Spotify Unveils New Video Podcasts to Attract Younger Listeners

Spotify, the world’s most popular audio streaming service, has announced its plans to expand further into video podcasts. The company has invested over $1 billion in podcast assets and is now seeking to consolidate its efforts and focus on more video content, featuring some of the biggest names in the industry.

At the company’s recent Stream On event in Los Angeles, head of global podcast studios Julie McNamara unveiled a range of new video podcasts aimed at appealing to younger audiences. These included video episodes of Distractable, hosted by popular gaming YouTuber Markiplier, and Forbidden Fruits with Julia Fox, which will be going video for its second season. Both of these shows are set to be exclusive to the Spotify platform.

McNamara explained that video podcasting is one of the fastest-growing areas of podcasting, and the company expects this growth to continue. “Right now, we have 70,000 video creators on the platform and with a lot more on the way,” she said. Video podcasts are better suited to Spotify’s new homepage, which takes inspiration from TikTok and allows users to scroll through clips of music, podcasts, and audiobooks.

To encourage more video podcasts, Spotify for Podcasters is rolling out a feature that was previously reserved for Anchor users. Now anyone who signs up for Spotify for Podcasters will soon be able to publish video podcasts. The company is also looking to integrate Anchor, the DIY podcast publisher it acquired in 2019, into Spotify for Podcasters. The Anchor app has already been rebranded as Spotify for Podcasters on both Apple and Google’s app stores, and a help page has been redirected to Spotify for Podcasters.

Spotify is also partnering with Patreon to allow users to add exclusive shows made by Patreon creators to their playlists. Additionally, the company is adding an autoplay function to podcasts, which will line up another podcast right after the current episode is finished, ensuring users stay engaged.

These announcements come as Spotify seeks to maintain its position as the top streaming service for younger audiences, with McNamara noting that the company is well-positioned with this demographic. “We’ve got the attention of the young, and they love our brand,” she said.

The company’s focus on video podcasts also represents a shift towards consolidation, with Spotify seeking to bring all of its podcasting efforts under the umbrella of Spotify for Podcasters. This includes folding Anchor into the platform and bringing Megaphone, which is oriented towards professional podcast publishers, into Spotify for Podcasters in the future.

Overall, Spotify’s investment in video podcasts is a sign of the company’s confidence in the medium, and its ability to appeal to younger audiences. By offering more video content and consolidating its podcasting efforts, Spotify is positioning itself as the go-to destination for the next generation of podcast listeners.

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