10 Top Epilepsy Podcasts to Help You to Manage Epilepsy


Living with epilepsy can be challenging, but there are many resources available to help you understand and manage your condition. One of the best ways to stay informed is by listening to epilepsy podcasts, which offer expert insights, personal stories, and helpful tips for living with epilepsy. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 epilepsy podcasts to help you stay informed and empowered.


Seize Your Adventure

This podcast features inspiring stories from people with epilepsy who have overcome challenges and pursued their passions. Hosted by Chelsea, who has epilepsy herself, Seize Your Adventure offers a mix of interviews, personal stories, and expert insights.

Seize Your Adventure – curated as one of the 10 Top Epilepsy Podcasts

Epilepsy Foundation

The official podcast of the Epilepsy Foundation, this podcast offers a wide range of topics related to epilepsy, including research updates, lifestyle tips, and personal stories. Hosted by Dr. Joe Sirven, a leading epilepsy expert, this podcast is a great resource for anyone living with epilepsy.

Epilepsy Foundation:curated as one of the 10 Top Epilepsy Podcasts

Seizing Life

A CURE Epilepsy Podcast is a must-listen for anyone affected by epilepsy. Hosted by Kelly Cervantes, this podcast aims to inspire empathy and hope as we search for a cure for epilepsy. By sharing stories of people affected by epilepsy, experts in the field, and advancements in research and treatment, Seizing Life provides a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to its listeners.

Whether you or a loved one have been recently diagnosed with epilepsy, or have been living with it for years, Seizing Life is a valuable resource that provides insight and support. Join Kelly and her guests as they discuss the latest research, treatments, and advancements in epilepsy care. Together, we can find a cure and seize life.


Be sure to subscribe to Seizing Life on your favorite podcast platform to stay up to date with the latest episodes.

Seizing Life: curated as one of the 10 Top Epilepsy Podcasts

Epileptic Rants

The Epileptic Rants Podcast is a unique and candid podcast that provides a window into the life of an American living with epilepsy. This podcast is hosted by an individual who shares their personal experiences with epilepsy through rants and reflections.


Listeners of the Epileptic Rants Podcast can gain valuable insight into the challenges and triumphs of living with epilepsy. Through sharing personal stories and perspectives, the host provides a relatable and authentic portrayal of the condition.

If you’re looking for a podcast that offers a personal and unfiltered perspective on living with epilepsy, then be sure to check out the Epileptic Rants Podcast. Subscribe on your favorite podcast platform to stay up to date with the latest episodes.

Epileptic Rants :curated as one of the 10 Top Epilepsy Podcasts

To Take Hold Of

To Take Hold Of is a podcast hosted by Danny, who has been living with epilepsy since he was diagnosed at the age of three. Danny started an epilepsy support blog a few years ago that helped many people living with epilepsy, and now he has taken his mission of helping others to the world of podcasting.

The goal of To Take Hold Of is to offer encouragement and support to those living with epilepsy, as well as their friends and family. Danny provides a compassionate and empathetic voice, sharing his personal experiences and insights, and offering helpful tips for managing the challenges of living with epilepsy.


Whether you have been recently diagnosed with epilepsy or have been living with it for years, To Take Hold Of is a valuable resource. You can contact Danny by leaving a message at anchor.fm/totakeholdof/message or emailing him at totakeholdof@gmail.com.

Be sure to subscribe to- To Take Hold Of on your favorite podcast platform to stay up to date with the latest episodes and gain valuable insights and support for living with epilepsy

To Take Hold Of :curated as one of the 10 Top Epilepsy Podcasts

Hazy Not Crazy 

Hazy Not Crazy is a podcast hosted by Nathan and Shannon, who have a combined 67 years of experience living with seizure mayhem, wildly abnormal EEGs, medication side effects, trigger torment, and mental health madness. Despite the challenges they face, Nathan and Shannon offer an upbeat and positive take on living life in a constant state of unknown.

In each episode, Nathan and Shannon share their personal experiences with epilepsy, while also interviewing top experts and leaders in the field. Through these conversations, they explore the all-too-familiar journey that those affected by epilepsy endure.


The goal of Hazy Not Crazy is to provide a space where listeners can learn, grow, and laugh along with Nathan and Shannon. By sharing their stories and insights, they hope to offer support and encouragement to those living with epilepsy and their loved ones.

Be sure to subscribe to Hazy Not Crazy on your favorite podcast platform to stay up to date with the latest episodes and gain valuable insights and support for living with epilepsy.

Hazy Not Crazy:curated as one of the 10 Top Epilepsy Podcasts

 Epilepsy Voices

Epilepsy Voices is a podcast community that welcomes anyone affected by epilepsy. Through the stories shared on the show, the podcast aims to empower listeners to overcome obstacles, find hope, and thrive.

With season 2 underway, Epilepsy Voices dives deeper into the epilepsy community. Each episode features candid conversations with people who have been impacted by epilepsy in different ways, including those living with the condition, caregivers, medical professionals, and advocates.

The podcast is hosted by Tim and Cassie, who both have personal experience with epilepsy. They offer a warm and welcoming space where guests can share their experiences, offer insights and advice, and connect with others in the epilepsy community.

If you or someone you know has been affected by epilepsy, be sure to tune into Epilepsy Voices on your favorite podcast platform. With each episode, you’ll gain valuable insights, support, and inspiration to help you thrive despite the challenges of living with epilepsy.

Epilepsy Voices:curated as one of the 10 Top Epilepsy Podcasts


Talk About It! is a podcast hosted by actor and epilepsy advocate Greg Grunberg, and it aims to bring the epilepsy community together. The podcast primarily focuses on educating families about the importance of early and specific diagnosis. The podcast provides an assessment to help start the conversation, educational information, stories from families who have found a diagnosis, links to advocacy groups, and much more. The podcast intends to let families, patients, and everyone affected by epilepsy know that they are not alone. Through this podcast, the listeners can gain knowledge about epilepsy, find support, and become advocates for themselves or their loved ones.

Talk About It!:curated as one of the 10 Top Epilepsy Podcasts

The Brain Ablaze epilepsy Podcast

The Brain Ablaze epilepsy Podcast is a valuable resource for anyone seeking answers to their questions about seizures and epilepsy. Hosted by people with epilepsy, this podcast is designed to provide practical advice, support and insights to help you adapt to your diagnosis as quickly as possible. Whether you’re a newly diagnosed patient or a long-time sufferer, you’ll find expert advice, personal stories, and helpful tips to help you manage your condition and live your best life. With a focus on community, education, and empowerment, The Brain Ablaze is a must-listen for anyone impacted by epilepsy.

The Brain Ablaze epilepsy Podcast :curated as one of the 10 Top Epilepsy Podcasts


Epilepsy& is an insightful podcast that aims to raise awareness about epilepsy and share inspiring stories from the patient community. Did you know that 1 in 26 people will develop epilepsy? With this podcast, the Epilepsy Foundation Eastern PA invites you to become part of the conversation and learn more about this condition that affects so many. In each episode, you’ll hear from experts, patients, and caregivers discussing the latest medical advances, treatments, and research in epilepsy. Join us and help spread hope and understanding about this complex condition.

Epilepsy& :curated as one of the 10 Top Epilepsy Podcasts

Whether you’re looking for practical tips and advice, personal stories and insights, or a supportive community of individuals living with epilepsy, these 10 podcasts offer something for everyone. By tuning in and listening to these podcasts, you can gain valuable insights and support for managing epilepsy and living a fulfilling life.

Benefits of Epilepsy Podcast

Image of a person holding a smartphone with headphones on, listening to a podcast about epilepsy
Stay connected to the epilepsy community with the best epilepsy podcasts.
  1. Educational Content: Epilepsy podcasts can provide educational content that helps listeners understand epilepsy, its causes, symptoms, and treatments. Listeners can gain knowledge from healthcare experts and people who have lived with epilepsy.
  2. Supportive Environment: Epilepsy podcasts can create a supportive environment where people can share their experiences, stories, and challenges related to epilepsy. Listeners can feel connected and less isolated, which can positively impact their mental health.
  3. Inspiration and Empowerment: Listening to people’s success stories and journeys can inspire and empower listeners to take control of their lives and manage epilepsy effectively. It can help in building self-confidence and improve the quality of life.
  4. Awareness and Advocacy: Epilepsy podcasts can help raise awareness about epilepsy and its impact on people’s lives. It can also inspire people to become advocates for epilepsy research, treatment, and policy changes.
  5. Convenience and Accessibility: Podcasts are convenient to listen to, as they can be accessed at any time, anywhere, and on any device. Listeners can catch up on missed episodes and stay up to date with the latest developments in epilepsy management.

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