Dark Downeast Podcast: The Untold Dark Tales of New England


Dark Downeast, a podcast that delves into the chilling and mysterious true crime stories of Maine and New England. Led by investigative journalist and captivating storyteller Kylie Low, Dark Downeast unearths decades-old and modern-day cases that have left a haunting mark on the history of Vacationland and its surroundings. Let’s explore why this podcast is a must-listen for true crime aficionados seeking both depth and empathy in their storytelling.

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Podcast Review: Unveiling Dark Downeast – Maine and New England’s True Crime Chronicles

Dark Downeast, a gripping true crime podcast, takes listeners on an investigative journey through the haunting tales of Maine and New England. Led by storyteller and investigative journalist Kylie Low, this podcast doesn’t just delve into unsolved homicides, mysterious disappearances, and other dark stories; it approaches these narratives with heart-centered, ethical storytelling. Low’s narrated episodes and documentary-style production, featuring interviews with family, friends, detectives, and other key sources, offer a unique perspective on these long-forgotten or overlooked cases. Dark Downeast’s mission goes beyond mere storytelling; it’s a commitment to honoring the humans at the core of each story and bringing attention to cases awaiting justice. With a compassionate approach and insightful storytelling, Dark Downeast emerges as a beacon in the realm of true crime podcasts, captivating audiences while shining a light on the forgotten mysteries of New England’s history.

Narrative Style and Content

Dark Downeast sets itself apart with its unique blend of narrated episodes and a documentary-style approach. Kylie Low’s storytelling prowess comes to life as she leads listeners through each case, meticulously unraveling the details and injecting a human touch by featuring interviews with surviving family and friends. The podcast also offers valuable insights from detectives and other sources closely connected to these unsolved homicides, undetermined deaths, unexplained disappearances, and other mysterious tales.


Ethical and Heart-Centered Storytelling

One of the podcast’s standout features is its commitment to ethical storytelling. Dark Downeast doesn’t sensationalize or exploit tragedies for entertainment purposes; rather, it honors the legacy of the individuals involved in each story. By shedding light on lesser-known cases, the podcast aims to bring attention to these unsolved mysteries while maintaining a heartfelt approach that resonates with listeners.

Mission and Impact

Dark Downeast is on a mission not only to captivate its audience with compelling narratives but also to advocate for justice. By giving a voice to those affected by these dark events and shedding light on overlooked cases, the podcast seeks to contribute to ongoing investigations and bring closure to families and communities impacted by these tragedies.


Dark Downeast Summary – New England’s Unsolved Mysteries

In the realm of true crime podcasts, Dark Downeast emerges as a compelling narrative venture led by investigative journalist Kylie Low. Focused on the enigmatic history of Maine and New England, this podcast skillfully navigates through decades-old and contemporary cases, exploring unsolved homicides, undetermined deaths, unexplained disappearances, and other haunting mysteries. With a blend of narrated episodes and documentary-style production, Kylie Low meticulously crafts each story, interweaving interviews with surviving family members, friends, and key sources, including detectives intimately involved in these cases. Dark Downeast stands out not only for its storytelling finesse but also for its ethical approach, emphasizing empathy and respect for the individuals at the heart of these gripping tales.

Through Dark Downeast, listeners are treated to an immersive journey, delving deep into the shadows of New England’s past. The podcast’s heart-centered storytelling doesn’t sensationalize tragedy; rather, it honors the human elements within each narrative. Kylie Low’s dedication to shedding light on overlooked cases and amplifying voices that often go unheard adds a compassionate layer to the true crime genre. As the podcast seeks justice for the unresolved, it invites audiences to join the pursuit of truth, making Dark Downeast an unmissable exploration into the haunting mysteries that have shaped the landscapes of Vacationland and beyond.


Why Listen to Dark Downeast

  • Unique Perspective: The podcast presents lesser-known true crime stories from a compassionate and empathetic angle, providing a fresh take on the genre.
  • Insider Insights: Interviews with detectives and other sources offer valuable insider perspectives on ongoing investigations.
  • Engaging Storytelling: Kylie Low’s storytelling skills keep listeners hooked, blending facts and emotions seamlessly.

Top Episodes of Dark Downeast: Unveiling New England’s Unsolved Crimes

The Dark Downeast podcast has been a compelling journey into the depths of unsolved mysteries that haunt the landscapes of New England. From heart-wrenching disappearances to brutal murders, the episodes crafted by investigative journalist Kylie Low have mesmerized audiences worldwide. Let’s delve into the most gripping episodes of this true crime podcast that have left listeners on the edge of their seats:

Episode TitleDescriptionDurationRelease Date
The Murder of Matthew Margolies (Connecticut)A haunting tale from Greenwich, Connecticut, surrounding the disappearance of 13-year-old Matthew Margolies on a summer night in 1984, sending shockwaves through the town.41 minSep 25, 2023
The Murder of Jon Pownall (Maine)In 1973, the sudden death of film director Jon Pownall in Portland, Maine, stunned the community, raising questions yet to be answered.1 hrSep 24, 2023
UPDATE: The Murders of David Nixon & Steven Ray Johnson (Maine)A special update on the episode “Murder on Goose Rocks Beach,” shedding light on the cases of David J. Nixon and Steven Ray Johnson.2 minSep 18, 2023
The Murders of David Nixon & Steven Ray Johnson (Maine)Exploring the chilling events of June 8, 1987, when David Nixon’s stay at the family beach house in Kennebunkport, Maine, took a tragic turn.38 minSep 11, 2023
The Murder of Jimmy Stone (Connecticut)Recounting the unsettling demise of James “Jimmy” Stone Jr. on the Golden Hill Paugussett Reservation in Colchester, Connecticut, in 2018.33 minAug 28, 2023
The Murder of Patricia Moreno (Massachusetts)A tale of tragedy set in Massachusetts in 1991, where the fire escape meant solace for 17-year-old Patricia Moreno, turned into the scene of her murder.33 min

These selected episodes represent a fraction of the compelling storytelling prowess of Dark Downeast. With a mix of heart-centered narratives and detailed investigations, Kylie Low, the host, brings a sensitive yet gripping perspective to each case, honoring the lives lost while seeking justice for their untimely deaths.


Stay tuned for more captivating episodes from Dark Downeast, each unveiling a new chapter in the haunting mysteries that shroud the history of New England.


Dark Downeast isn’t just another true crime podcast; it’s a testament to the power of ethical storytelling and the pursuit of justice. With its captivating narratives and dedication to honoring the individuals behind each story, Dark Downeast stands as a beacon, shedding light on the darkest corners of New England’s history.


Tune in to Dark Downeast to explore the mysteries that linger in the shadows, and join Kylie Low on a journey to uncover the truth behind some of Maine and New England’s most haunting cases.


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