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Greek mythology has long been dominated by the stories and voices of men, but Madeline Miller’s Circe aims to give a powerful and feminist perspective on one of the most fascinating figures of Greek mythology. The audiobook, narrated by Perdita Weeks, brings Circe to life with an engaging and immersive narration that makes it a must-listen for anyone who loves retellings of classic tales.

Circe Audiobook Review

Where to Listen Circe Audiobook

Circe Audiobook is available on multiple audiobook platforms, including Audible, Google Play, Apple Books, and many others. Listeners can purchase or download the audiobook from their preferred audiobook platform, and start listening on their favorite devices.

circe Book

1Introduction to the island of Aeaea and the nymph Circe
2Circe’s childhood on Aeaea, her strained relationship with her father Helios, and her discovery of her powers
3Circe’s encounter with Prometheus and the beginnings of her involvement in the politics of the gods
4Circe’s banishment to Aeaea and her transformation into a witch
5Circe’s meeting with Odysseus and his men, and her turning them into pigs
6Circe’s relationship with Odysseus, his departure from Aeaea, and the birth of their son Telegonus
7Circe’s visit to the underworld and her reunion with her sister Pasiphae
8The arrival of Hermes on Aeaea and the revelation of Odysseus’ fate
9Circe’s relationship with Telemachus, the son of Odysseus, and the brewing war between the gods and Titans
10Circe’s involvement in the war and her ultimate decision to side with the Olympians
11The aftermath of the war and Circe’s decision to remain on Aeaea
12The passing of the ages and Circe’s reflections on her life and experiences

Note: The number of chapters may vary depending on the edition of the audiobook.


Circe Audiobook Summary

Circe is a powerful retelling of the life of Circe, a minor goddess in Greek mythology who is known for her role in Homer’s Odyssey. Madeline Miller takes a feminist perspective and gives Circe a strong voice and an engaging personality that challenges the traditional portrayal of women in Greek mythology. The audiobook follows Circe’s life from her early days as a neglected child to her transformation into a powerful witch, and her eventual confrontation with the powerful gods of Olympus. Along the way, Circe faces numerous challenges, including the betrayal of those closest to her and the struggle to find her place in a world that often disregards the power and agency of women.

Circe Audiobook Narration:

Perdita Weeks’ narration of Circe Audiobook is engaging and immersive, drawing listeners into the world of Greek mythology with a powerful voice that captures the emotion and depth of the story. Her delivery of Circe’s character is particularly strong, bringing her to life in a way that is both authentic and relatable. Weeks’ narration is an excellent complement to Miller’s powerful writing, bringing a new level of depth and emotion to an already engaging story.


Themes of Circe

Circe Audiobook is a feminist retelling of Greek mythology that challenges the traditional portrayal of women in ancient myths. The audiobook explores themes of power, agency, and the struggle to find one’s place in a world that often disregards the voices and experiences of women. The story also delves into the complexities of family, love, and betrayal, providing a nuanced and emotionally powerful portrayal of a woman who defies the expectations of her society.


Madeline Miller’s writing in Circe is masterful, combining a deep knowledge of Greek mythology with a modern feminist perspective. The novel is a powerful exploration of the life of one of mythology’s most fascinating figures, and Miller’s writing brings Circe to life in a way that is both authentic and engaging. Her prose is both lyrical and powerful, making the audiobook a joy to listen to from start to finish.


Things to learn from Circe Audiobook

Things to Learn from Circe Audiobook
The power of female empowerment
The value of self-discovery
The importance of standing up for yourself
The consequences of blindly following tradition
The power of love and compassion
The complexity of human nature
The consequences of one’s actions
The strength of forgiveness
The danger of envy and jealousy
The beauty of nature
The value of family
The danger of arrogance
The importance of storytelling
The role of gods and mortals in mythology
The impact of relationships on individuals
The consequences of revenge
The danger of self-righteousness
The importance of self-acceptance
The impact of societal expectations
The complexity of motherhood
The power of transformation
The role of fate in one’s life
The importance of perseverance
The impact of isolation
The beauty of individuality
The danger of conformity


Circe Audiobook by Madeline Miller, narrated by Perdita Weeks, is a powerful and engaging retelling of the life of one of Greek mythology’s most fascinating figures. Miller’s writing is masterful, and Weeks’ narration brings the story to life with an engaging and immersive delivery that draws listeners in from the very beginning. If you’re looking for a feminist retelling of a classic tale, Circe Audiobook is a must-listen.


Q: Who is the author of Circe Audiobook?
A: Madeline Miller is the author of Circe Audiobook.


Q: Who narrates the Circe Audiobook?
A: Perdita Weeks narrates the Circe Audiobook.

Q: What is the duration of the Circe Audiobook?
A: The duration of the Circe Audiobook is 12 hours and 8 minutes.


Q: What genre does Circe Audiobook belong to?
A: Circe Audiobook belongs to the genre of historical fiction, fantasy, and mythology.

Q: Is Circe Audiobook available on all audiobook platforms?
A: Yes, Circe Audiobook is available on all major audiobook platforms, including Audible, Google Play Books, and Apple Books.


Q: Is the Circe Audiobook appropriate for all ages?
A: The Circe Audiobook contains some mature themes and language, and is recommended for mature audiences.

Q: What is the story of Circe Audiobook about?
A: Circe Audiobook is about the life of Circe, a minor goddess from Greek mythology. The story follows her journey as she navigates the world of gods and mortals, and the challenges she faces as a powerful, independent woman in a patriarchal society.


Q: Is the Circe Audiobook worth listening to?
A: Yes, Circe Audiobook is highly recommended for those who enjoy historical fiction, fantasy, and mythology, as well as those interested in strong female characters and feminist themes. The narration by Perdita Weeks adds to the overall enjoyment of the audiobook.

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