Laugh Into the Week with ‘Bad Friends’ Podcast: Unfiltered Comedy, Whiskey Tales, and Celebrity Deviance


Welcome, podcast enthusiasts and comedy lovers! If you’re on the lookout for a side-splitting, whiskey-fueled journey through the deviant tales of the entertainment industry, look no further than “Bad Friends.” Hosted by the dynamic duo of Andrew Santino and Bobby Lee, this podcast promises laughter, irreverence, and a unique glimpse into the mischievous pasts of your favorite comedians and entertainers.

Bad Friends Podcast Unfiltered Comedy Whiskey Tales

In this article, we’ll delve into what makes “Bad Friends” a must-listen podcast, exploring the chemistry between the hosts, the entertaining anecdotes, and the overall vibe that sets it apart in the crowded podcast landscape.

Captivating Chemistry

One of the standout features of “Bad Friends” is the palpable chemistry between Andrew Santino and Bobby Lee. Their camaraderie is infectious, creating an atmosphere that feels like you’re eavesdropping on two lifelong friends sharing stories over a bottle of whiskey. This natural connection translates into seamless banter, ensuring that listeners are entertained from the opening moments to the closing credits.


Deviant Stories and Whiskey Wisdom

The core of “Bad Friends” lies in the storytelling format where guests, hailing from the entertainment industry, reflect on their deviant pasts. Andrew Santino, with his sharp wit, guides the conversations, while Bobby Lee adds his unique flair, resulting in a perfect comedic storm. The addition of whiskey to the mix adds a laid-back, unfiltered quality, creating an environment where guests feel comfortable sharing their most outrageous and hilarious tales.

Consistent Content Drops

Consistency is key in the podcast world, and “Bad Friends” delivers with new episodes every Monday. This regular schedule not only keeps loyal listeners engaged but also caters to the algorithms of search engines that favor frequently updated content. As a Podcast researcher associate, I must commend the podcast for its commitment to a reliable release schedule, contributing to its discoverability.


Encouraging User Engagement

Encouraging listeners to leave reviews, share episodes on social media, and engage with the hosts on various platforms can significantly enhance the podcast’s online presence. These user-generated signals are valuable in the eyes of search engines, signaling that the content is relevant and resonating with the audience.

“Bad Friends” Podcast Review: A Whiskey-Soaked Dive into Comedy Gold

In the uproarious world of podcasts, “Bad Friends” emerges as a comedic beacon, inviting listeners into the unabashed revelry of comedian duo Andrew Santino and Bobby Lee. Aptly titled, the podcast is a rollercoaster of deviant stories from the entertainment industry, served with a side of whiskey-infused wisdom. Every Monday, Santino and Lee’s infectious camaraderie unfolds as they guide their guests through a journey of hilarity and mischief, creating an atmosphere that feels like an intimate gathering of long-time friends sharing laughter and anecdotes. The chemistry between hosts is palpable, ensuring that each episode is a laugh-out-loud experience.


Discover the laughter-packed universe of “Bad Friends” podcast, where Andrew Santino and Bobby Lee lead a whiskey-soaked exploration into the mischievous pasts of entertainment industry guests. Our review delves into the seamless banter, captivating storytelling, and the duo’s infectious chemistry that sets “Bad Friends” apart. With a commitment to consistency by dropping new episodes every Monday, this review also emphasizes the importance of SEO optimization, user engagement, and the podcast’s relentless pursuit of comedic excellence. Join the uproar every week for a dose of irreverent humor and captivating tales.

Bad Friends Podcast Summary

In the uproarious realm of comedy podcasts, “Bad Friends” emerges as a standout, blending unfiltered humor with the nostalgic allure of deviant tales. Hosted by the dynamic duo, Andrew Santino and Bobby Lee, each episode feels like an intimate gathering of old friends swapping stories over a bottle of whiskey. This podcast captures the essence of the entertainment industry as guests reflect on their mischievous pasts, all while the hosts seamlessly guide the conversation with razor-sharp wit. With new episodes every Monday, “Bad Friends” ensures a consistent dose of laughter. A perfect blend of storytelling and laid-back banter, this podcast promises to be a refreshing addition to your weekly lineup.


Best Episodes of “Bad Friends” Podcast

In the ever-expanding world of podcasts, “Bad Friends” stands out as a comedic powerhouse. From hilarious anecdotes to unfiltered banter, hosts Bobby Lee and Andrew Santino create an environment that keeps listeners coming back for more. Let’s take a closer look at the top episodes that have left fans in stitches.

Episode DateTitleDurationHighlights
JAN 13, 2024Bobby Snubs Our Biggest Guest Ever today on Patreon!2 minBobby Lee’s unexpected snub, exclusive content on Patreon, and ad-free early episodes.
JAN 8, 2024I’m Bobby Mom With Bobby’s Mom1 hr 15 minBobby’s mom surprises him, heartfelt moments, and the Japanese tree story.
JAN 1, 2024Yabba Dabba Dr. Phil1 hr 31 minNew Year resolutions, Dr. Phil’s antics, and hilarious impressions, including a vaping intervention.
DEC 25, 2023Salty Santa Comes Down Our Chimney ft. Stavros Halkias1 hr 14 minA festive episode with Greek Santa Stavros, holiday conversations, and Bobby’s first movie revelation.
DEC 18, 2023Monkey Farts & Asian Fetish1 hr 25 minTaylor Williamson joins with discussions on dog looks, Bobby’s career advice, and a tiny, unfair fight.

Episode Highlights:

  1. Bobby Snubs Our Biggest Guest Ever today on Patreon! (JAN 13, 2024):
    • Bobby Lee’s surprising snub.
    • Exclusive content on Patreon.
    • Ad-free early episodes.
  2. I’m Bobby Mom With Bobby’s Mom (JAN 8, 2024):
    • Heartfelt moments with Bobby’s mom.
    • The Japanese tree story.
    • Bobby’s perfect imperfections.
  3. Yabba Dabba Dr. Phil (JAN 1, 2024):
    • New Year resolutions and reflections.
    • Dr. Phil’s humorous entrance.
    • Vaping intervention and comedic Olympic video.
  4. Salty Santa Comes Down Our Chimney ft. Stavros Halkias (DEC 25, 2023):
    • Festive Greek Santa Stavros.
    • Holiday crime and prison life discussions.
    • Bobby’s first movie revelation.
  5. Monkey Farts & Asian Fetish (DEC 18, 2023):
    • Taylor Williamson joins the banter.
    • Discussions on dog looks and Bobby’s career advice.
    • A tiny, unfair fight and amusing anecdotes.

How to Listen

For an uproarious dose of comedy, tune in to “Bad Friends” on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or visit the official website.



“Bad Friends” is a comedic gem that stands out in the world of podcasts. The chemistry between Santino and Lee, coupled with the wild stories and whiskey-infused wisdom, makes it a delightful listen. So, grab a glass of whiskey, hit play, and join the hilarity that is “Bad Friends” every Monday!


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