Pocket Novel Picks: The Top 10 Most Popular Novels to Read in English (2023)


In today’s fast-paced world, finding the time to delve into a good novel can be quite a challenge. Fortunately, the rise of pocket novels has made it easier than ever to enjoy a captivating story on the go. Whether you’re commuting, waiting for an appointment, or just need a quick escape, pocket novels are the perfect solution. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 most popular novels to read in English, tailored for the avid readers who love the convenience of pocket novels. So, grab your e-reader, smartphone, or paperback – it’s time to explore these literary gems!

The Top 10 Most Popular Novels to Read in English

Hell-Hound | Author – Lexine

Dive into the gripping world of “Hell-Hound” by Lexine, a thrilling novel that unfolds the complex life of Tyler, a man from an affluent background facing the harsh realities of his existence. Despite his wealthy status, Tyler finds himself trapped in a turbulent marriage and burdened by a concealed secret identity. As he navigates the challenges thrown at him, readers are taken on a roller-coaster ride of emotions and suspense. Will Tyler manage to turn the tide and exact his revenge? The answer lies within the pages of this compelling story.

To uncover the twists and turns of Tyler’s life, tune in to the Pocket Novel app and immerse yourself in the intriguing narrative of “Hell-Hound.” Experience the thrill of suspense, the depth of human emotions, and the satisfaction of a well-crafted plot, all at your fingertips. Don’t miss out on this captivating tale – download the Pocket Novel app now and embark on an unforgettable literary journey!


Breaking Rules | Author – Molly Jane

“Catch the latest emotional rollercoaster in the world of romance with ‘Breaking Rules’ by Molly Jane. In this gripping tale, Lucy finds herself facing a daunting predicament at the tender age of 20—pregnant and alone. To add to her heartache, the father of her child is committed to another woman. ‘Breaking Rules’ unravels a riveting narrative that explores Lucy’s quest to salvage her lost love while pondering the possibility of venturing into the unknown to raise her child as a single mother. If you’re yearning for a compelling love story filled with twists and dilemmas, be sure to read ‘Breaking Rules,’ exclusively available on ‘Pocket Novels.’ Join Lucy on her journey as she navigates the complexities of love, relationships, and motherhood in this must-read novel.”

Celina’s Play| Author – Damon

Celina’s Play” by Damon takes readers on a thrilling ride into the glitzy yet tumultuous world of Hollywood romance. In this sizzling tale, movie heartthrobs Celina Farris and Marcus Roscoe find their picture-perfect on-screen relationship shattered when Celina unexpectedly spills the beans about her tumultuous history with Marcus during a live TV broadcast. What ensues is a rollercoaster of emotions, entangling love, politics, hate, adultery, and drama. As the lines between reality and fantasy blur, both Celina and Marcus battle to maintain a delicate balance between their personal lives and the glamorous facade of the film industry. Struggling to keep their personal vendettas at bay and professional boundaries intact, they face a daunting question: can they truly keep the real and reel apart, or are they destined to succumb to the irresistible pull of their off-screen emotions?


For fans of Hollywood intrigue and passionate relationships, “Celina’s Play” offers a riveting narrative filled with twists and turns, capturing the essence of love and ambition amidst the glimmering lights of the entertainment world. Dive into this gripping novel and uncover the secrets, scandals, and sacrifices that come with the price of fame. Experience the electrifying chemistry and the tumultuous journey of Celina and Marcus as they navigate the stormy waters of love, testing the boundaries of their hearts and careers in the process.

Substitute Bride | Author- Sakshi Sinha

In the latest novel sensation, “Substitute Bride” by Sakshi Sinha, readers are taken on a rollercoaster of emotions as Sarah and Ava, two sisters with vastly different aspirations, navigate a life-altering twist of fate. Sarah, the studious and ambitious one, is involved in a tragic accident that leaves her in a coma, while Ava, the aspiring model, seizes a remarkable career opportunity as the leading model of a significant project. In the heart of Orlando, Sean Rogers, a prominent business tycoon, enjoys all the trappings of success – wealth, good looks, fame, and a loving family. He is the city’s most eligible bachelor.


When destiny brings Ava and Sean together, working closely as boss and model, the chemistry between them ignites a passionate love affair. The two decide to tie the knot and embark on a journey together. However, on the day of their wedding, Ava flees, leaving Sean heartbroken at the altar. To spare themselves public humiliation, the family orchestrates a daring switch, substituting Sarah for Ava. As Sarah takes on her sister’s role, the question looms: What will happen when Sean discovers the truth about the substitution? Will he find it in his heart to forgive Ava, or will he embrace Sarah as the Substitute Bride who was destined to be by his side? Dive into this captivating story of love, secrets, and forgiveness, available now on Pocket Novel. Discover the twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat, eager to uncover the ultimate outcome of this intriguing tale.

Billionaire’s Hired Wife |Author- Molly Jane

“Billionaire’s Hired Wife” by Molly Jane is a captivating story that delves into an unexpected twist of fate. When Amber Thompson finds herself facing financial burdens due to her father’s critical health condition, she enters a unique arrangement with Mr. Grayson Carter. Little does she know that Mr. Carter is not just an ordinary billionaire. This novel is a rollercoaster of emotions, secrets, and unexpected revelations that will keep you hooked. If you’re intrigued by tales of unexpected alliances and hidden motives, “Billionaire’s Hired Wife” is a must-read. Find out the mysteries behind this intriguing partnership by following the story exclusively on Pocket Novel.


Circle of Justice |Author- L.P. Dover

“Circle of Justice” by L.P. Dover is a gripping novel that delves into the dark and complex world of a killer. The story revolves around Preston Hale, a man who has left his previous life and the people in it far behind, the moment he committed his first murder. However, when he is compelled to act upon hearing the screams of a victim, it reawakens the dormant pain and insatiable need within him. Unexpectedly, Emma Turner, the sole connection to his past, resurfaces in his life, and she stirs emotions in Preston that he had never experienced before. It’s not a desire to kill but a compelling need to claim something much deeper.

“Circle of Justice” takes readers on a suspenseful journey into the mind of a killer, exploring the inner conflict and unexpected emotions that arise. As the story unfolds, it raises questions about the nature of justice, the complexities of human emotions, and the blurred lines between right and wrong. If you’re looking for a novel that keeps you on the edge of your seat, “Circle of Justice” is a must-read, offering a unique and thrilling perspective on the world of crime and justice.


Addison’s Final Act | Author – John Smith

“Discover ‘Addison’s Final Act’ by John Smith – A gripping novel that blurs the lines between fiction and reality. In this compelling story, Addison’s cinematic dreams take a shocking turn as her movie script transforms into a real-life adventure filled with perilous escapades and unforgettable moments. Dive into this thrilling narrative where the boundaries of fantasy and reality are pushed to their limits. Can Addison navigate this treacherous new world and not only survive but also find her place in her own extraordinary tale?”

Wounded Cougar| Author – Jeffery

“Wounded Cougar” by author Jeffery is a gripping novel that takes readers on a thrilling journey. After being wrongly accused of attempted murder and spending two years behind bars, the protagonist, Kathrine, decides to take matters into her own hands. She teams up with her resourceful cellmate and partner, Kayla, to start a private investigative service, setting the stage for a story filled with suspense and intrigue.


As Kathrine delves into her new career, she becomes entangled in a complex case involving her former abusive lover. The novel explores the intricate web of choices she must make, and whether they will lead to her redemption or further turmoil. With its suspenseful plot and strong character development, “Wounded Cougar” is a must-read for those who enjoy a thrilling narrative filled with twists and turns. Get ready to be captivated by this tale of justice and personal transformation.

Jack’s Retribution | Author – Lexine

“Jack’s Retribution” by Lexine is a thrilling tale set in a parallel realm where Washington DC holds the key to awakening powerful war spirits, transforming the lives of their hosts. Jack Watson, once a kind and charming young man, faces the ultimate betrayal when he sacrifices his spirit for his childhood love, only to be left heartbroken and humiliated. This transforms him into a formidable martial arts practitioner, becoming the most potent in the realm. The story delves into Jack’s journey of retribution, as he seeks to regain his lost powers, avenge the Fishers, and grapple with the question of whether love will find its way back into his life. With unimaginable power at his disposal, Jack’s actions have the potential to change the fate of his city forever. “Jack’s Retribution” is an enthralling exploration of power, love, and vengeance, set against a backdrop of martial cultivation.


In “Jack’s Retribution” by Lexine, readers are transported to a captivating parallel realm, where the heart of martial cultivation lies in Washington DC. This realm is home to extraordinary war spirits that bestow incredible enhancements upon their hosts. Jack Watson, once a kind-hearted and charming young man, undergoes a dramatic transformation after sacrificing his spirit for his childhood sweetheart, enduring betrayal and humiliation. Jack emerges as the realm’s most formidable martial artist, now characterized by aggression and violence. The novel unfolds the compelling narrative of Jack’s quest to reclaim his lost powers, seek retribution against the Fishers, and grapple with the possibility of finding love once more. With unimaginable power at his disposal, Jack has the potential to shape the destiny of his city in ways that are both thrilling and unpredictable. “Jack’s Retribution” by Lexine is a gripping tale that explores the themes of power, love, and the enduring pursuit of justice within the world of martial cultivation.

Finding Meemo | Author -M. Neyman

“Finding Meemo” by M. Neyman is a heartwarming tale of love and determination. Kassie Lawrence’s relentless quest to reunite with her first love, Meemo, unfolds as a riveting journey filled with suspense. The catch? She has no knowledge of Meemo’s real name or whereabouts, and a life-threatening danger looms over her. In a twist of fate, Jackson Stuart is assigned as her secret bodyguard, but Kassie must remain unaware of his protective role. The story delves into the challenges of disguising his true identity while guarding the woman he’s come to care for. Explore this captivating love story that transcends differences in beliefs and motives, now available at Pocket Novel.

“Finding Meemo” is a thrilling narrative that takes readers on a rollercoaster of emotions. Kassie’s unwavering determination to find her long-lost love, Meemo, keeps you hooked from the first page. With the added suspense of lurking danger, the story becomes an adrenaline-pumping adventure. Enter Jackson Stuart, who takes on the role of Kassie’s secret protector, a position she must remain blissfully unaware of. Can he successfully keep his true identity concealed while ensuring her safety? This novel promises an enthralling journey into the dynamics of love, secrets, and unexpected connections, making it a must-read for fans of romance and suspense at Pocket Novel.


If you’re a fan of pocket novels and are looking for some of the most popular novels to read in English, this list should keep you entertained for quite some time. Whether you prefer classic literature, modern fiction, or thrilling mysteries, there’s a pocket novel on this list that’s sure to captivate your imagination. So, stock up your reading list and get ready for hours of literary enjoyment right at your fingertips. Happy reading!


1. What is a Pocket Novel?

  • A Pocket Novel is a book or novel that is designed to be compact and easy to carry, making it convenient for reading on the go. It can be in physical book form, an e-book, or available on a mobile app.

2. How can I read Pocket Novels?

  • You can read Pocket Novels in various formats, including paperback, e-books on e-readers, or through dedicated mobile apps. Many e-book platforms offer a wide selection of novels in a pocket-friendly format.

3. What are the advantages of reading Pocket Novels?

  • The primary advantage of reading Pocket Novels is their convenience. You can carry them with you wherever you go, making it easy to enjoy a good book during commutes, breaks, or while waiting. They’re also often more affordable than hardcover editions.

4. Are Pocket Novels available in different genres?

  • Yes, Pocket Novels are available in a wide range of genres, just like traditional novels. You can find everything from romance and science fiction to mystery, fantasy, and non-fiction in pocket-friendly formats.

5. Can I find classic literature in Pocket Novel format?

  • Absolutely! Many classic literary works are available in Pocket Novel format. This allows readers to carry timeless classics with them and enjoy them on the go.

6. Are there any specific e-reader devices for Pocket Novels?

  • While there are no specific e-readers exclusively designed for Pocket Novels, most standard e-readers and e-reader apps on smartphones and tablets can be used to read Pocket Novels.

7. How can I purchase Pocket Novels?

  • You can purchase Pocket Novels from various sources, including online bookstores, local bookshops, and e-book platforms. Many e-book platforms offer a wide selection of Pocket Novels for download.

8. Can I access Pocket Novels for free?

  • Some Pocket Novels may be available for free through libraries or promotions, but many are offered at a cost. You can often find deals, discounts, and subscription services for e-books to make reading more affordable.

9. Do Pocket Novels offer the same content as their full-length counterparts?

  • Pocket Novels typically contain the same content as their full-length counterparts. The main difference is the format and size, which is optimized for portability and quick reading.

10. Are Pocket Novels suitable for all age groups?

  • Yes, Pocket Novels are available for readers of all age groups. You can find Pocket Novels tailored for children, young adults, and adults, with age-appropriate content and themes.

11. Can I highlight and make notes in Pocket Novels?

  • Yes, many e-reader devices and apps allow you to highlight text and make notes while reading Pocket Novels, just like you would with physical books.

12. Can I switch between different Pocket Novels on a single device or app?

  • Yes, you can switch between different Pocket Novels on a single device or app. Most e-readers and apps allow you to store and access multiple books in your library.

13. Are there any specific apps or platforms dedicated to Pocket Novels?

  • While there are no specific apps or platforms exclusively for Pocket Novels, popular e-book platforms like Kindle, Nook, and Apple Books offer a vast selection of Pocket Novels to choose from.

14. Can I share Pocket Novels with friends or family?

  • Sharing Pocket Novels may be subject to copyright and licensing restrictions. Check the terms and conditions of the platform or publisher to determine whether sharing is allowed.

15. What should I consider when choosing a Pocket Novel to read?

  • When choosing a Pocket Novel, consider your preferred genre, author, and reading preferences. You can also read reviews and summaries to ensure it’s a book you’ll enjoy.

Remember, Pocket Novels make it easier than ever to enjoy great literature on the go, so you can make the most of your spare moments with a captivating story.

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