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In the realm of captivating audio storytelling, Pocket FM continues to charm listeners with its exceptional series. One such remarkable audio series that has captured the hearts of audiences is “Falling for the Beast.” Transporting listeners into a world of mystery and enchantment, this Pocket FM production weaves a spellbinding tale that will leave you craving for more.

falling for the beast pocket fm


“Falling for the Beast” revolves around the extraordinary journey of Niya, a seventeen-year-old who stumbles upon an unforeseen turn of events while trekking. Accidentally slipping and falling, Niya finds herself in an unfamiliar land, bewildered by her surroundings. Before she can make sense of her predicament, she becomes surrounded by a pack of wolves, their predatory instincts ready to pounce. But just when all hope seems lost, Niya’s salvation arrives in the form of Jeeraj, a beast-man.

Niya is whisked away to Jeeraj’s village, where she becomes an unexpected possession of the enigmatic beast-man. This unforeseen twist sets the stage for a thrilling narrative filled with suspense, romance, and unexpected alliances. As Niya delves deeper into the secrets of this strange land, listeners are taken on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, curiosity, and anticipation.


The Compelling Characters

  1. Niya: Our young and resilient protagonist, Niya, is a reflection of courage and determination. Her accidental arrival in the strange land and subsequent encounter with Jeeraj test her inner strength as she navigates the challenges thrown her way.
  2. Jeeraj: The enigmatic beast-man, Jeeraj, emerges as a complex character with an air of mystery surrounding him. As the story unfolds, Jeeraj’s motives and true nature become integral to the plot, leaving listeners captivated by his presence.

The Intriguing Plot

“Falling for the Beast” takes listeners on a mesmerizing journey, enthralling them with its unique blend of adventure, romance, and fantasy. Niya’s quest to save herself from Jeeraj’s possession serves as the central conflict, driving the narrative forward. Listeners are kept on the edge of their seats, wondering how Niya will navigate this unfamiliar terrain and what fate has in store for her.

Why Choose Pocket FM

Pocket FM, the home of remarkable audio series, delivers yet another masterpiece with “Falling for the Beast.” As a platform dedicated to high-quality audio content, Pocket FM ensures a captivating listening experience for its users. With its user-friendly interface and extensive collection of audio series, Pocket FM has become a go-to platform for podcast enthusiasts.



Immerse yourself in the enchanting audio series “Falling for the Beast” on Pocket FM. Join Niya as she embarks on a perilous adventure, encounters the beast-man Jeeraj, and unravels the mysteries of a strange land. This enthralling narrative promises to keep you hooked until the very end. Tune in to Pocket FM and indulge in the magic of “Falling for the Beast.

FAQs on Falling for the Beast

Q1: How can I listen to “Falling for the Beast” on Pocket FM?
A1: You can listen to “Falling for the Beast” on Pocket FM by downloading the Pocket FM app on your mobile device. Once you have the app, search for the series and start enjoying the captivating episodes.


Q2: Is “Falling for the Beast” suitable for all age groups?
A2: “Falling for the Beast” is primarily targeted towards young adult audiences, but it can be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates a thrilling and romantic storyline.

Q3: How often are new episodes released for “Falling for the Beast”?
A3: The release schedule for new episodes of “Falling for the Beast” may vary. It is recommended to check the Pocket FM app regularly for updates on new episode releases.


Q4: Can I listen to “Falling for the Beast” offline?
A4: Yes, once you have downloaded the episodes of “Falling for the Beast” on the Pocket FM app, you can listen to them offline without an internet connection. This feature allows you to enjoy the series anytime and anywhere.

Q5: Is “Falling for the Beast” a completed series?
A5: The completion status of “Falling for the Beast” can vary. Some audio series on Pocket FM are ongoing, while others may have a defined number of episodes. It is advisable to check the episode listing or series description for information on its status.


Q6: Can I share “Falling for the Beast” episodes with others?
A6: Yes, you can share your favorite episodes of “Falling for the Beast” with your friends and family. Pocket FM provides sharing options within the app, allowing you to spread the joy of the series.

Q7: Are there other similar audio series available on Pocket FM?
A7: Yes, Pocket FM offers a wide range of audio series across various genres. If you enjoy “Falling for the Beast,” you can explore other romantic, fantasy, or adventure-themed series available on the platform.


Q8: Can I provide feedback or reviews for “Falling for the Beast” on Pocket FM?
A8: Absolutely! Pocket FM values user feedback and encourages listeners to provide reviews and ratings for their favorite series. You can leave your thoughts and comments on the series page or provide feedback through the Pocket FM app.

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