Discover The Top 10 Best Podcasts on Wondery (2024)


Are you on the lookout for captivating, immersive, and thought-provoking podcasts? Look no further than Wondery, the platform renowned for its compelling storytelling and diverse array of content. With a treasure trove of enthralling shows covering various genres, Wondery stands out as a hub for top-notch podcast entertainment. In this guide, we unveil the best podcasts on Wondery that promise to captivate and engage your auditory senses.

Discover The Top 10 Best Podcasts on Wondery

Dr. Death

Discover the riveting and shocking narrative of ‘Dr. Death: Bad Magic,’ the latest season from Wondery that unveils a tale of miraculous treatments, secrecy, and tragedy. Follow the gripping story of Serhat Gumrukcu, a charismatic young doctor whose groundbreaking treatments for cancer and HIV draw patients worldwide, elevating his co-founded company to a staggering worth of over half a billion dollars. However, as medical experts praise his genius, a team of researchers stumbles upon a startling revelation, leading to suspicions about hidden secrets. Hosted by Laura Beil, this season delves deep into the complexities of magic, murder, and the enigmatic world of a once-celebrated medical figure.

Business Wars

“Business Wars” unveils the gripping tales behind industry titans like Netflix vs. HBO and Nike vs. Adidas, showcasing the competitive battleground of business where success means winning wallets and capturing attention. This podcast delves into the unauthorized, authentic narratives that drive these corporations, their pioneering leaders, inventive minds, investors, and executives towards triumph or downfall. Hosted by David Brown, former Marketplace anchor, “Business Wars” is a captivating exploration from Wondery, the network renowned for productions like Dirty John and American History Tellers.


Tune in for new episodes released every Wednesday at no cost. For an exclusive experience, binge on entire ad-free seasons in advance and gain access to past exclusive content by subscribing to Wondery+ or through Amazon Music with a Prime membership or Amazon Music Unlimited subscription. Discover the stories shaping consumer choices and lifestyles, intricately woven within the high-stakes drama of corporate competition, only on “Business Wars.”

Even the Rich

Indulge in the escapades of the elite with Wondery’s latest sensation, “Even the Rich.” Hosted by Brooke Siffrinn and Aricia Skidmore-Williams, this podcast invites listeners to immerse themselves in the whirlwind lives of iconic family dynasties. From the influential Murdochs to the regal Royals and the powerhouse Carters (yes, Jay-Z and Beyoncé), this series peels back the layers, delivering compelling stories about opulence, drama, and intrigue that have shaped history. As Queen Elizabeth once noted, “A good gossip is a wonderful tonic,” and this podcast embodies just that.


Catch the excitement as new episodes drop every Tuesday, offering a refreshing break from the ordinary. Access these episodes for free or dive into binge-worthy, ad-free full seasons ahead of time by subscribing to Wondery+ or via Amazon Music with a Prime membership or Amazon Music Unlimited subscription. Tune in to “Even the Rich” and discover the alluring tales that unfold behind the curtains of the world’s most captivating family sagas.


“SmartLess” featuring Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, & Will Arnett is a podcast that fosters connections among diverse individuals, offering insightful conversations and spontaneous humor. With a unique format, each episode surprises two hosts with a mystery guest, leading to unscripted, genuine dialogues filled with laughter and enlightening exchanges. Available for free every Monday, “SmartLess” offers an early, ad-free listening experience through Wondery+, Amazon Music with a Prime membership, or an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription.


Experience the engaging banter and shared experiences that “SmartLess” provides, uniting people from various backgrounds through authentic conversations. Tune in weekly for a blend of thoughtful discussions and spontaneous hilarity delivered by this dynamic trio, offering an enriching experience for the SmartLess audience.


Introducing “Scamfluencers,” an eye-opening journey through the deceptive world of online influence. Hosted by Scaachi Koul and Sarah Hagi, this gripping Wondery podcast delves into the enthralling tales of the world’s most cunning Scamfluencers. Exploring narratives spanning social media, fashion, finance, health, and wellness, each episode unravels the intricate web of deceit spun by these influencers. From charismatic healers to purported financial experts and dating gurus, these individuals captivate millions, but at what cost? Join the hosts as they dissect the reasons behind our belief in these influencers and question the cultural dynamics that enable their rise. Each season unearths riveting stories, from the Black Swan Murder to a fabricated social media icon and audacious Hollywood Ponzi schemers, revealing the impact on victims and the aftermath once the illusion shatters.


Experience the unraveling of these gripping tales every Monday with “Scamfluencers.” Gain early access as a Wondery+ subscriber, or enjoy ad-free episodes on Wondery+ and Amazon Music through a Prime membership or Amazon Music Unlimited subscription. Delve into the depths of deception and unmask the truths behind these influential personas in a podcast that exposes the consequences when facades crumble.

My Favorite Murder

“My Favorite Murder” stands as a riveting true crime comedy podcast helmed by hosts Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark. Every week, this dynamic duo captivates audiences with enthralling true crime tales and personal stories shared by listeners and friends.


Since its inception in January 2016, “My Favorite Murder” has delved into an array of compelling narratives, exploring infamous serial killers such as the Night Stalker, unsolved cold cases, intriguing cults, remarkable survivor anecdotes, and significant historical events like the Tulsa race massacre of 1921.

Part of the Exactly Right podcast network, “My Favorite Murder” offers a platform for bold and creative voices to narrate engaging, entertaining, and relatable stories for a global audience. The network hosts a diverse range of podcasts covering historic true crime, comedic interviews, news, science, pop culture, and more. Some noteworthy shows in the Exactly Right roster include “Buried Bones” featuring Kate Winkler Dawson and Paul Holes, “That’s Messed Up: An SVU Podcast,” “This Podcast Will Kill You,” “Bananas,” and several others, ensuring a varied and engaging listening experience for audiences across various interests and preferences.


How I Built This

“How I Built This,” hosted by Guy Raz, stands as a compelling podcast where the acclaimed host interviews some of the globe’s most renowned entrepreneurs, unraveling the narrative behind the creation of their iconic brands. Each episode ventures into the intimate realms of the founders’ journeys, highlighting moments of doubt, failure, and the pivotal insights that led to their eventual success. This podcast serves as a comprehensive masterclass, delving into the realms of innovation, creativity, leadership, and the strategies to overcome multifaceted challenges.

Catch the latest episodes of “How I Built This” every Monday and Thursday, available for free. Alternatively, gain exclusive early access by tuning in through Wondery+ or Amazon Music, specifically with a Prime membership or an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription, and enjoy an ad-free listening experience. Join Guy Raz as he unlocks the stories behind groundbreaking brands, providing invaluable insights into the entrepreneurial landscape.


Who Killed Daphne?

Enter the gripping saga of “Who Killed Daphne?” as a devastating car bomb shatters the tranquility of Malta, claiming the life of Daphne Caruana Galizia. This Wondery-produced podcast doesn’t merely chronicle the tragedy but delves deep into a world of unveiled secrets that stretch far beyond the Mediterranean’s horizon. Witness an international cadre of journalists, rallying post her demise, passionately continuing her crusade. Led by investigative reporter Stephen Grey, this podcast unravels a tale resonating with power struggles, insidious corruption, and the unyielding pursuit of truth.

American History Tellers

“American History Tellers,” a compelling podcast from Wondery, plunges listeners into pivotal moments that shaped America’s fabric—be it the Cold War, Prohibition, the Gold Rush, or the Space Race. Hosted by Lindsay Graham (not the Senator), the show embarks on an enthralling journey through events, eras, and influential figures that left an indelible mark on the nation. Unveiling the intricate connections between historical occurrences and their resonance in contemporary life, this series delves deep into the roots of American culture, language, and ideologies.

Each Wednesday, listeners are treated to new episodes, providing an insightful glimpse into the past, resonating its impact on present-day scenarios. For those eager for more, Wondery+ subscribers gain exclusive early access to these episodes a week ahead. Enjoy an ad-free experience by tuning in on Wondery+ or access the podcast on Amazon Music with a Prime membership or an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription. Prepare to be captivated by the untold stories that shaped America, exploring how the past echoes through the corridors of time, influencing our present-day world in profound ways.

Against The Odds

Embark on a journey of resilience and triumph with “Against The Odds,” an enthralling series by Wondery that celebrates the indomitable human spirit. Host-adventurers Mike Corey and Cassie De Pecol take listeners through gripping tales of survival that defy the odds. Whether it’s the riveting account of the daring rescue of a trapped soccer team in a Thai cave or the harrowing experience of a woman held captive by Somali pirates, each story is a testament to human courage and determination. “Against The Odds” delivers an immersive experience, making you feel like a part of these incredible journeys as heroes push themselves to their limits.

Stay tuned for new episodes released every Tuesday, available for free streaming. Wondery+ subscribers gain the added benefit of early access by a week. Enjoy an ad-free listening experience on Wondery+ or tune in via Amazon Music with a Prime membership or an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription. Join the adventures of resilience and triumph – these captivating stories are bound to leave you inspired.

Each podcast on Wondery offers a unique and captivating listening experience, ensuring that there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re a fan of true crime, investigative journalism, business sagas, or psychological dramas, Wondery has a podcast that will keep you hooked and wanting more.

So, how do you access these compelling shows? Simply head to the Wondery platform or your preferred podcast streaming service to start your immersive journey. Subscribe, tune in, and let yourself be carried away by the gripping narratives presented by these top-notch productions.


The best podcasts on Wondery stand as a testament to the platform’s commitment to delivering high-quality, immersive storytelling. With their captivating narratives, these podcasts promise to keep you engaged and entertained, making Wondery a go-to destination for podcast enthusiasts seeking unparalleled content.

Experience the thrill, suspense, and intrigue offered by Wondery’s best podcasts—immerse yourself in a world where storytelling knows no bounds.

Remember, the best podcasts await your ears on Wondery—start streaming and embark on a journey filled with captivating narratives and thrilling storytelling today!

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Q1: How can I listen to podcasts on Wondery?

A: You can listen to Wondery podcasts via the Wondery website or by using popular podcast streaming platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, or Amazon Music. Simply search for your desired podcast title on these platforms and start streaming.

Q2: Are Wondery podcasts free to listen to?

A: Yes, many Wondery podcasts are free to listen to. However, some may offer additional content or ad-free experiences through premium subscriptions or memberships.

Q3: Can I download Wondery podcasts to listen to offline?

A: Yes, most podcast streaming platforms allow users to download episodes for offline listening. Look for the download option within the app or platform where you’re accessing Wondery podcasts.

Q4: Are the podcasts on Wondery only focused on specific genres?

A: No, Wondery offers a diverse range of podcasts spanning various genres, including true crime, investigative journalism, business, history, culture, and more. There’s a podcast for almost every interest.

Q5: Are Wondery podcasts suitable for all ages?

A: While many Wondery podcasts cater to a wide audience, some content may contain mature themes, explicit language, or descriptions of sensitive topics. It’s advisable to check the podcast’s description or content warnings to ensure suitability for your preferences or audience.

Q6: How often are new episodes released on Wondery podcasts?

A: The release frequency varies for each podcast on Wondery. Some podcasts release new episodes weekly, bi-weekly, or according to their specific schedule. You can subscribe to your favorite podcasts to receive notifications when new episodes are available.

Q7: Can I share my favorite Wondery podcasts with friends?

A: Absolutely! Most podcast streaming platforms have options to share episodes or podcast links with friends through social media, messaging apps, or email. Spread the word and recommend your favorite Wondery podcasts to others.

Q8: Are there ways to support the creators of Wondery podcasts?

A: Yes, supporting Wondery podcast creators can be done by subscribing to premium versions (if available), leaving positive reviews, engaging with their content on social media, and recommending the podcasts to others. Additionally, some podcasts may offer merchandise or ways to directly support their production.

Q9: Can I access old episodes of Wondery podcasts?

A: Yes, most Wondery podcasts keep their previous episodes available for listeners. You can explore and listen to earlier episodes within the podcast’s catalog on the Wondery platform or your preferred podcast streaming service.

Q10: Does Wondery produce exclusive content that can’t be found elsewhere?

A: Yes, Wondery produces original content that is exclusively available on their platform or through their partnerships. These exclusive shows add to the diverse collection of podcasts offered by Wondery.

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