The Dark Side of True Crime: The Morbid Podcast Reviews


Morbid Podcast is a true crime podcast that has been gaining popularity among fans of the genre. Hosted by Ashleigh Flowers and Alaina Urquhart, the podcast explores some of the most gruesome and fascinating cases in history. From notorious serial killers to unsolved mysteries, each episode delves into the details of a different case, providing listeners with a comprehensive overview of the facts and theories surrounding it.


One of the things that sets Morbid Podcast apart is the hosts’ dynamic and engaging personalities. Ashleigh and Alaina have a great chemistry together, and their banter is often humorous and lighthearted despite the dark subject matter. This helps to make the podcast more accessible and enjoyable for listeners who may be new to true crime.

Another strength of Morbid Podcast is the thorough research that goes into each episode. The hosts take the time to dig into the details of each case, providing listeners with a wealth of information and context. This makes the podcast not only entertaining, but also informative and educational.


The production quality of Morbid Podcast is also top-notch. The audio is crisp and clear, and the hosts use sound effects and music to add to the atmosphere of each episode. This attention to detail helps to immerse listeners in the stories being told, making for a more engaging and impactful listening experience.

Overall, Morbid Podcast is a great choice for true crime fans looking for a podcast that is both entertaining and informative. With engaging hosts, thorough research, and high-quality production values, it’s no wonder that the podcast has become so popular. Whether you’re a seasoned true crime buff or just getting started, Morbid Podcast is definitely worth checking out.

Morbid Podcast

morbid podcast hosts

The hosts of Morbid Podcast are Ashleigh Flowers and Alaina Urquhart. They are two friends with a shared interest in true crime and a passion for storytelling. Ashleigh and Alaina bring their unique personalities and perspectives to each episode, making for a dynamic and engaging listening experience. They often add humor and lighthearted banter to balance out the serious and often gruesome subject matter of the podcast. Their chemistry together is a big part of what makes Morbid Podcast so enjoyable for fans of the true crime genre.

morbid podcast merch

Morbid Podcast offers a wide range of merchandise for fans to show their love and support for the podcast. The Morbid Merch Store includes t-shirts, hoodies, hats, stickers, and other accessories featuring the podcast’s logo and catchphrases. The merchandise is designed with a dark and edgy aesthetic that matches the podcast’s theme of true crime and horror. Fans can purchase the merchandise directly from the podcast’s website or from various online retailers. The Morbid Merch Store is a great way for fans to connect with the podcast and show off their love for all things Morbid.


morbid podcast controversy

Morbid Podcast has faced some controversy in the past related to their handling of certain cases and their use of language. One notable incident occurred in early 2020 when the podcast released an episode on the case of Junko Furuta, a Japanese teenager who was brutally tortured and murdered in the 1980s. The episode received backlash from listeners and critics who felt that the hosts were insensitive and disrespectful in their discussion of the case.

The hosts issued an apology and pledged to do better in their future episodes. Additionally, some listeners have criticized the podcast for their use of language and jokes that they feel can be offensive or inappropriate. However, other fans appreciate the hosts’ irreverent and lighthearted approach to true crime storytelling, and feel that the controversy is overblown.


Despite the controversy, Morbid Podcast continues to have a large and devoted following, and the hosts have stated their commitment to treating true crime cases with respect and sensitivity while also maintaining their signature style of storytelling.

best morbid podcast episodes

Here are some of the best episodes of Morbid Podcast, according to fans and critics:

  1. The Murder of Dee Dee Blanchard” – This episode tells the story of Dee Dee Blanchard, a woman who suffered from Munchausen syndrome by proxy and was murdered by her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend.
  2. The Lady of the Dunes” – This episode explores the unsolved murder of an unidentified woman whose body was found in the dunes of Provincetown, Massachusetts in 1974.
  3. “The Murder of Tim McLean” – This episode recounts the horrific murder of Tim McLean, a Canadian man who was killed and dismembered by a fellow passenger on a Greyhound bus.
  4. The Murder of Jennifer Levin” – This episode covers the murder of Jennifer Levin, a young woman who was killed by her ex-boyfriend, Robert Chambers, in New York City’s Central Park in 1986.
  5. The Murders of the West Mesa Bone Collector” – This episode delves into the case of the West Mesa Bone Collector, a still-unidentified serial killer who is believed to have killed and buried multiple women in the West Mesa neighborhood of Albuquerque, New Mexico.
  6. “The Murder of Skylar Neese” – This episode tells the story of Skylar Neese, a teenager who was killed by her two best friends in a shocking and senseless crime.

These are just a few examples of the many gripping and fascinating episodes of Morbid Podcast. The show has covered a wide range of cases, from high-profile murders to lesser-known mysteries, and its hosts have a knack for bringing these stories to life with their engaging and often humorous commentary.

morbid podcast episode list

Here is a list of episodes of the Morbid podcast, organized by year:



  • The Moors Murders Part 1
  • The Moors Murders Part 2
  • The Moors Murders Part 3
  • The Lipstick Killer
  • The Mothman Part 1
  • The Mothman Part 2
  • The Mothman Part 3
  • Elizabeth Holmes Part 1
  • Elizabeth Holmes Part 2
  • Elizabeth Holmes Part 3


  • The Golden State Killer Part 1
  • The Golden State Killer Part 2
  • The Golden State Killer Part 3
  • The Boys on the Tracks Part 1
  • The Boys on the Tracks Part 2
  • The Boys on the Tracks Part 3
  • The Lady of the Dunes
  • The Smiley Face Killer Part 1
  • The Smiley Face Killer Part 2
  • The Smiley Face Killer Part 3
  • The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel Part 1
  • The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel Part 2
  • The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel Part 3
  • The Sodder Children Part 1
  • The Sodder Children Part 2
  • The Sodder Children Part 3
  • The West Memphis Three Part 1
  • The West Memphis Three Part 2
  • The West Memphis Three Part 3
  • The Toy Box Killer Part 1
  • The Toy Box Killer Part 2
  • The Toy Box Killer Part 3


  • The Cecil Hotel Part 1
  • The Cecil Hotel Part 2
  • The Cecil Hotel Part 3
  • The Highway of Tears Part 1
  • The Highway of Tears Part 2
  • The Highway of Tears Part 3
  • The East Area Rapist Part 1
  • The East Area Rapist Part 2
  • The East Area Rapist Part 3
  • The Ed Gein Part 1
  • The Ed Gein Part 2
  • The Ed Gein Part 3
  • The Golden Age of Hollywood Part 1
  • The Golden Age of Hollywood Part 2
  • The Golden Age of Hollywood Part 3
  • The Black Dahlia Part 1
  • The Black Dahlia Part 2
  • The Black Dahlia Part 3


  • The Hinterkaifeck Murders
  • The Villisca Axe Murders
  • The Axeman of New Orleans
  • The Lizzie Borden Murders
  • The Killing of JonBenét Ramsey
  • The Cleveland Torso Murders
  • The Vampire of Düsseldorf
  • The Donner Party
  • The Villainous HH Holmes
  • The Lady Killer, Ted Bundy
  • The Murder of Travis Alexander
  • The Amityville Horror Part 1
  • The Amityville Horror Part 2
  • The Amityville Horror Part 3

morbid podcast ash and alaina

Ashleigh Flores and Alaina Urquhart are the hosts of the Morbid podcast. They are both from the New England area and have been friends for several years. Ashleigh, who also goes by Ash, has a background in psychology and has always been interested in true crime. Alaina, on the other hand, has a degree in biology and is also fascinated by true crime stories. They started the Morbid podcast in 2018 as a way to explore their shared interest in true crime and the macabre.

morbid podcast website

While the Morbid podcast website may no longer be available, fans of the show can still listen to it on various platforms such as Wondery, Apple Podcasts, and Audible. On these platforms, listeners can find the complete archive of episodes, show notes, and other related content. Additionally, some of these platforms offer features like episode recommendations, ratings, and reviews, which can help listeners discover new episodes and engage with other fans of the show.


What is the Morbid Podcast?
The Morbid Podcast is a true crime podcast hosted by Ash and Alaina. They cover various topics related to true crime, including infamous cases, unsolved mysteries, and paranormal events.

Where can I listen to the Morbid Podcast?
You can listen to the Morbid Podcast on various podcast platforms, including Wondery, Apple Podcasts, and Audible.

Who are the hosts of the Morbid Podcast?
The Morbid Podcast is hosted by Ash and Alaina, who are both true crime enthusiasts. They bring their unique perspectives and in-depth research to each episode.

What kind of cases do they cover on the Morbid Podcast?
The Morbid Podcast covers a wide range of cases, including infamous serial killers, unsolved murders, and paranormal events. They also cover lesser-known cases and try to shed light on cases that have not received as much attention.

Is the Morbid Podcast appropriate for all audiences?
The Morbid Podcast covers graphic and disturbing content related to true crime, so it may not be suitable for all audiences. Listener discretion is advised.

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