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In the dynamic world of podcasts, where entertainment comes in various forms, Giggly Squad stands out as a unique and humorous gem. Hosted by the witty duo of Hannah Berner and Paige DeSorbo, Giggly Squad promises a weekly dose of laughter, self-deprecating humor, and an unfiltered take on a myriad of topics. In this review, we’ll delve into the charm of the Giggly Squad podcast, exploring its key features and what sets it apart in the competitive podcast landscape.

the giggly squad podcast REVIEW

About Giggly Squad

Giggly Squad is more than just a podcast; it’s an unscripted journey into the lives of Hannah and Paige. Each episode is a rollercoaster of laughter as they discuss pop culture, dissect fashion trends, share insights into their personal lives, and candidly delve into topics like television, horoscopes, mental health, and dating. The essence of the podcast lies in its authenticity – Hannah and Paige can’t be managed, and that’s what makes the Giggly Squad experience so refreshing.

Unique Selling Points:

a. Authenticity and Relatability

  • Giggly Squad thrives on the authenticity of its hosts. Listeners are drawn to the genuine camaraderie between Hannah and Paige, creating a sense of relatability that keeps them coming back for more.

b. Diverse Content

  • The podcast covers a wide range of topics, ensuring that there’s something for everyone. Whether it’s a hilarious take on current events or a heart-to-heart discussion about personal experiences, Giggly Squad keeps its content diverse and engaging.

c. Unfiltered Humor

  • Hannah and Paige’s self-deprecating humor adds a layer of authenticity to the podcast. Their willingness to laugh at themselves resonates with listeners, creating an atmosphere of lighthearted fun.

Why Giggly Squad Podcast?

a. Entertaining Pop Culture Commentary

  • Giggly Squad provides a fresh and entertaining perspective on pop culture, ensuring that listeners are in the loop with the latest trends and events.

b. Fashion Trends and Lifestyle Insights

  • For fashion enthusiasts, the podcast is a goldmine of insights into the ever-evolving world of style, complemented by the hosts’ personal anecdotes and experiences.

c. Real Talk on Mental Health and Dating

  • The podcast doesn’t shy away from more serious topics like mental health and dating. The hosts share their experiences and thoughts, fostering a sense of community among listeners who may be going through similar situations.

Giggly Squad Podcast Review: Unleashing Laughter with Hannah and Paige

In the ever-growing realm of podcasts, the Giggly Squad Podcast emerges as a standout gem, delivering weekly doses of unfiltered laughter and witty banter. Hosted by the dynamic duo, Hannah Berner and Paige DeSorbo, the podcast dives into a diverse range of topics, from pop culture and fashion trends to television, horoscopes, mental health, and dating. The charm of Giggly Squad lies in the hosts’ authenticity; their unscripted conversations make listeners feel like they’re part of an intimate, laughter-filled conversation. Hannah and Paige’s self-deprecating humor adds an extra layer of relatability, making Giggly Squad a refreshing and entertaining choice for those seeking a break from the mundane.


As you explore this Giggly Squad Podcast review, discover why it has become a go-to for pop culture enthusiasts and those in search of genuine, unfiltered content. From insightful commentary on current events to personal anecdotes about their own lives, Hannah and Paige create a podcasting experience that resonates with authenticity. Whether you’re into fashion, mental health discussions, or just need a good laugh, Giggly Squad Podcast delivers, making it a must-listen for anyone looking to inject humor and genuine connection into their podcast playlist.

Giggly Squad Podcast Summary: Unfiltered Laughter and Candid Conversations

In the bustling world of podcasts, the Giggly Squad stands out as a beacon of unbridled humor and genuine camaraderie. Hosted by the dynamic duo of Hannah Berner and Paige DeSorbo, this weekly delight invites listeners into an unscripted journey where nothing is off-limits. From dissecting pop culture and fashion trends to navigating the intricacies of mental health and dating, the Giggly Squad podcast delivers a refreshing blend of authenticity and entertainment. Hannah and Paige’s unfiltered banter and self-deprecating humor create a space that feels like catching up with old friends, making every episode a rollercoaster of laughter and relatability.


Giggly Squad is not just a podcast; it’s an experience that transcends the traditional boundaries of entertainment. Each episode is a candid exploration of the hosts’ lives, as they fearlessly make fun of everything, most importantly themselves. With a diverse range of topics spanning from pop culture to personal anecdotes, the podcast resonates with a broad audience. Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast, looking for a good laugh, or seeking real talk on important life issues, Giggly Squad has something for everyone. As we navigate the podcast landscape, Giggly Squad emerges as a must-listen, promising a weekly dose of unfiltered laughter and insightful conversations.

Best Episodes of Giggly Squad Podcast

DateEpisode TitleHighlightsDuration
JAN 16, 2024Giggling about Mob Wives, Sleepwalking, and Celebrity Tea– Laughter about Mob Wives<br> – Sleepwalking escapades<br> – Celebrity tea with an Illuminati twist59 minutes
JAN 9, 2024Giggling about Mean Girls, Golden Globes, and Facetiming– Hot takes on the Golden Globes<br> – Fashion recap by Paige<br> – Hilarious facetiming anecdotes59 minutes
JAN 3, 2024Giggling about Grinding, Square Nails, and Calling 911– Paige’s medical mishaps<br> – History of grinding<br> – Emergency calls to 91159 minutes
DEC 20, 2023Giggling about Net Worths, Rabies, and Electric Grandpas– Exposed net worths<br> – Tales of getting scammed<br> – Mystique of electric grandpas1 hr 3 min
DEC 12, 2023Giggling about Wife Swaps, Surgeons, and Football Players– Shocking morning routine revelations<br> – Anecdotes about wife swaps and surgeons1 hr 12 min
DEC 5, 2023Giggling about Business, Winter Fashion, and Hotel Sex– Unhinged laughter in Chicago<br> – Discussions on business and winter fashion<br> – Hotel sex1 hr 2 min


Giggly Squad isn’t just a podcast; it’s a laughter-filled journey that invites listeners to be a part of the unfiltered, authentic world of Hannah Berner and Paige DeSorbo. With its unique blend of humor, relatability, and diverse content, the Giggly Squad podcast has carved a niche in the podcasting landscape. As we navigate through the laughter and revelations of each episode, one thing becomes clear – Giggly Squad isn’t just a podcast; it’s an experience worth tuning in for.


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Q1: What makes these Giggly Squad podcast episodes the “best”?

  • A1: These episodes are considered the best due to their captivating content, featuring unfiltered laughter, engaging discussions on various topics like Mob Wives, Golden Globes, sleepwalking, and more. The hosts, Hannah Berner and Paige DeSorbo, bring their unique humor and authenticity to make each episode a standout experience.

Q2: How can I listen to these episodes?

  • A2: You can listen to these episodes on the Acast platform. Each episode has a provided link for easy access. Simply click on the link associated with the desired episode, and it will direct you to the podcast episode for streaming.

Q3: Are the episodes family-friendly?

  • A3: Giggly Squad is known for its unfiltered and humorous content, which may include adult language and discussions. Listener discretion is advised, and it’s recommended for a mature audience.

Q4: How long are the episodes?

  • A4: The durations vary, with most episodes running for around 59 to 63 minutes. The length allows for a substantial and entertaining listening experience.

Q5: Is there a pattern or theme to the podcast episodes?

  • A5: Giggly Squad covers a wide range of topics, including pop culture, fashion, personal anecdotes, and more. The episodes are known for their spontaneity and authenticity, ensuring a diverse and engaging listening experience.

Q6: Can I share these episodes on social media?

  • A6: Absolutely! Sharing these episodes on social media is encouraged. You can use the provided episode links to share your favorite moments and invite friends to join the laughter.

Q7: How often are new episodes released?

  • A7: Giggly Squad releases episodes weekly. Stay tuned to their podcast channel for a consistent dose of laughter and entertaining content.

Q8: Are there other ways to support Giggly Squad?

  • A8: Yes, supporting Giggly Squad is easy! You can subscribe to their podcast, leave reviews, and engage with their content on social media. Sharing your favorite episodes with friends and followers also helps spread the laughter.

Q9: Can I find transcripts for these episodes?

  • A9: Transcripts may be available on the podcast platform or the official Giggly Squad website. Check the provided links or visit their official channels for more information.

Q10: How can I contact Giggly Squad or provide feedback?

  • A10: You can connect with Giggly Squad on their social media platforms or visit their official website for contact information. Many podcast platforms also allow you to leave reviews and ratings as a form of feedback.

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