whether it’s the tales of resilience in Gaza, the struggles in the West Bank, or the hopes of the people, “Racconti da Gaza” is a must-listen for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of these complex and historically significant regions. Valerio’s insightful reporting and vivid storytelling make this podcast a compelling and educational journey that will keep you coming back for more.

Passa dal BSMT

“Passa dal BSMT” is a podcast that takes its inspiration from the desire to share captivating stories and intriguing viewpoints. It’s like having a friendly chat with a group of friends, where eye contact and a unique atmosphere are key. The common thread among the incredible personalities featured on this podcast is their remarkable stories to share.

The BSMT, or Basement, belongs to Gianluca Gazzoli, and it serves as the headquarters—a creative hub and a meeting place. Here, the podcast creators engage in conversations spanning current events, sports, music, entertainment, science, philosophy, entrepreneurship, and much more. With two new episodes becoming available every week on Spotify, “Passa dal BSMT” offers a delightful journey through a diverse range of topics and an opportunity to immerse yourself in enriching discussions. Whether you’re seeking inspiration or a fresh perspective, this podcast has something special in store for you.


Italy’s podcasting landscape offers a rich and diverse range of content for every interest. From culture and cuisine to travel and technology, there’s a podcast for everyone. These top 10 most-listened podcasts on Spotify in Italy are a fantastic way to dive into the world of Italian podcasting, and the best part is, they’re all available for free. Happy listening!

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  1. Are these podcasts available for free on Spotify in Italy?

Yes, all the podcasts listed in our article are available for free on Spotify in Italy. You can listen to them without any subscription or payment.

  1. Do I need to know Italian to enjoy these podcasts?

Most of these podcasts are primarily in Italian, so a basic understanding of the language will enhance your experience. However, some, like “Italiano Facile,” are designed to help learners, making them accessible to non-Italian speakers as well.

  1. Can I download these podcasts for offline listening?

Yes, you can download episodes of these podcasts on Spotify for offline listening, which is especially useful if you want to enjoy them on the go without an internet connection.

  1. Are these podcasts suitable for children and families?

The suitability of these podcasts for children and families varies by content and target audience. While some may be family-friendly, others, like true crime or mature discussions, may not be appropriate for all age groups. We recommend checking the podcast descriptions for specific age recommendations.

  1. How often are new episodes released for these podcasts?

The release schedules vary from podcast to podcast. Some release new episodes weekly, while others may have a different schedule. You can check the individual podcast pages on Spotify for their specific release frequency.

  1. Can I submit my podcast to be featured on this list?

We don’t directly manage or curate the podcasts featured in the article. However, you can promote your podcast on Spotify and other platforms to increase its visibility and attract more listeners.

  1. What is the best way to stay updated with the latest episodes of these podcasts?

The most convenient way to stay updated is to follow these podcasts on Spotify. You’ll receive notifications when new episodes are released, ensuring you never miss out on fresh content.

  1. Are there other Italian podcasts on Spotify not mentioned in this list?

Absolutely, there are numerous Italian podcasts available on Spotify covering a wide range of topics. Our list is just a selection of the most popular and widely listened to podcasts in Italy.

  1. Can I leave reviews or feedback for these podcasts on Spotify?

Yes, you can leave reviews and ratings for these podcasts on their respective Spotify pages. Sharing your feedback is a great way to support your favorite podcasts and help others discover them.

  1. How do I find these podcasts on Spotify?

You can easily find these podcasts by searching for their names in the Spotify search bar. Alternatively, you can follow the direct links provided in the article to access them.

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