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Blood Meridian or the Evening Redness in the West is a historical novel by Cormac McCarthy, set in the American West during the mid-19th century. The audiobook version of this novel, narrated by Richard Poe, is an unforgettable experience, both hauntingly beautiful and brutal.

blood meridian audiobook

Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy – Audiobook Summary

The story follows a teenager from Tennessee, known only as “the kid,” who joins a group of mercenaries, the Glanton gang, as they massacre Indigenous Americans and others for bounty, sadistic pleasure, and eventually out of nihilistic habit. The role of the antagonist is gradually filled by Judge Holden, a physically massive, highly educated, preternaturally skilled member of the gang who is extremely pale and completely bald from head to toe.

The narrative is disturbing, and the violence is graphic, but it is not without purpose. McCarthy’s prose is hypnotic, and the book’s scenes are affecting not only because of their horror and violence but also by their eerie beauty and lyricism. The descriptions of the American frontier, its landscapes, and its people are evocative and poetic.


The characters are almost opaque, reduced to actions in minimal dialogue. Even the language seems intended to confound and discomfit the reader, mixing arcane, half-forgotten scientific and philosophical terms with passages that sound almost like something from the Bible. McCarthy challenges the reader to peer into the abyss and examine powerful questions about morality, evil, humanity’s need for violence and dominance, and the nature of God.

Richard Poe’s narration is excellent, capturing the tone of the novel perfectly. His voice is deep and somber, conveying the bleakness of the story and the setting. He also does an excellent job of differentiating the various characters, bringing them to life in a way that makes them memorable.


Where to listen Blood Meridian Audiobook by Cormac McCarthy

The audiobook is available on Audible, Amazon, and other audiobook retailers. The production quality is excellent, and the narration is clear and easy to understand.

Overall, Blood Meridian is not an easy listen, but it is a rewarding one. McCarthy is a powerful writer, and his novel is a masterpiece of modern literature. Poe’s narration adds an extra layer of depth to an already profound work. I highly recommend this audiobook to fans of the Western genre, as well as those interested in exploring the darker aspects of human nature.


Things to learn from blood meridian audiobook

Literary style“Blood Meridian” is written in a distinct and challenging literary style that uses complex vocabulary, poetic imagery, and unflinching descriptions of violence and brutality. It is a work of historical fiction that blends real events and people with fictional characters and events.
Historical contextThe book is set in the mid-19th century in the American Southwest and Mexico, during a period of intense violence and conflict between Native Americans, Mexicans, and Americans. The story takes place against the backdrop of the Mexican-American War and the Indian Wars.
ThemesSome of the major themes of the book include violence, war, masculinity, nature, civilization, and the concept of the “judge,” a mysterious and enigmatic character who serves as a kind of embodiment of these themes.
CharactersThe book features a diverse cast of characters, including the protagonist known only as “the kid,” the ruthless and charismatic leader of the Glanton gang, John Glanton, and the enigmatic and malevolent “judge.” Other characters include fellow gang members, Native Americans, Mexicans, and American soldiers.
NarrationThe audiobook is narrated by Richard Poe, who does an excellent job of capturing the distinctive style and tone of the book. His performance is powerful and compelling, and he brings the characters and settings to life with vivid and evocative descriptions.
Symbolism“Blood Meridian” is rich in symbolism, with many objects and images carrying deeper meanings and associations. Some examples include the desert landscape, the weapons and tools used by the characters, and the various animals encountered throughout the story.
Literary influencesThe book draws on a wide range of literary and historical influences, including the works of William Faulkner, Herman Melville, and Samuel Johnson, as well as historical accounts of the violence and conflict in the American Southwest and Mexico during the 19th century.

These are just a few examples, but there is much more to be learned and explored in “Blood Meridian.”


Q: What is “Blood Meridian” audiobook?
A: “Blood Meridian” audiobook is an audio recording of Cormac McCarthy’s novel “Blood Meridian or the Evening Redness in the West” narrated by Richard Poe.


Q: Where can I listen to “Blood Meridian” audiobook?
A: “Blood Meridian” audiobook is available for purchase on various platforms such as Audible, Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play.

Q: How long is the “Blood Meridian” audiobook?
A: The “Blood Meridian” audiobook is approximately 14 hours and 17 minutes long.


Q: Who is the narrator of the “Blood Meridian” audiobook?
A: Richard Poe is the narrator of the “Blood Meridian” audiobook.

Q: Is “Blood Meridian” a suitable audiobook for children?
A: “Blood Meridian” is not suitable for children due to its graphic and violent content.


Q: Can I listen to “Blood Meridian” audiobook for free?
A: “Blood Meridian” audiobook is not available for free legally. You can access it by purchasing it from various online platforms or by using a subscription-based audiobook service that offers it as part of their collection.

Q: Is “Blood Meridian” audiobook abridged or unabridged?
A: The “Blood Meridian” audiobook is unabridged, meaning that it is a complete and full recording of the novel.


Q: What is the genre of “Blood Meridian” audiobook?
A: “Blood Meridian” audiobook is a historical fiction novel.

Q: Is “Blood Meridian” audiobook recommended?
A: “Blood Meridian” audiobook is highly recommended for adults who enjoy literary fiction and are interested in exploring the dark and violent side of the American West. However, it is not recommended for those who are sensitive to graphic and violent content.

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