Pocket FM Audio Series “The Crown’s Obsession” : Listen The Full Story

Step into the opulent realms of royalty and romance with The Crown’s Obsession on Pocket FM. Follow Alexis MacMillian’s journey as she grapples with her newfound identity as the king’s chosen muse, amidst a backdrop of secrets, betrayal, and forbidden desires. Immerse yourself in the auditory splendor of the free audiobook or lose yourself in the pages of the Pocket Novel app. Explore the captivating narrative today and discover the magic of The Crown’s Obsession.

Pocket FM Audio Series ‘ImPerfect Pyaar’ : Listen The Full Story

Embark on a transformative journey with Imperfect Pyaar on Pocket FM, where love’s triumph over adversity unfolds in every chapter. Join Siddharth and Anushka as they navigate the tumultuous waters of life, embracing imperfections and cherishing the beauty found within. Dive into a narrative of love, loss, and resilience that captivates hearts and minds, available now for free audiobook download on Pocket FM.

Pocket FM Audio Series ‘Unraveling The Son-In-law’ : Listen The Full Story

A journey into the clandestine world of Frazer, where love and deception intertwine amidst the shadows of secrecy. ‘Unraveling the Son-in-law’ on Pocket FM unveils a gripping narrative of familial ties, hidden identities, and the triumph of love over adversity. Listen now to delve into the depths of Frazer’s double life and witness the unraveling of his hidden truths.

Pocket FM Audio Series ‘Royal Stitches’ : Listen The Full Story

Dive into Royal Stitches on Pocket FM and embark on a riveting journey through time and royalty. Join Emily, a nurse turned princess, as she harnesses her medical knowledge to navigate a world of political intrigue and romance. With each episode, discover the twists and turns that lead Emily closer to her destiny. Listen for free and experience the allure of Royal Stitches today!

Audio Series “The Imposter Bride” on Pocket FM – Listen The Full Story

Unravel the mystery within ‘The Imposter Bride’ on Pocket FM, where mistaken identities collide with entangled alliances. Join Mary in a whirlwind of suspense and passion, as she navigates through the Johansson Family’s complexities. Experience every twist and turn of this gripping narrative – listen for free on the Pocket FM app or delve into the complete story on the Pocket Novel app. Prepare for a rollercoaster of emotions as truth clashes with deception, leaving listeners spellbound with every episode!

Audio Series “Release That Witch” on Pocket FM : Listen The Full Story

Discover the captivating tale of ‘Release That Witch’ on Pocket FM, where Prince Ethan’s valiant mission to safeguard a young witch unfolds against the backdrop of Esther City’s perils. Dive into a narrative weaving love, supernatural threats, and the struggle against demonic forces. Immerse yourself in this enchanting story, available for free listening or as a complete read on the Pocket FM app. Join Ethan’s quest for protecting the persecuted witches, and experience the gripping saga filled with magic and danger.

Audio Series “Silent Love” on Pocket FM : Listen The Full Story

Immerse yourself in the emotional rollercoaster of ‘Silent Love’ on Pocket FM, where Tiya’s life takes unexpected turns amidst betrayal and despair. This gripping saga unveils a mysterious stranger’s arrival, promising hope and a quest for redemption. Explore the free audiobook episodes now for an unforgettable journey of love and resilience.

Audio Series “Ashes To Fire” on Pocket FM : Listen The Full Story

Embark on an extraordinary journey with “Ashes To Fire” on Pocket FM, where espionage meets reincarnation, shaping the fate of Ariana, a high schooler thrown into a world of intrigue. Explore the depths of her transformation from a loner to a force to be reckoned with. Unravel the layers of betrayal, resilience, and the pursuit of a new identity in this riveting tale. Listen for free on Pocket FM and dive into this compelling narrative of revenge and redemption.

Mismatched Ishq of Pocket FM : Listen The Full Story

Embark on an emotional rollercoaster with ‘Mismatched Ishq’ on Pocket FM! This gripping saga unravels the complexities of arranged marriage, following Deepika and Varun through their tumultuous journey. Dive into the free audiobook or explore the complete narrative on the Pocket FM app. Get ready to delve into a world where love blossoms amidst discord and discover the captivating tale of ‘Mismatched Ishq!