Spotify Unveils New Video Podcasts to Attract Younger Listeners

Spotify is making a big push towards video podcasts, unveiling new exclusive content at its Stream On event in Los Angeles. The streaming giant is focusing on attracting younger audiences, with popular creators like Markiplier and Julia Fox set to release video episodes exclusively on the platform. Head of global podcast studios, Julie McNamara, believes that video podcasting is one of the fastest-growing areas of podcasting and expects the trend to continue. With a new autoplay feature for podcasts and partnerships with Patreon and Megaphone, Spotify is positioning itself as the go-to platform for podcast creators and listeners alike.

The Growing Popularity of Podcasts and Podcasting in India

As the popularity of podcasts and podcasting continues to rise in India, a growing number of audio OTT platforms are emerging to meet the demand. With an expected 120 million monthly active users by 2022, Indian podcasts are quickly becoming a major player in the global podcasting industry. Discover the key players, trends, and challenges in this emerging market.

Creating Audiobooks: From Script to Sound

Audio book creators are the people behind the scenes who bring books to life through narration, sound effects, and music. They play a crucial role in making audio books an immersive and enjoyable experience for listeners. But what exactly does it take to be an audio book creator? In this article, we’ll explore the skills and tools needed, the different types of audio book creators, and the process of creating an audio book from start to finish

The Future of Podcasting: A Look into the Rise of Audio Content

Podcasting has been rapidly gaining popularity across the world, offering a unique and captivating form of content consumption. With the recent news of Twitter testing a podcast feature in its interface, the industry is set to receive a huge boost and reach an even wider audience. From its beginnings to the exciting future, discover the history and future of podcasting. Whether you’re a podcast enthusiast or looking to start your own, this guide will provide you with valuable insights and tips. Explore the exciting world of podcasting and join the growing community of listeners and creators.