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In this article, we provide an elaborate review of the captivating audio series “Tamed By a BROKEN BEAST” available exclusively on Pocket FM. Written by talented author Ellie, this series delves into a thrilling narrative that revolves around Blake, a werewolf in search of power, and Lily, a woman desperate to save her father. With the promise of solving their individual problems, their fates intertwine in unexpected ways, leaving listeners intrigued and eager to uncover the truth.

tamed by a broken beast pocket fm full story

Tamed by a broken beast pocket fM Story summary

“Tamed by a Broken Beast” is a captivating story that follows the journey of Emily, a compassionate young woman who finds herself unexpectedly drawn to a wounded and mysterious creature known as the Broken Beast. The tale is set in a world where magical creatures exist, and humans coexist with these enigmatic beings.

Emily, a kind-hearted soul with a deep love for nature and its creatures, stumbles upon the Broken Beast while exploring a forbidden forest. The beast, once majestic and powerful, now bears visible scars and exudes an air of sadness. Despite its intimidating appearance, Emily senses a glimmer of vulnerability within the creature and feels an inexplicable connection.


Driven by her empathy and curiosity, Emily embarks on a mission to understand the Broken Beast and help it heal. She dedicates herself to gaining the creature’s trust, spending countless hours by its side, observing its behavior, and gradually unraveling the secrets hidden within its past. Along the way, she encounters various challenges, facing danger and skepticism from those who fear the unknown.

As the bond between Emily and the Broken Beast strengthens, a profound transformation takes place. Through her unwavering kindness and patience, she helps the beast find solace and peace, enabling it to reclaim its true nature and regain its lost strength. In the process, Emily discovers her own resilience and inner strength, realizing that love and understanding have the power to mend even the most shattered souls.


“Tamed by a Broken Beast” is a poignant and uplifting story that explores themes of compassion, redemption, and the healing power of connection. It reminds us that even in the face of darkness and brokenness, there is always hope for renewal and transformation. Ultimately, it serves as a testament to the profound impact one individual can have when they choose to see beyond appearances and reach out with empathy and love.

tamed by a broken beast pocket fM Full Story

Chapter 1: Blocked Roads

The story opens with a gripping scene where Lily, awakened by distressing news about her father’s restaurant, finds herself caught in a whirlwind of events. As she rushes to her father’s side, she encounters an unyielding police presence, accusations against her father, and the loss of their beloved establishment. Author Ellie masterfully builds tension through Lily’s desperate attempts to navigate a harsh reality while keeping readers hooked to the narrative.


Chapter 2: The Return of the Card

Following Lily’s collapse at the police station, she awakens to find herself in a luxurious private room at Central Hospital. Confusion sets in as she realizes her hospital bills have been paid by an unknown benefactor named Marcus, the same person she encountered earlier. Lily grapples with conflicting emotions, torn between gratitude and a sense of humiliation. The plot thickens as a mysterious card reappears, offering a tempting proposition that could potentially change Lily’s life.

Chapter 3: Oblivion

In this chapter, Lily’s best friend Zenaya arrives at the hospital, concerned about Lily’s well-being. As they share a moment of solitude, Lily finally reveals the truth behind her father’s predicament and the unexpected twist of events that led to Marcus’ involvement. The atmosphere becomes charged with anticipation and curiosity as listeners eagerly await the unfolding of the story’s next chapters.


Chapter 4 – Deathly Escape

In this chapter, Blake, the youngest son of the king, walks through the forest seeking solitude. He reflects on his brother Marcus’ behavior and his own suspicions. Later, he hears mysterious sounds coming from the bushes and investigates, only to encounter a woman named Zenaya who is being chased by unknown assailants. Blake helps Zenaya escape and realizes that something is not right.

Chapter 5 – Something Is Wrong

Lily and Zenaya discuss the card that Marcus gave to Lily, offering a large sum of money in exchange for her virginity. Zenaya expresses her doubts and suspicions about Marcus’s motives. Lily receives a call from her father, who is concerned about their financial situation. Lily tries to reassure him and hides the truth about the source of the bail money. Meanwhile, Blake hears a mysterious voice in the forest and tries to convince his father to investigate, but his father dismisses it.


Chapter 6 – White Lies

Zenaya leaves Lily’s side to attend to a call from their boss, while Lily remains with Mr. James, her father. The doctor informs Lily that she will be discharged the following day, but she insists on leaving immediately. Lily discovers Marcus’ card in her pocket and is drawn to the allure of his offer. Back in the forest, Blake returns home and encounters a woman in his room who mistook it for Marcus’ room. Blake is suspicious of Marcus’ actions and feels that something is not right.

Chapter 7: “A Sinful Destination”

In this chapter, Lily receives a mysterious phone call from Markus, who tells her to be ready to leave at 1 pm. Panicked and unprepared, Lily rushes to pack her belongings within the limited time. Despite her disdain for Markus and her wild fantasies about him, she finds herself drawn to him. Markus arrives in a black limousine, and Lily hesitates but ultimately gets into the car. As they set off, she wonders how she will survive a month with him.


Chapter 8: “The Palace”

Lily and Markus arrive at a dense forest, which scares her. Despite her fears, Markus assures her that he lives there and that the creatures in the forest are his friends. Lily feels somewhat secure holding onto Markus as they make their way to the palace. When they reach the palace, Lily is astonished by its grandeur and size. She sees a glimpse of a handsome, shirtless man on the second floor, but Marcus dismisses her and takes her to her room. He warns her about the rules, including not leaving the palace without permission and not going upstairs where the owners reside. Lily is left alone, contemplating her situation and the mysterious man she saw

Chapter 9 – Locked Powers

Lily finished her meal and picked up the card from the plate. It was a simple white card with elegant handwriting that read, “Welcome to your new home. Enjoy your stay. -M.” She sighed and placed the card back on the tray. As she looked around the room, she noticed a key hanging on the wall next to the door. Curiosity sparked within her, wondering what it unlocked.


With a hint of caution, she approached the key and took it in her hand. It felt cool and heavy. Without hesitating, she walked towards the door and tried the key in the lock. To her surprise, it fit perfectly, and she turned it, unlocking the door. Lily cautiously opened the door, revealing a narrow corridor that led to another set of rooms. Intrigued, she stepped outside her room and ventured into the unknown.

As she explored the corridor, she discovered it was lined with portraits of different individuals, all seemingly frozen in time. Each portrait had a plaque beneath it, indicating the name and a brief description of the person. Lily read the names and details, feeling a strange connection to these mysterious figures. She couldn’t shake off the feeling that there was more to this place than met the eye, and these locked rooms held secrets waiting to be unraveled.

Chapter 10 – The Enigmatic Stranger

Lily continued her journey through the corridor, reaching the end where a grand double door awaited her. The doors were ornately designed with intricate carvings and seemed to hold an air of significance. She felt a mixture of apprehension and curiosity coursing through her veins. Slowly, she pushed open the heavy doors, revealing a lavishly decorated room with floor-to-ceiling windows that offered a breathtaking view of the surrounding forest.

But it wasn’t the view that captured Lily’s attention. It was the enigmatic stranger standing near the window, looking out into the night. His back was turned towards her, but she could see his curly hair cascading down his shoulders. It was the same man she had caught a glimpse of earlier. Her heart skipped a beat as she took in his presence.

With each step she took towards him, Lily’s nerves tingled with anticipation. As she reached his side, she hesitated for a moment before gathering the courage to speak. “Excuse me,” she began, her voice trembling slightly. The stranger turned to face her, revealing piercing blue eyes that seemed to hold a world of secrets. “Who are you?”

The stranger offered her a warm smile that sent shivers down her spine. “I am Adrian,” he said in a soft, melodic voice. “And you must be Lily, the guest who has captured Marcus’s attention.” Lily felt her cheeks flush at the mention of Marcus. “How do you know Marcus?” she asked, trying to hide her curiosity.

Adrian chuckled softly. “Let’s just say we have a complicated history. But enough about Marcus. I believe you have many questions, and I am here to help you find the answers. Welcome to the Palace, Lily. Prepare yourself for a journey of discovery.” With those enigmatic words, Adrian extended his hand, and Lily couldn’t resist the magnetic pull of his presence. She took his hand, ready to embark on a path that would lead her to unravel the mysteries that lay within the Palace’s walls.

Tamed by a broken beast pocket fM Story Review

“Tamed by a Broken Beast” is a captivating and heartwarming story that weaves a tale of compassion, redemption, and the transformative power of love. This enchanting narrative takes readers on a journey into a world where magical creatures exist alongside humans, exploring themes of inner strength and the healing potential found in the unlikeliest of connections.

The story revolves around Emily, a character whose kindness and empathy shine through from the very beginning. Her encounter with the Broken Beast, a wounded and mysterious creature, sets the stage for an extraordinary bond to form. The author’s vivid descriptions and attention to detail make it easy for readers to immerse themselves in the magical forest and feel the weight of the creature’s scars and pain.

One of the strengths of “Tamed by a Broken Beast” lies in the development of the relationship between Emily and the creature. As Emily dedicates herself to understanding the Broken Beast, the story explores the complexities of trust, vulnerability, and the power of patience. Through her unwavering determination and unwavering love, Emily becomes a catalyst for the creature’s transformation, reminding us of the profound impact that compassion can have on those who have been broken.

The story also effectively addresses themes of fear, prejudice, and the unknown. As Emily faces skepticism from those who are quick to judge the Broken Beast based on its appearance, readers are prompted to reflect on their own preconceived notions and the importance of looking beyond the surface to discover the true nature of individuals and creatures.

Overall, “Tamed by a Broken Beast” is a beautifully crafted story that touches the heart and inspires the reader to embrace empathy, kindness, and the power of connection. It serves as a reminder that even the most shattered souls can find healing and redemption when met with understanding and love. This enchanting tale will linger in the minds of readers long after they have turned the final page.


“Tamed by a Broken Beast” weaves a tapestry of fantasy, emotion, and profound insight, inviting readers into a world where compassion reigns supreme. With its timeless themes of love, redemption, and the power of connection, this enchanting novel stands as a testament to the enduring strength of the human spirit. Prepare to be swept away on a journey that will leave you reflecting on the true nature of beauty, the importance of empathy, and the extraordinary capacity of the heart to heal even the most shattered souls.

FAQs on Tamed by a Broken Beast

Q: What is “Tamed by a Broken Beast” about?
A: “Tamed by a Broken Beast” is a story that follows the journey of Emily, a compassionate young woman who encounters a wounded and mysterious creature known as the Broken Beast. It explores themes of love, redemption, and the transformative power of compassion as Emily strives to understand and heal the creature, forming an extraordinary bond along the way.

Q: Is “Tamed by a Broken Beast” a fantasy novel?
A: Yes, “Tamed by a Broken Beast” is a fantasy novel. It takes place in a world where magical creatures exist alongside humans, adding an element of enchantment and wonder to the story.

Q: Is the story suitable for all ages?
A: While “Tamed by a Broken Beast” can be enjoyed by readers of various ages, it is important to note that some themes and elements may be more suitable for older readers. Younger readers might need guidance or supervision due to certain emotional and potentially intense scenes.

Q: Does the story have a positive message?
A: Yes, the story carries a positive and uplifting message. It emphasizes the power of compassion, understanding, and the ability to heal and transform even the most broken of souls. It reminds readers of the importance of looking beyond appearances and stereotypes to discover the true nature of individuals and creatures.

Q: Is “Tamed by a Broken Beast” part of a series?
A: At the time of writing, “Tamed by a Broken Beast” is a standalone novel. However, it is always possible for the author to continue the story or create related works in the future.

Q: Are there any underlying themes explored in the book?
A: Yes, “Tamed by a Broken Beast” delves into various themes such as trust, vulnerability, fear, prejudice, and the unknown. It encourages readers to question their preconceived notions, examine their own fears, and consider the transformative power of empathy and love.

Q: What sets “Tamed by a Broken Beast” apart from other fantasy novels?
A: The strength of “Tamed by a Broken Beast” lies in its compelling characters, emotional depth, and the exploration of the healing power of compassion. The story blends elements of fantasy with profound human connections, creating a unique and memorable reading experience.

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