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In the boundless realm of audio storytelling, sci-fi enthusiasts are in for a treat. Pocket FM, the epicenter of captivating narratives, offers a treasure trove of science fiction audio series that will transport you to galaxies far, far away. Join us as we embark on an interstellar journey through the top 10 best sci-fi audio series available in English on Pocket FM.

Top 10 Sci-Fi Audio Series in English on Pocket FM

Immortal Heroes

In the audio series “Immortal Heroes,” we traverse the life of Matthew, a man abandoned by his family and resented by his in-laws. However, beneath the surface, Matthew conceals an extraordinary secret – a power that exceeds anyone’s imagination. As the city of Portland grapples with impending chaos and destruction, Matthew finds himself at a crossroads. He’s willing to risk it all, even his closely guarded secret identity, to safeguard those who harbor doubt in him.

But amidst the chaos, a singular question looms large: Can Matthew save his one true love? Dive into this gripping audio series on Pocket FM as we unravel the saga of “Immortal Heroes,” where extraordinary abilities collide with the complexities of love, all within a city on the brink.


The Greenback Boogie

Meet Elliot Branders, a high school student struggling to navigate life’s challenges after losing his parents. Battling financial hardship and the heartache of an unrequited love, Elliot finds himself pushed to the brink. To make matters worse, he’s the target of relentless bullying from his peers. However, in the midst of his darkest hours, a glimmer of hope emerges. Little does he realize that a life-altering twist of fate is just around the corner, ready to rewrite the story of his life.

As Elliot’s journey unfolds in “The Greenback Boogie,” listeners are invited to witness the transformative power of resilience, hope, and unexpected opportunities. Join us on Pocket FM as we follow Elliot’s path to discovering a new destiny, one that defies the odds and proves that even in the darkest moments, the light of change can shine through. Experience this gripping audio series, exclusively on Pocket FM, and prepare to be inspired by Elliot’s extraordinary story of triumph over adversity.


Treasure Eye

In a world where Zach has been perpetually overlooked, a twist of fate has granted him an extraordinary ability—his right eye can unveil the age and value of any object it gazes upon. What once seemed like a mundane existence now transforms into a thrilling journey as Zach embarks on a quest to harness his newfound power. Armed with the ability to spot hidden treasures that elude the common eye, he sets his sights on making a fortune that will leave the world astounded. Join us in “Treasure Eye” as we delve into a tale of intrigue, discovery, and the pursuit of wealth like never before.

The Wish Lord

The Wish Lord” introduces us to the remarkable journey of Keith Sanderburg, an ordinary man who found himself in an extraordinary situation. After a near-fatal assault, Keith’s desperate plea for survival leads to an unexpected and divine gift – a God-like Wish System. This newfound power allows him to shape his destiny, overcome his attackers, and embark on a path of incredible transformation. Join Keith as he navigates the complexities of this newfound ability, discovering that wishes come at a price, and true strength is earned through challenges.


Listen to ‘The Wish Lord’ on Pocket FM and witness the evolution of a man who defies fate with each wish. Dive into a world of limitless possibilities and unimaginable consequences as Keith harnesses the power to shape his own destiny. Tune in now and explore the enthralling journey of ‘The Wish Lord’ – available exclusively on Pocket FM.

Mutant Awakening

In a future where humanity teeters on the brink of extinction, “Mutant Awakening” takes us on an extraordinary journey. In a world where all earthly creatures evolve under the influence of the enigmatic Spiritual Spirit, humans find themselves outpaced by their animal counterparts. Forced to seek refuge underground, they wage an enduring battle for survival against these rapidly evolving species.


Amidst this chaos, our protagonist, Daniel Wilson, is thrust into this transformed world and discovers an astonishing power within himself—a super evolutionary system that awakens dormant genes. As the planet succumbs to the dominance of evolved creatures and human resistance wanes, Daniel emerges as the last hope for humanity. Follow his gripping odyssey as he charts a path of evolution, striving to reclaim the Earth and secure the future of his kind in “Mutant Awakening,” available now for an unforgettable audio experience on Pocket FM.

Alive In Zombieland

Step into a world where survival is the ultimate test. In “Alive In Zombieland,” Grayson, a resilient 24-year-old, grapples with a nightmarish zombie apocalypse triggered by extraterrestrial invaders. His singular goal: to endure. Amidst the chaos, he crosses paths with Lucy, an alluring 18-year-old heiress, struggling to stay alive in this post-apocalyptic landscape. Together, they face unimaginable odds, and as the lines between life and death blur, the question lingers: Can they defy fate and survive this relentless epidemic? Join us in this gripping tale of survival against all odds.


The Age of Ascension

tep into “The Age of Ascension” on Pocket FM, where the ordinary collides with the extraordinary. Jack Young, an unsuspecting college student, undergoes a mystical transformation, awakening in the body of a medieval lord. In this brutal, kill-or-be-killed world, Jack must swiftly adapt, mastering the art of swordplay and unlocking the secrets of magical spells. His path is clear: to survive, he must harness the ultimate currency—power. Join Jack on an epic adventure filled with mysticism, combat, and the relentless pursuit of dominance.


In the gripping audio series “Reborn,” listeners are thrust into the life of Simon, a man who, in a moment of despair, attempted to take his own life. However, fate had other plans for him. Instead of meeting his end, Simon awakens to find himself transported ten years into the past, bestowed with remarkable superhuman abilities. Now faced with the extraordinary opportunity to rectify his life’s regrets, he embarks on a journey of redemption and self-discovery. Yet, the enigma of who orchestrated this dramatic twist in his existence remains shrouded in mystery. As Simon navigates this new reality, he must not only mend his broken heart but also uncover the truth behind his transformation and seek retribution against those who once betrayed him. Dive into “Reborn” on Pocket FM, where Simon’s journey unfolds, offering a tantalizing blend of superhuman intrigue, emotional mending, and a quest for justice.


Inhuman Warlock

Inhuman Warlock” immerses listeners in a world where death is not the end but the beginning of an extraordinary journey. Lucian Azarel’s resurrection sparks a chain of events that lead him down a dark path, where he harnesses supernatural powers to seek retribution against those who betrayed him. As the lines between the natural and the supernatural blur, “Inhuman Warlock” explores themes of revenge, betrayal, and the unfathomable forces lurking in the shadows. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this gripping, otherworldly adventure—listen to “Inhuman Warlock” for free on Pocket FM today.

Prepare to be captivated by the dark and thrilling audio series, “Inhuman Warlock,” where vengeance knows no bounds, and supernatural powers reign supreme. Follow the compelling tale of Lucian Azarel, a man who rises from the dead with newfound abilities and a singular purpose: to exact revenge on those who betrayed him. With its gripping narrative and supernatural twists, “Inhuman Warlock” promises an audio experience like no other, exclusively on Pocket FM.


The Mech Touch

Dive into the captivating world of ‘The Mech Touch’ on Pocket FM, where dreams of becoming a renowned Mech pilot meet the uncharted territory of mechanical design and industry dominance. In this thrilling audio series, follow the journey of Ves Larkinson, who, despite being genetically unsuited for the role, embarks on a relentless quest to revolutionize the world of mechs. Will Ves conquer the industry, or will unforeseen challenges alter the course of his destiny?

‘The Mech Touch’ takes listeners on a rollercoaster ride through ambition, innovation, and unexpected obstacles. As Ves strives to build his mech empire and claim the throne of the industry’s elite, this audio series explores the resilience of the human spirit and the boundless possibilities of determination. Join us on Pocket FM to experience this gripping sci-fi narrative that challenges the very definition of success.


“Pocket FM: Your Gateway to Sci-Fi Marvels”

With Pocket FM, you have a passport to unparalleled adventures in the cosmos of imagination. These top 10 sci-fi audio series in English offer a diverse range of narratives, each promising to transport you to uncharted realms. Embrace the unknown, challenge the boundaries of reality, and embark on epic journeys—all at your fingertips and all for free.

FAQs: Top 10 Sci-Fi Audio Series on Pocket FM

1. What is Pocket FM?

  • Pocket FM is a popular audio storytelling platform that offers a wide range of audio series, including sci-fi, fantasy, drama, and more. It provides users with free access to captivating narratives.

2. How can I listen to these sci-fi audio series?

  • You can listen to these sci-fi audio series for free on the Pocket FM app. Simply download the app, browse the sci-fi category, and start streaming your favorite series.

3. Do I need to pay to access these sci-fi audio series?

  • No, you do not need to pay to access these sci-fi audio series on Pocket FM. They are available for free to all users.

4. Can I listen to these series offline?

  • Yes, you can download episodes of your favorite sci-fi series on Pocket FM and listen to them offline. This is a great option for those who want to enjoy the stories while not connected to the internet.

5. Are these series available in languages other than English?

  • While this article focuses on sci-fi audio series in English, Pocket FM offers content in multiple languages, including Hindi. You can explore a variety of stories in your preferred language.

6. How often are new episodes or series added to Pocket FM?

  • Pocket FM regularly updates its library with new content, including fresh episodes and series. You can stay updated with the latest releases within the app.

7. Can I interact with other listeners or discuss these series on the platform?

  • Yes, Pocket FM often includes features that allow users to engage with other listeners and discuss their favorite series. You can join communities, leave comments, and share your thoughts.

8. Can I recommend sci-fi series to friends or share them on social media?

  • Absolutely! Pocket FM encourages users to share their favorite series with friends and on social media platforms. Sharing is a great way to introduce others to exciting audio content.

9. Are there age restrictions for listening to these sci-fi series?

  • Pocket FM may provide age ratings for certain series to help users make informed choices. Parents and guardians can use these ratings to ensure age-appropriate content for younger listeners.

10. How can I provide feedback or suggestions for Pocket FM?

  • You can usually provide feedback or suggestions directly within the Pocket FM app. They value user input and often consider it for improving the platform and content offerings.

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