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In the quiet suburbs of Utah, Ashley Lytton’s life took a horrifying turn when she discovered her husband’s chilling secret. The captivating podcast, “Betrayal,” delves deep into her story, exposing the shocking crime that not only altered her life but also jeopardized the safety of her children. As we listen to her harrowing account, we come to realize that similar betrayals are happening in households everywhere, a sobering reminder of the darkness lurking behind closed doors.

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“Betrayal” is a captivating podcast that delves into the shocking story of Ashley Lytton, a typical suburban mom and wife from Utah whose life takes a terrifying turn when she uncovers her husband’s horrifying secret. This gripping podcast focuses on Ashley’s fight for justice for her daughter and protection from a predator who was too close to home.

The podcast exposes the horrifying crime that Ashley experienced and how it jeopardized the safety of her children. It sheds light on the fact that similar crimes are happening in households across the country, serving as a betrayal of families, communities, and everything we value in society.


Each episode of “Betrayal” takes listeners through the harrowing journey of Ashley’s fight for justice and the emotional turmoil she experiences. It highlights the alarming reality that we can never truly know what is happening inside the mind of another person.

Through Ashley’s story, listeners are encouraged to question everything they thought they knew about love, trust, and empathy. The podcast evokes a range of empathetic emotions as it exposes the dark secrets and manipulative tactics employed by the predator.


“Betrayal” is a podcast that will leave listeners deeply affected, reevaluating their own perceptions of relationships and the importance of awareness and vigilance. It is recommended for fans of podcasts such as “Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry?” and “Something Was Wrong,” as it offers a similarly gripping and immersive experience.

Produced by iHeartPodcasts and Glass Podcasts, “Betrayal” offers a cautionary tale that serves as a stark reminder of the hidden dangers that can lurk within seemingly normal lives. It provides a platform for victims to share their stories, raising awareness of the prevalence of such crimes and the need for justice.


Listeners are encouraged to start from the beginning of the podcast to fully immerse themselves in Ashley’s story. The episodes, typically around 30 minutes in length, delve into the extent of the predator’s crimes and the lies that were carefully constructed to conceal them.

“Betrayal” is a compelling podcast that fearlessly tackles a difficult and uncomfortable subject matter. It exposes the true extent of the crimes committed and offers a raw and honest exploration of a problem that many people are hesitant to acknowledge. Through Ashley’s story, listeners gain a deeper understanding of the importance of vigilance and empathy, reminding us all to be aware of the potential darkness that can exist beneath the surface.


Gripping Review of the Betrayal Podcast

The Unveiling of Betrayal

“Betrayal” is a thought-provoking podcast produced by iHeartPodcasts and Glass Podcasts. Season Two of this gripping series focuses on the cautionary tale of Jenifer Faison, a woman who believed she had found her perfect match in Spencer Herron. However, she soon unraveled a web of lies that shattered her perception of love and trust.

Episode by Episode Insights

From the very first episode, “Betrayal” hooks listeners with its concise 30-minute episodes that meticulously unfold the shocking crimes and layers of deception orchestrated by Spencer Herron. Each episode leaves you craving for more as the extent of his offenses becomes clearer, painting a chilling portrait of a predator hiding in plain sight.


Jenifer’s Heartbreaking Journey

After seven seemingly perfect years of marriage, Jenifer’s world crumbled when she found Spencer sitting in their living room, clutching a search warrant. The once-revered high school teacher was now facing charges of sexual assault against one of his students, an ordeal that started during her teenage years. The podcast powerfully captures Jenifer’s emotional journey as she confronts the woman her husband assaulted and seeks to understand the truth.

The Dark Depths Unveiled

However, Jenifer’s story is far from over. Through the podcast, we join Andrea and Jenifer on their exploration of Spencer’s crimes, unraveling his web of lies and manipulation. Following his arrest, Jenifer takes it upon herself to uncover the true identity of the man she loved, delving into his social media and text messages. What she discovers is a shockingly different person, with Spencer’s double life consisting of numerous affairs with friends, strangers, and even neighbors.


Confronting the Truth

“Betrayal” takes listeners on a chilling journey as Jenifer speaks with the women Spencer was involved with, learning the manipulative techniques he employed to gaslight and control her. The podcast even features a compelling conversation between Jenifer and Spencer, where she seeks to understand how she missed the dark and sinister spirit that hid beneath his facade.

Is Betrayal podcast a true story?

Yes, “Betrayal” podcast is based on a true story. It explores the real-life experiences of Ashley Lytton, a woman who discovered her husband’s horrifying secret and fought for justice for her daughter. The podcast delves into the details of the crime, the impact it had on Ashley’s life, and the subsequent search for justice and protection. Through interviews, testimonies, and investigative storytelling, “Betrayal” presents a compelling and authentic account of a real-life betrayal.



“Betrayal” is an enthralling and thought-provoking podcast that uncovers the depths of human deception and the destructive consequences it leaves in its wake. As you follow Ashley Lytton’s fight for justice and protection, prepare to question your own understanding of love and empathy. This podcast is a must-listen for fans of true crime and psychological exploration, captivating audiences with its raw emotions, powerful storytelling, and unwavering pursuit of truth.

FAQs on Betrayal podcast

Q: Is “Betrayal” podcast based on a true story?
A: Yes, “Betrayal” podcast is based on a true story. It delves into the real-life experiences of Ashley Lytton and her fight for justice and protection.

Q: How can I listen to “Betrayal” podcast?
A: “Betrayal” podcast can be listened to on various podcast platforms, such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and the iHeartRadio app. Simply search for “Betrayal” in your preferred podcast app and start listening.

Q: How often are new episodes of “Betrayal” released?
A: The release schedule for new episodes of “Betrayal” may vary. It is recommended to subscribe to the podcast or follow its social media accounts for updates on new episode releases.

Q: Can I find additional resources related to the story covered in “Betrayal” podcast?
A: Yes, the podcast may provide additional resources, such as articles, interviews, or websites, where you can find more information about the story and the issues it addresses. Check the podcast’s official website or accompanying materials for any related resources.

Q: Are there trigger warnings or content advisories for sensitive listeners?
A: Due to the nature of the subject matter, “Betrayal” podcast may contain sensitive and triggering content. It is advisable to check for any trigger warnings or content advisories provided by the podcast to ensure that you are mentally prepared to listen.

Q: Can I share my own story or experiences related to betrayal?
A: While “Betrayal” podcast focuses on Ashley Lytton’s story, it may encourage listeners to share their own experiences or seek support. Check the podcast’s official website or social media accounts for any platforms or resources where you can engage with the podcast community or share your story.

Q: Will listening to “Betrayal” provide closure or resolution to the story?
A: “Betrayal” podcast aims to shed light on Ashley Lytton’s story and raise awareness about the issue of betrayal. However, the podcast’s episodes and storytelling may not necessarily provide a definitive resolution or closure to the story. Each episode contributes to a broader understanding of the events and their impact.

Q: Is “Betrayal” suitable for all listeners?
A: “Betrayal” podcast contains content that may not be suitable for all listeners, particularly due to its sensitive subject matter. It is advised to review the podcast’s content warnings or consider your own sensitivity to certain topics before listening. Parental discretion is also recommended for younger listeners.

Q: Can I support or contribute to the cause highlighted in “Betrayal” podcast?
A: The podcast may provide information on how to support or contribute to causes related to the issue of betrayal and seeking justice. Listen closely to the podcast for any recommendations, or visit their official website or social media accounts for relevant resources or organizations you can support.

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