Two Hot Takes Podcast Review: Hilarious and Juicy Insights on Dating, Relationships, and Life


In the vast world of podcasts, where there is a show for every interest, Hot Takes stands out as a comedy podcast that delivers hilarious and entertaining commentary on various topics. Hosted by the witty and charismatic Morgan Absher, along with her team of co-hosts, this podcast takes on the juiciest dating stories, relationship dilemmas, life conundrums, and dives into the popular “Am I the Asshole” (AITA) threads from Reddit. In this detailed review, we’ll explore the unique features, the humor, and the overall appeal of the Hot Takes podcast.

two hot takes podcast review

two hot takes podcast Summary

Hot Takes Podcast, hosted by the lively and humorous Morgan Absher, is a comedy podcast that delves into the most intriguing dating stories, relationship dilemmas, life conundrums, and Reddit’s popular “Am I the Asshole” (AITA) threads. Morgan, along with her team of co-hosts, scours the internet, including Reddit and listener write-ins, to bring listeners the juiciest and most entertaining content.

Each episode of Hot Takes is filled with laughter, as the hosts share their hilarious and often controversial perspectives on a wide range of topics. From bizarre dating experiences to perplexing relationship situations, the hosts leave no stone unturned as they dissect and analyze every detail, providing unique insights into the complexities of modern relationships.


What sets Hot Takes apart is its interactive nature. The hosts actively encourage listeners to submit their own stories, questions, and hot takes, creating a vibrant and engaged community. This listener-driven approach adds a personal touch to the podcast, making listeners feel like they are part of the conversation and fostering a sense of camaraderie.

With its top-notch production value and excellent audio quality, Hot Takes ensures a seamless and enjoyable listening experience. The hosts’ voices are clear, and the podcast is well-edited, allowing listeners to fully immerse themselves in the discussions without any distractions.


The show’s success lies in its ability to blend comedy, insightful discussions, and interactive storytelling. Listeners can expect laughter, relatability, and a healthy dose of entertainment as they embark on a journey through the world of outrageous dating stories, relationship dilemmas, and life’s funniest moments.

Join Morgan Absher and her team of co-hosts on Hot Takes Podcast for a memorable and laughter-filled experience. Get ready to laugh out loud, nod along, and maybe even share your own hot take. With Hot Takes, you’ll find a podcast that delivers humor, community, and a fresh perspective on the highs and lows of dating, relationships, and life.


two hot takes podcast Review

Episode Format and Engaging Hosts: Hot Takes keeps its episodes engaging and fresh by sourcing content from Reddit, listener write-ins, and other corners of the internet. This ensures a constant stream of intriguing and relatable stories that serve as a catalyst for entertaining discussions. The chemistry between Morgan Absher and her co-hosts shines through in every episode, creating a lively and entertaining atmosphere that keeps listeners coming back for more.

Diving into the Juicy Stories: One of the highlights of Hot Takes is its ability to dissect and analyze the most intriguing dating and relationship stories. The hosts leave no stone unturned as they dig into the juicy details, providing their humorous and sometimes controversial perspectives. Listeners can expect candid and unfiltered conversations that provide unique insights into the complexities of modern relationships.


Laugh-Out-Loud Comedy: Laughter is guaranteed throughout each episode of Hot Takes. The hosts have a knack for injecting humor into every discussion, turning even the most serious topics into comedic gold. Their witty banter and hilarious anecdotes keep the energy high, ensuring that listeners are constantly entertained and amused. It’s the perfect podcast to brighten your day and have a good laugh.

Interactive and Listener-Driven Content: Hot Takes thrives on listener engagement and involvement. The hosts actively encourage listeners to submit their own stories, questions, and hot takes, creating a sense of community and interaction. This interactive approach adds a personal touch to the podcast and makes listeners feel like they’re part of the conversation. It’s refreshing to hear real-life experiences and perspectives from the audience, further enhancing the podcast’s relatability.


Production Value and Audio Quality: Hot Takes maintains a high level of production value and audio quality. The hosts’ voices are clear, and the podcast is well-edited, ensuring a seamless listening experience. The balanced sound levels and professional editing contribute to the overall enjoyment of the show, allowing listeners to fully immerse themselves in the discussions without any distractions.

Best Episodes of two hot takes podcast

Episode TitleDescription
“The Dating Disasters”In this episode, the hosts dive into some of the most hilarious and cringe-worthy dating disasters shared by listeners and Reddit users. Get ready for outrageous stories that will have you laughing out loud.
“Relationship Dilemmas”In this episode, the hosts tackle a range of relationship dilemmas, from tricky breakups to navigating long-distance relationships. They provide their unique perspectives and offer advice on handling common relationship challenges.
“Am I the Asshole?”This episode focuses on the popular AITA threads from Reddit, where listeners and users share their moral dilemmas. The hosts analyze the scenarios and provide their humorous take on who is in the right and who is in the wrong.
“Life’s Awkward Moments”Prepare to cringe and laugh as the hosts recount their own embarrassing and awkward moments in life. From embarrassing encounters to hilarious misunderstandings, this episode will have you nodding along in shared embarrassment.
“Navigating Online Dating”In this episode, the hosts discuss the ins and outs of online dating. From hilarious dating app profiles to awkward virtual dates, they share their experiences and provide tips for navigating the sometimes tricky world of online dating.
“Love and Compatibility”Love can be complicated, and in this episode, the hosts explore the topic of compatibility in relationships. They delve into the various factors that contribute to a successful and harmonious partnership, sharing anecdotes and personal insights along the way.
“Family Drama Unleashed”Family dynamics can be challenging, and this episode addresses the humorous and sometimes absurd situations that arise within families. The hosts share their own family anecdotes and discuss how to navigate the complexities of family relationships.
“Career vs. Love Life”Balancing a career and a love life can be tricky, and this episode delves into the challenges and dilemmas that arise when trying to juggle both. The hosts share their own experiences and offer advice on finding a harmonious balance between work and love.
“Dating in the Digital Age”In this episode, the hosts explore the impact of technology on dating and relationships. They discuss the pros and cons of dating apps, online communication, and the evolving landscape of modern romance, providing humorous insights into the digital dating world.
“Friendship Struggles”Friendships can sometimes be complicated, and this episode focuses on the ups and downs of navigating friendships. The hosts share relatable stories of friendship struggles and provide lighthearted commentary on maintaining healthy and fulfilling friendships.

two hot takes podcast host

The hosts of the “Two Hot Takes” podcast are led by the charismatic and witty Morgan Absher. Morgan is joined by a team of co-hosts who contribute their unique perspectives and add to the lively discussions on the show. While the specific names of the co-hosts may vary or change over time, they all bring their own flair and humor to the podcast, making each episode engaging and entertaining for the listeners. Together, Morgan Absher and her team of co-hosts create a dynamic and fun-filled atmosphere that keeps audiences coming back for more hot takes and laughter.



Hot Takes is a comedy podcast that successfully combines humor, insightful discussions, and interactive storytelling. Hosted by Morgan Absher and her dynamic team of co-hosts, this show delivers laughter, unique perspectives, and a sense of community to its listeners. With its engaging format, hilarious banter, and relatable content, Hot Takes has become a must-listen for those seeking an entertaining escape and a fresh take on dating, relationships, and life’s ups and downs.

So, if you’re ready to dive into the world of outrageous dating stories, relationship dilemmas, and life’s funniest moments, tune in to Hot Takes and join Morgan Absher and her team as they serve up their hilarious and unfiltered hot takes on the internet’s juiciest tales.


Remember, laughter is guaranteed, and you might just find yourself nodding along or even sharing your own hot take. Get ready for a podcast that will leave you in stitches and eagerly waiting for the next episode of Hot Takes.

FAQs on two hot takes podcast

Q: How often are new episodes released?
A: New episodes of the “Two Hot Takes” podcast are typically released on a weekly basis. You can expect fresh and entertaining content to enjoy regularly.

Q: Can I submit my own stories or hot takes to the podcast?
A: Absolutely! The hosts actively encourage listeners to submit their own stories, questions, and hot takes. You can participate by sending your submissions through the podcast’s website or designated platforms mentioned during the episodes.

Q: Are the hosts open to listener suggestions or topic requests?
A: Yes! The hosts value listener engagement and are open to suggestions and topic requests. If there’s a specific dating, relationship, or life-related subject you’d like them to discuss, don’t hesitate to reach out and share your ideas.

Q: Are the stories and discussions on the podcast based on real experiences?
A: While the hosts may draw inspiration from real-life stories and internet sources like Reddit, it’s important to note that the podcast’s content is for entertainment purposes. The hosts share their comedic and often exaggerated take on various scenarios, creating an engaging and humorous listening experience.

Q: Can I listen to the podcast on multiple platforms?
A: Yes! The “Two Hot Takes” podcast is typically available on popular podcast platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and more. You can choose your preferred platform and subscribe to the podcast to stay updated on new episodes.

Q: Are there any age restrictions or content warnings for the podcast?
A: The podcast may contain mature themes and occasional strong language. Listener discretion is advised, and it’s recommended for adult audiences. If you have concerns about specific content, it’s advisable to review individual episodes or reach out to the hosts for more information.

Q: Can I engage with the hosts and other listeners on social media?
A: Yes! The podcast hosts are often active on social media platforms, providing an opportunity for listeners to engage in discussions, share their thoughts, and connect with fellow fans of the show. You can follow the podcast’s official social media accounts for updates and interaction.

Q: Are there any plans for live shows or special events?
A: The hosts occasionally organize live shows or special events, offering fans a chance to experience the podcast in a unique and interactive setting. Stay tuned to the podcast’s announcements or social media channels for updates on any upcoming live shows or events.

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