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As the world faces a growing water crisis, it’s more important than ever to educate ourselves on the topic of water conservation and management. Podcasts offer an excellent way to stay informed and engaged with the latest developments in the field of water. In this article, we’ve curated a list of the top 10 water podcast for water enthusiasts, from experts in the field to passionate activists. If you are fan of water podcast like hell and high water podcast, dark water podcast and on the water podcast then I am sure you will fall in love with this curated list.

 Top 10 Water Podcast for Enthusiasts and the Hell and High Water Podcast

What About Water

“What About Water” is a podcast series hosted by Jay Famiglietti that aims to raise awareness about the critical water issues faced by the world. The podcast covers a wide range of topics related to water, including water scarcity, water management, water pollution, and climate change, among others. With a focus on research, policy, and action, the podcast features interviews with leading experts, policymakers, and water activists who share their insights and perspectives on water-related issues.

Jay Famiglietti, a renowned hydrologist and professor at the University of California, Irvine, is a passionate advocate for water conservation and sustainability. In the podcast, he shares his extensive knowledge and expertise on water-related issues and provides valuable insights into the current state of global water resources. With his engaging and informative style, he educates listeners on the importance of water and the urgent need to address the water crisis. Overall, “What About Water?” is a highly informative and engaging podcast that is a must-listen for anyone interested in the critical issue of water conservation and sustainability.


The Water Values Podcast

The Water Values Podcast is an informative and engaging podcast that explores a wide range of water-related topics, including water law, policy, technology, management, and conservation. Hosted by David McGimpsey, a water industry veteran with over two decades of experience, this podcast brings together leading experts and thought leaders from the water sector to share their insights and expertise.

With a focus on current issues and trends, The Water Values Podcast covers topics such as water scarcity, water reuse, water quality, and much more. Listeners can expect to gain valuable insights and perspectives on the most pressing water-related issues facing our world today.

Close-up of droplets of water
Nature’s jewelry – droplets of water

One of the unique features of The Water Values Podcast is its ability to bring together diverse perspectives on water-related issues. From government officials and policymakers to scientists and industry professionals, the podcast features a wide range of guests who provide different viewpoints and insights.

With its engaging format and high-quality production values, The Water Values Podcast has become a go-to resource for anyone interested in water issues. Whether you’re a water industry professional, a policy maker, or simply someone who cares about water, this podcast has something for everyone.


Water Talk Podcast

Water Talk is an exciting new podcast series from the University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources that focuses on all aspects of California Water. Hosted by a team of expert researchers and educators, Drs. Mallika Nocco, Faith Kearns, and Sam Sandova, the podcast aims to educate and inform listeners about the complex challenges facing California’s water resources.

As one of the most populous and agriculturally productive states in the US, California’s water issues are significant and complex. The state has a long history of drought, groundwater depletion, and conflicts over water allocation, and these issues have only been exacerbated by the impacts of climate change.


The Water Talk podcast brings together a diverse range of voices and perspectives to explore these complex issues in depth. Each episode features interviews with experts from academia, government, and industry, as well as community leaders and other stakeholders.

Some of the topics covered in the podcast include water policy, water management, water conservation, and the latest research and innovations in water technology. The hosts also delve into the social and cultural aspects of water use, exploring the role of water in shaping California’s history and culture.


One of the strengths of the Water Talk podcast is its accessibility. The hosts do an excellent job of breaking down complex scientific and policy issues into clear and understandable language, making the podcast accessible to a wide range of listeners. The podcast also features engaging storytelling and lively discussions, which help to keep listeners engaged and informed.

Overall, the Water Talk podcast is an excellent resource for anyone interested in California’s water issues. The hosts are knowledgeable and engaging, and the podcast covers a wide range of topics in a thoughtful and informative way. Whether you are a water expert or just someone interested in learning more about this important issue, Water Talk is definitely worth checking out.


The Living Waters Podcast

Looking for a new podcast to add to your playlist? Look no further than The Living Waters Podcast! This hilarious new podcast features a dynamic group of hosts, including Ray Comfort, Emeal (“E.Z.”) Zwayne, Mark Spence, and Oscar Navarro, who are dedicated to exploring the pressing questions of our day with sound theology and apologetics.

With a unique blend of humor and insightful commentary, The Living Waters Podcast is the perfect choice for anyone looking to engage with important topics in a fun and engaging way. Whether you’re a longtime believer or simply curious about matters of faith, this podcast is sure to have something for you.


But don’t just take our word for it! Fans of the show have been raving about how much it has encouraged them and helped them grow in their faith. And with the opportunity to submit your own questions and feedback, you can even become a part of the conversation yourself.

So what are you waiting for? Tune in to The Living Waters Podcast today and enjoy the ride! And don’t forget to email the hosts at with any topics or questions you’d like to hear discussed on the show. Who knows – your feedback might even be featured on the next episode!

Hell & High Water Podcast with John Heilemann

In today’s tumultuous world, living in America can feel like navigating through Hell and High Water. John Heilemann, the celebrated national affairs analyst for MSNBC, is tackling this topic head-on with his new podcast, Hell and High Water. The show features conversations with a wide range of influential figures from politics, entertainment, business, tech, media, and beyond, as they examine the many challenges facing society today.

With his extensive background in political analysis and storytelling, Heilemann brings a unique perspective to the table. His experience as the co-author of Game Change and host of Showtime’s The Circus has given him a front-row seat to some of the most consequential events of our time. Now, he’s using that expertise to dive deep into the issues that are impacting our world, from the COVID-19 pandemic to mass shootings, climate change, economic instability, and the threat to our democracy.

The conversations on Hell and High Water are raw, authentic, and thought-provoking. Heilemann and his guests don’t shy away from the hard questions or the uncomfortable truths. But despite the dire circumstances we find ourselves in, there’s also a sense of optimism and hope. As Bob Dylan famously sang, “Everything is broken,” but the guests on the show are determined to find a way to fix it, together.

Whether you’re looking for insights into the latest political developments, or simply seeking a deeper understanding of the world around you, Hell and High Water is a must-listen podcast. With Heilemann’s insightful analysis and the diverse perspectives of his guests, you’re sure to come away with a renewed sense of purpose and a better understanding of the challenges we face as a society. So buckle up and get ready for a wild ride through Hell and High Water!

The Future of Water

The global water landscape is evolving at an unprecedented pace, and the challenges and opportunities associated with it are immense. As climate change, population growth, and urbanization continue to place a significant strain on the world’s water resources, it’s becoming increasingly crucial for companies, utilities, and people to address these issues proactively.

In this context, Bluefield’s podcast series “The Future of Water” is a must-listen for anyone interested in understanding the latest trends, disruptions, and innovations in the water industry. Through this podcast, Bluefield’s team of water experts breaks down the biggest and smallest events signaling change and opportunity across the water landscape.

The podcast provides critical insights into a variety of topics impacting the future of water, including municipal and industrial water management, innovative water technologies, and global water security. The podcast’s breadth of coverage ensures that listeners can stay up to date on the latest developments in the water industry, regardless of their focus area.

Bluefield’s team of experts brings their extensive knowledge and experience to the table, providing a unique perspective on the water industry’s most pressing issues. The podcast provides a platform to call out, question, and think about the disruptions and opportunities arising from the water industry’s changing landscape.

The “Future of Water” podcast is an excellent source for critical insights and a valuable tool for anyone interested in the water industry. If you have topic ideas or want to share your thoughts on the latest trends in water, Bluefield welcomes your input. Feel free to send your ideas to

We All Want Clean H2O

I highly recommend the “We All Want Clean H2O” podcast for anyone who is interested in learning more about the importance of clean water and the steps we can take to ensure it is available to everyone. This podcast is not only informative but also engaging, making it a must-listen for anyone who cares about the health of our planet.

One of the things I appreciate about this podcast is its focus on action. While it’s important to understand the challenges facing our water supply, it’s even more critical to take concrete steps to address them. The podcast features experts from various fields who provide practical advice on how individuals, communities, and governments can work together to ensure clean water for all.

Another thing that sets this podcast apart is its accessibility. The hosts present complex information in a way that is easy to understand, even for those who are new to the topic. This makes it an excellent resource for anyone who wants to educate themselves on the importance of clean water.

Overall, I highly recommend the “We All Want Clean H2O” podcast to anyone who wants to learn more about the critical issue of clean water. With its engaging format, actionable advice, and accessible presentation, it’s sure to inform and inspire listeners of all backgrounds.

Words On Water

If you’re interested in all things water-related, then the Words On Water Podcast is the perfect choice for you. This engaging podcast features conversations with influential and interesting people from the water sector, providing valuable insights and information for water professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Hosted by the Water Environment Federation, this podcast covers a wide range of topics related to water, including environmental issues, infrastructure, technology, policy, and more. Each episode features a guest who is an expert in their field, sharing their knowledge and experience with listeners.

One of the things that sets Words On Water apart from other podcasts is its focus on the water industry. Whether you’re a water treatment plant operator, a stormwater manager, or a researcher studying water quality, you’ll find something of interest in every episode. The guests are carefully chosen to provide a diverse range of perspectives and expertise, ensuring that each episode is informative and engaging.

The production quality of the podcast is top-notch, with clear audio and well-organized content. The conversations flow smoothly and are easy to follow, even for those who are not experts in the water sector. And with new episodes released regularly, there’s always something fresh and interesting to listen to.

In summary, the Words On Water Podcast is a must-listen for anyone who is interested in water issues. With its engaging conversations, diverse range of guests, and high-quality production, this podcast is a valuable resource for water professionals and enthusiasts alike

We All Live Downstream: A Clean Water Action Podcast

Clean water is a fundamental human right and a precious resource that needs to be protected. We All Live Downstream: a Clean Water Action Podcast is a series of thought-provoking discussions with leading environmental and clean water activists, who are working tirelessly to safeguard our water resources. In each episode, the podcast delves deep into the issues that impact clean water and environmental justice, and provides insights into what can be done to create a sustainable future for all. The podcast covers a wide range of topics related to clean water and the environment, including:

  • Drinking water: The importance of safe drinking water, the challenges of providing it to communities, and the impact of pollution on our water sources.
  • Climate change: How climate change is affecting our water resources, and what steps can be taken to mitigate its impact.
  • Environmental justice: The intersection of social and environmental justice, and how marginalized communities are disproportionately impacted by environmental pollution and contamination.
  • Plastic pollution: The impact of single-use plastics on our waterways and marine life, and how individuals and organizations can reduce plastic waste.
  • Toxic chemicals: The dangers of toxic chemicals in our water and the environment, and the need for stricter regulations to protect public health.

The podcast features interviews with leading environmental and clean water activists who are making a difference in their communities and beyond. Listeners will hear from:

  • Scientists and researchers who are studying the impact of pollution on our water resources.
  • Advocates who are fighting for clean water and environmental justice.
  • Community organizers who are working to build resilient and sustainable communities.
  • Politicians who are championing environmental legislation and policies.

We All Live Downstream: a Clean Water Action Podcast is a must-listen for anyone who cares about the environment and wants to stay informed about the latest issues and solutions related to clean water. Whether you are an activist, a student, or just someone who wants to learn more, this podcast is a valuable resource that will inspire and inform. Tune in to We All Live Downstream: a Clean Water Action Podcast today and join the conversation about creating a sustainable future for all.

Solving Water: A Xylem Podcast – Stories of Innovation in Water Management

Water is an essential resource that plays a crucial role in our daily lives. From agriculture to domestic use, water is an indispensable resource that we need to manage effectively. Unfortunately, we are facing a water crisis globally, with millions of people lacking access to clean and safe water. This is why Xylem, a leading water technology company, has launched a podcast to highlight the efforts of people who are working to make water more efficient, safe, and sustainable for all. The “Solving Water” podcast is a platform that showcases stories of innovation in water management. Each episode features an expert in the water industry, who shares insights and experiences on how we can tackle the water crisis. From engineers to policymakers, the podcast aims to inspire and educate listeners on the importance of water management and conservation.

The podcast features a diverse range of experts, including water conservationists, engineers, researchers, and policymakers. The guests on the podcast share their experiences and insights on how they are working to solve water-related challenges in their communities. They also share their thoughts on the latest technologies and strategies being used to make water management more efficient and sustainable. The podcast covers a broad range of topics related to water management, including water scarcity, wastewater treatment, irrigation, and the impact of climate change on water resources. The discussions are engaging and informative, providing listeners with an in-depth understanding of the challenges faced in the water industry.

Through the “Solving Water” podcast, Xylem aims to inspire change and action towards the sustainable management of water resources. The podcast is a call to action, encouraging individuals and organizations to take an active role in water conservation efforts. By highlighting the work of experts in the water industry, Xylem hopes to raise awareness about the importance of water and the urgent need to conserve and manage it sustainably. The”Solving Water” podcast is an excellent resource for anyone interested in learning more about the challenges and solutions related to water management. It is an inspiring platform that showcases the work of people who are making a positive impact in the water industry. By listening to the podcast, we can all learn from the experts and contribute to the sustainable management of our precious water resources.

These top 10 water podcasts provide a wealth of knowledge and insights into the pressing issues facing our planet’s most vital resource. Whether you’re interested in policy, technology, conservation, or spirituality, there’s a water podcast out there for you. So, dive in and start listening to the experts talk about one of the most important issues of our time.

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