Virus 2062 Season 2 Podcast: Ali Fazal And Richa Chadha Take Time-Traveling to New Heights


Virus 2062 Season 2, the sci-fi podcast featuring Bollywood actors Ali Fazal and Richa Chadha, returns with an intriguing storyline and captivating performances. In this new season, the tables have turned as Dr. Gayatri (Richa Chadha) becomes the time traveler, encountering Dr. Vivek (Ali Fazal) in the same room. Let’s dive into a review of Virus 2062 Season 2 and explore the thrilling time-traveling adventure.

Ali Fazal and Richa Chadha in Virus 2062 Season 2 Podcast, a thrilling time-traveling podcast

Virus 2042 Podcast Story Summary

Virus 2042 is a gripping podcast that follows the journey of Peter Perera, a man who claims to be from the future, specifically the year 2062. Peter reaches out to Dr. Gayatri, portrayed by Richa Chadha, with a dire warning: the world is on the brink of devastation due to a deadly pandemic. With a mission to alter the course of history, Peter has traveled back in time to prevent the catastrophic events from occurring.

As the podcast unfolds, the audience is drawn into a world of suspense and mystery. Peter’s revelations about the future and his urgent plea for intervention captivate Dr. Gayatri and listeners alike. Together, they navigate a complex web of challenges, uncovering secrets and searching for answers to prevent the impending disaster. Virus 2042 delves into themes of time travel, the human capacity for resilience, and the power of individuals to change the course of history.


Virus 2042 Podcast Review

Virus 2062 is an ambitious podcast that brings together the talents of Ali Fazal and Richa Chadha to tackle a pandemic-based storyline. The script, while ambitious, can feel cluttered at times, attempting to touch on various topical themes like politics, social media trials, and religion. The use of an uncertain narrator as a storytelling device is an interesting choice, but it may not always translate seamlessly to an audio-only medium.

Richa Chadha’s performance as Dr. Gayatri ‘Bindiya’ Rajput, the psychiatrist, showcases her effort to adapt to the new medium. However, there are moments where her delivery feels forced and lacks the nuanced performance expected from such a talented actress. On the other hand, Ali Fazal shines in his portrayal of Patient 63, Peter Perera, who claims to be from the future and seeks to prevent the world from being ravaged by a deadly pandemic. Fazal’s voice modulation and ability to draw listeners in with his portrayal of fear, anxiety, and conviction are more convincing and natural.


Overall, Virus 2062 is a commendable effort in exploring new storytelling formats. While some aspects may feel imperfect, the podcast presents an intriguing premise and delivers moments of suspense and engagement. It’s worth a listen for fans of Ali Fazal and Richa Chadha, who will appreciate their performances in this ambitious audio production.

A New Time-Traveling Journey

In the new season, Dr. Gayatri finds herself in 2012, a decade earlier than the first season’s timeline. The narrative takes a thrilling twist as she lands in the psychiatric ward in Mumbai and faces questioning by Dr. Vivek. This reversal of roles adds a new dimension to the story, keeping the audience engaged and eager to unravel the mysteries of time travel.


Ali and Richa’s Dynamic Performance

Virus 2062 Season 2 showcases the remarkable acting skills of Ali Fazal and Richa Chadha. Richa takes the lead in the first two episodes, capturing the audience’s attention with her nuanced portrayal of Dr. Gayatri. Ali, on the other hand, gradually steps into the spotlight, matching Richa’s performance in the later episodes. The chemistry between the two actors shines through, elevating the overall storytelling experience.

Impressive Adaptation and Realistic Setting

The adaptation of Julio Rojas’s Caso 63 into the Indian context is commendable. The podcast manages to create a relatable and vivid depiction of Mumbai with mentions of dolphins being spotted and people wearing masks. These small details add authenticity to the narrative and help the listeners visualize the story’s world.


A Fast-Paced and Engaging Plot

Virus 2062 Season 2 wastes no time in delving into the main storyline. Unlike the first season, the new episodes skip the extensive exploration of Dr. Gayatri’s background and instead focus on the core narrative. This approach keeps the plot engaging and allows listeners to dive straight into the action. The episodes maintain a tight time limit of 15 minutes, ensuring an easily digestible and immersive experience.

New Characters and Their Impact

While the performances of the main characters are commendable, the introduction of new supporting characters in the second season lacks the smoothness of the first season. The limited screen time for these characters makes it challenging to establish their presence and impacts the overall listening experience. However, this minor flaw does not overshadow the intriguing storyline and stellar performances.


A Worthwhile Listening Experience

Virus 2062 Season 2, like its predecessor, offers a captivating and thrilling podcast experience. The seamless blend of science fiction and drama keeps listeners hooked, while Ali Fazal and Richa Chadha’s compelling performances add depth to the narrative. The season’s shorter episodes make it easily accessible, perfect for a quick escape into the time-traveling adventure.


Virus 2062 Season 2 takes the podcast to new heights with an engaging storyline, impressive performances, and a realistic setting. Ali Fazal and Richa Chadha shine in their respective roles, captivating the audience with their dynamic performances. Despite minor shortcomings with new character introductions, the podcast delivers an immersive and worthwhile listening experience. Tune in to Virus 2062 Season 2 on Spotify and embark on a thrilling journey through time.


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