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In the world of audio storytelling, Pocket FM has emerged as a haven for avid listeners and storytelling enthusiasts. With a vast library of captivating narratives, Pocket FM offers an array of stories that cater to every taste and preference. In this article, we present the top 10 best English stories on Pocket FM that are sure to take you on a journey of imagination, emotion, and suspense. Best of all, you can listen to these gripping tales for free!

Top 10 Best English Audio Series on Pocket FM  Listen Now

Insta Millionaire

“Celebrity Struggles: From Luxury to Poverty and Back”

Alex, accustomed to a life of opulence, found himself thrust into a world of scarcity when his affluent family enrolled him in a rigorous poverty training program. For seven arduous years, he navigated the challenges of living on a meager budget, working tirelessly to make ends meet.


However, life took an unexpected turn, and Alex returned to millionaire status. The question that haunted him now was how to reconcile the stark contrast between his past life of extravagance and the invaluable lessons he learned during his years of financial hardship. Did the allure of wealth truly overshadow the richness of life’s intangible treasures? If you are fan of audiobooks or fictional podcast then dive in and listen today this interesting story of self-discovery as we delve into Alex’s captivating story.

Accidentally Yours

“Accidentally Yours” is an enthralling audio series on Pocket FM that embarks on a suspenseful and captivating journey. The narrative orbits around Natalie, whose life takes an unforeseen twist following an unplanned pregnancy and the unraveling of her relationship with her childhood sweetheart.


In the face of mounting challenges, including her own sister and family turning against her, Natalie finds herself questioning whether there’s still a glimmer of hope for a brighter tomorrow. As the story unfurls, listeners are whisked away on an emotional rollercoaster, encountering moments of intense suspense, profound mystery, and startling revelations.

Throughout the series, the enchanting narration by Kelly Dugger breathes life into the characters and their experiences. Her spellbinding voice and immersive storytelling style introduce an electrifying dimension to the audiobook, rendering it an absolute must-listen for aficionados of the genre.


The Billionaire’s Accidental Bride

“Indulge in the enthralling audio series ‘The Billionaire’s Accidental Bride,’ adapted from the acclaimed Chinese novel ‘Trial Marriage Husband.’ In this gripping English adaptation, passion, betrayal, and redemption intertwine to craft a captivating narrative.

Emma’s life takes an unexpected turn when a wild night out in Las Vegas leads to an accidental marriage to the enigmatic Nathan. Despite the unconventional start to their relationship, an undeniable connection blossoms between them, defying all expectations.


As the story unfolds, listeners are transported into the opulent world of high society, where power and influence hold sway. Emma’s journey from a humble background into the glamorous realm of fashion has prepared her for the challenges of Nathan’s world. However, she soon discovers that love can be both a blessing and a curse, unraveling a tale that keeps you at the edge of your seat.”

Billionaire’s False Paradise

“In the heart of a seemingly routine surrogacy arrangement with the prominent Lewis family, surrogate mother Monica Thames finds herself at the crossroads of an extraordinary decision. Instead of adhering to the original plan, Monica chooses to keep one of the twins she delivered a secret—an heir to the illustrious Lewis family legacy hidden under her watchful care. As the plot unfolds, questions arise: What consequences will this clandestine act hold for Monica? And how will Stefan Lewis, the father, respond to the revelation? ‘Billionaire’s False Paradise’ explores the intricacies of family, secrecy, and the profound choices that can alter the course of lives forever.”


Love Contract

“Love Contract” on Pocket FM is no ordinary love story; it’s a symphony of emotions, dreams, and fate that has captured the hearts of countless listeners. In this narrative, Aaron, deeply devoted to someone else, finds his life thrown into disarray when he encounters Rachel. While his heart remains committed elsewhere, destiny has its own plans. On the other hand, Rachel is a woman driven by ambition and aspirations, with little time for the complexities of romance. Love isn’t a priority in her life. However, an intriguing “Love Contract” mysteriously binds Aaron and Rachel together, setting the stage for a love story that challenges expectations and redefines the boundaries of affection.

“Love Contract” is more than a conventional love story; it’s an exploration of the intricate tapestry of love, destiny, and the unexpected connections that bind us. Listen this journey that unfolds the unpredictable and beautiful facets of love. With each episode, “Love Contract” on Pocket FM offers a tale of love’s complexities and the fascinating ways it weaves itself into our lives, leaving you eagerly anticipating the next chapter in this extraordinary narrative.


The Accidental Mother

In a world where fate can be both cruel and surprising, Daniella’s life was forever changed by one fateful night of drunken revelry. What began as a moment of carefree indulgence soon led to an unexpected pregnancy, setting her on an unforeseen path of motherhood.

Fast forward to the present day, and Daniella faces a heart-wrenching situation. Her young son has been diagnosed with leukemia, a dire condition that casts a shadow of despair over their lives. The only glimmer of hope lies in a marrow transplant from the child’s true biological father—a man from Daniella’s past.


‘The Accidental Mother’ is a poignant audio series on Pocket FM that delves into the complexities of love, sacrifice, and the unbreakable bonds of family. Join Daniella on her journey of redemption as she navigates the challenges of her past, confronts her own mistakes, and embarks on a quest to save her son’s life.

With every episode, listeners are drawn deeper into a narrative filled with raw emotion, unexpected twists, and the enduring power of a mother’s love. ‘The Accidental Mother’ is a compelling story that explores the resilience of the human spirit and the extraordinary lengths a mother will go to protect her child. Don’t miss this gripping audio series, available now on Pocket FM.”

You Belong with Me

In ‘You Belong with Me,’ Meghan’s return to New York marks the beginning of a compelling journey. Five years ago, she endured rejection and isolation from her loved ones. Now, she’s back, not only seeking answers for herself but also for her child. However, New York isn’t the same place she left behind. Secrets have taken root, and certain individuals stand to lose much as the truth comes to light. Join Meghan in this riveting tale of redemption, intrigue, and the pursuit of justice.

Trading Up

Emma’s life had taken a devastating turn. She watched her dreams of becoming a surgeon shatter when she lost her medical license. The betrayal of her fiancé and best friend left her heartbroken and shattered. Now, with looming financial ruin and her mother’s urgent need for heart surgery, Emma’s world seemed on the brink of collapse.

But just when she thought hope was lost, an unexpected savior entered her life. He offered her a lifeline, a chance to save her mother and herself from despair. There was a catch, though – she had to marry him. Faced with an impossible choice, Emma had to weigh the obligations of her heart against the urgency of her circumstances.

Join Emma on a journey of second chances, as she navigates the complexities of love, sacrifice, and the pursuit of a new beginning. ‘Trading Up’ is a gripping tale that explores the boundaries of obligation and the possibilities of a fresh start.”

Us Before Me

In ‘Us Before Me,’ April’s life appeared to be a masterpiece, filled with happiness and contentment. However, everything took a drastic turn when she faced heart-wrenching betrayal and rejection from both her lover and her closest friend. As she retreated from the world she once knew, April embarked on a transformative journey, discovering love in the most unexpected of places.

Hellbound With You

Nora, a simple and innocent soul, finds herself facing the cruel grasp of a terminal illness, with time slipping through her fingers. It’s in this moment of realization that she craves to truly live life, to embrace experiences she’s never known. Enter Oliver, a wealthy and seemingly arrogant man, who becomes an unexpected part of her journey.

Initially reluctant to embark on this unusual adventure, Oliver maintains a distant and aloof demeanor. But as the days pass and their connection deepens, could this initially transactional relationship blossom into a love neither of them expected?

“Hellbound With You” is a story that explores the unlikely, often unpredictable paths love can take. It’s a narrative filled with moments of vulnerability, transformation, and the power of human connection. Join Nora and Oliver on their captivating journey, where love finds a way even in the most unexpected places.

FAQs About the Top 10 Best English Stories on Pocket FM

  1. What is Pocket FM?
    • Pocket FM is a popular audio storytelling platform that offers a vast library of audio stories, podcasts, and narratives across various genres.
  2. Are these stories available for free on Pocket FM?
    • Yes, all the stories mentioned in the article are available for free on Pocket FM. You can listen to them without any subscription or cost.
  3. Do I need to create an account to listen to these stories?
    • While you can browse and listen to stories on Pocket FM without an account, creating an account allows you to save your progress, create playlists, and personalize your listening experience.
  4. Can I download these stories for offline listening?
    • Yes, Pocket FM offers the option to download stories for offline listening. This is particularly useful if you want to enjoy stories while not connected to the internet.
  5. How often are new stories added to Pocket FM?
    • Pocket FM regularly updates its library with new stories and content. The frequency of updates may vary, but you can expect fresh content to keep you entertained.
  6. Can I share these stories with my friends and family?
    • Yes, you can share your favorite stories with your friends and family by using the sharing features available on the Pocket FM app or website.
  7. Are there different genres of stories available on Pocket FM?
    • Yes, Pocket FM offers a wide range of genres, including mystery, romance, sci-fi, fantasy, crime, and more. You can explore stories that align with your interests.
  8. Can I listen to Pocket FM on different devices?
    • Pocket FM is accessible on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. You can switch between devices while using the same account.
  9. Do I need an internet connection to listen to these stories?
    • While you need an internet connection to stream stories, you can download them for offline listening, allowing you to enjoy them without an internet connection.
  10. Is Pocket FM available internationally?
    • Initially Pocket FM started catered to audiences in India. However, after getting good response and after production validation they have expanded to US and now in preparation to make it globalize.

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