Top 10 Family Drama Audio Series in English on Pocket FM: Listen Free


In the realm of audio storytelling, Pocket FM has emerged as a treasure trove of captivating narratives. Among its vast collection, family dramas hold a special place. These stories tug at our heartstrings, exploring the complexities of familial relationships, love, and bonds. Join us as we unveil the top 10 family drama audio series in English on Pocket FM, each offering a unique and heartwarming tale.

Top 10 Family Drama Audio Series in English on Pocket FM

Rekindled Heartache

In the heartwarming audio series, “Rekindled Heartache,” listeners are immersed in the bittersweet journey of Zoey Fuller and Blaine Dexter. After enduring a painful separation four years ago, their paths unexpectedly cross once more. Despite their attempts to move on, the universe conspires to reunite them time and again, leaving them to question the deeper forces at play. Is this a divine intervention, guiding them back into each other’s arms, or merely a cruel twist of fate? As Zoey and Blaine grapple with their emotions and the undeniable connection they share, listeners are taken on a roller-coaster ride of love, heartache, and the enigmatic workings of destiny.

Emotionally charged and beautifully narrated, “Rekindled Heartache” explores the complexities of love, the enduring power of past relationships, and the mysterious ways in which fate intertwines lives. Tune in to Pocket FM to experience this poignant saga that delves into the depths of the human heart and the unbreakable bond between souls. Don’t miss this captivating story of love rediscovered against all odds.


Holloway Girl

In the enthralling audio series “Holloway Girl” on Pocket FM, listeners are plunged into a world of cunning manipulations and unexpected alliances. Leticia Holloway, a sharp-witted woman, is ensnared in a web of deceit orchestrated by her cunning fiancé. Forced into a contract marriage with Ezra Quince, a man notorious for his misogyny, Leticia finds herself in a precarious situation. Yet, amidst the deception, the most unexpected emotion begins to blossom – true love.

As the story unfolds, Leticia’s resilience and intelligence are put to the test. Despite Ezra’s reputation, there’s a hidden depth to him that she starts to unravel. The series delves into the complexities of relationships, showcasing how love can emerge from the most unexpected corners. “Holloway Girl” is a tale of twists and turns, where true intentions are shrouded in mystery, making listeners question the very essence of love and trust. Dive into this captivating narrative, where love’s deception becomes the ultimate test of character and heart on Pocket FM.


Unfinished Endings

In the tumultuous world of “Unfinished Endings,” we are introduced to CEO Timothy Gadow, a man who shattered the promise of fidelity to his wife Anya one stormy night when he chose to be with his mistress. This gripping narrative follows Anya, who, pushed to the brink, decides to leave her life with Timothy behind. In her heart, she secretly wishes for the relentless torment of guilt to haunt her estranged husband.

As the story unfolds, listeners are left wondering: Will Timothy experience a change of heart, and will Anya find it within herself to forgive him, especially for the sake of their child? Dive into “Unfinished Endings” on Pocket FM, where betrayal and redemption collide in a tale of love, forgiveness, and the enduring bonds of family.


Unravelling The Son-In-law

In the world of “Unraveling the Son-in-law,” secrets are like ticking time bombs, threatening to shatter lives and relationships. Frazer, born into opulence, has spent a decade living under the radar, guarding a concealed past and emotions he’s kept hidden from his beloved wife, Natalia. As we embark on this audio journey, we witness the intricate dance of family drama and true love, where Frazer’s very existence is at stake. Will he navigate the treacherous path that unfolds without compromising his identity?

In “Unraveling the Son-in-law,” listeners are immersed in a world where every revelation comes at a cost. Frazer’s journey is a captivating exploration of love, sacrifice, and the consequences of choices made in the shadows. Join us on Pocket FM as we uncover the hidden facets of Frazer’s life and witness the unbreakable bonds of true love that endure even in the face of life’s most daunting challenges. Discover this gripping family drama and suspenseful narrative, available exclusively on Pocket FM.


Us Before Me

In the enthralling audio series, “Us Before Me,” April’s seemingly perfect life takes a heart-wrenching turn when she is betrayed and rejected by both her lover and her best friend. Faced with the shattering of her world, she retreats from the life she once knew, entering a humbler existence. It’s within this realm of humble circumstances that April discovers something extraordinary—a chance at love with a most unlikely companion.

“Us Before Me” on Pocket FM is a tale of resilience, redemption, and the enduring power of love. Join April on her transformative journey as she learns that sometimes, the greatest love stories are the ones we least expect.


Billionaire’s False Paradise

In the heart of the captivating tale “Billionaire’s False Paradise,” surrogacy takes an unexpected turn, intertwining the lives of surrogate mother Monica Thames and the affluent Lewis family. Initially a straightforward arrangement, Monica’s decision to keep one of the twins she delivered transforms the narrative into a riveting saga of hidden legacies and undisclosed connections. As she conceals an heir to the Lewis empire, questions arise. What future awaits this secret child, and how will it alter the lives of Monica and the child’s father, Stefan Lewis?

In a world where surrogacy evolves into a web of secrets, “Billionaire’s False Paradise” explores the complexities of parenthood, wealth, and the unforeseen bonds that tie people together. Monica Thames finds herself at the center of a life-altering choice, with Stefan Lewis unaware of the hidden legacy residing under his own roof. As the story unfolds, hidden truths and unexpected alliances come to light, painting a vivid picture of love, sacrifice, and the intricate dynamics of family. Dive into this gripping narrative, where the past collides with the present, shaping destinies in ways none of them could have anticipated.


Anonymous Amor

In the gripping audio series “Anonymous Amor,” Olivia’s life unravels as she discovers a web of betrayal spun by her own family and cousin. Feeling trapped and powerless, she encounters an enigmatic masked figure promising vengeance and redemption. Will Olivia dare to trust this mysterious savior, and will she find the purpose and retribution she seeks? Dive into the intrigue on Pocket FM and join Olivia on her quest for justice.

When Heart Comes Calling

In the poignant audio series “When Heart Comes Calling,” listeners are drawn into the powerful story of a couple torn apart by tragedy and malevolent intentions. As fate brings them together once more in a reunion, the burning question arises: can their love withstand the test of time and adversity? Dive into this emotionally charged narrative on Pocket FM and discover if their relationship can not only survive but also find redemption in the face of life’s challenges.


Love Trap

In the intriguing audio series “Love Trap,” Erica’s life takes a dramatic turn after a fateful night with Jeff Nolan. A night of betrayal and deception leads to Erica’s sudden disappearance for four mysterious years. When Jeff finally traces her to the enchanting streets of Paris, he is fueled by a thirst for revenge. Questions loom large: why did she run? Is her young son, born during her absence, Jeff’s own flesh and blood? As the web of secrets begins to unravel, listeners are taken on a suspense-filled journey through tangled emotions and hidden agendas, making “Love Trap” a riveting exploration of love, deceit, and the pursuit of truth.

Discover the gripping saga of love and vengeance in “Love Trap,” available on Pocket FM. Uncover the secrets, confrontations, and unexpected revelations that define this enthralling story, exclusively here.

The Accidental Mother

In the gripping audio series, “The Accidental Mother,” Daniella’s life takes an unexpected turn after a fateful night of recklessness leaves her pregnant. Now, years later, her young son battles leukemia, his only hope pinned on a marrow transplant from his biological father, a man Daniella struggles to find. This emotional rollercoaster delves deep into Daniella’s quest for redemption, forcing her to confront the shadows of her past. Will she manage to locate the true father in time to save her son? Join us on this poignant journey of love, forgiveness, and the unwavering strength of a mother’s determination.


In the world of family drama audio series on Pocket FM, listeners are treated to an array of heartwarming and emotionally charged narratives. These stories explore the depth of human emotions, the resilience of family bonds, and the enduring power of love. Dive into these top 10 family drama audio series in English on Pocket FM and experience the magic of storytelling like never before.


Q1: What are family drama audio series on Pocket FM?

Answer: Family drama audio series on Pocket FM are captivating narratives that revolve around the complexities of familial relationships, love, and bonds. These stories are available in audio format for easy and immersive listening.

Q2: How can I listen to family drama audio series on Pocket FM?

Answer: To listen to family drama audio series on Pocket FM, you can download the Pocket FM app on your mobile device. Once installed, you can browse the collection of audio series and start streaming or downloading your favorite family dramas for free.

Q3: Are these family drama audio series available in English?

Answer: Yes, the top 10 family drama audio series mentioned in our article are available in English on Pocket FM. They are thoughtfully crafted to provide an engaging listening experience.

Q4: Do I need to pay to access these family drama audio series?

Answer: No, you can listen to these family drama audio series for free on Pocket FM. There is no subscription or payment required to enjoy these captivating narratives.

Q5: Can I listen to these audio series offline?

Answer: Yes, you can download family drama audio series from Pocket FM to your device and listen to them offline. This feature allows you to enjoy your favorite stories even without an internet connection.

Q6: Are there options to explore family drama stories in Hindi on Pocket FM?

Answer: Yes, Pocket FM offers a variety of family drama audio series in Hindi as well. You can find a diverse selection of stories in both English and Hindi to cater to your preferences.

Q7: How often are new family drama audio series added to Pocket FM?

Answer: Pocket FM regularly updates its content library with new and exciting audio series, including family dramas. The frequency of new releases may vary, but you can expect fresh stories to be added over time.

Q8: Can I share my favorite family drama audio series with friends and family?

Answer: Absolutely! You can share the joy of these family drama audio series with your friends and family by recommending the Pocket FM app and your favorite stories to them.

Q9: Do I need a high-speed internet connection to listen to these audio series?

Answer: While a stable internet connection is ideal for streaming, Pocket FM also offers the option to download audio series for offline listening. This way, you can enjoy the stories even with a limited or intermittent internet connection.

Q10: Are these family drama audio series suitable for all age groups?

Answer: The suitability of these audio series may vary, so it’s a good idea to check the individual series’ descriptions or ratings to determine if they are appropriate for your age group or preferences. Pocket FM provides a range of content to cater to different tastes and audiences.

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