Steven Bartlett’s Flight Studio Set to Redefine Podcasting Industry


In a groundbreaking move, Steven Bartlett, renowned entrepreneur and host of the highly acclaimed podcast “The Diary Of A CEO,” has unveiled Flight Studio, a pioneering podcast media and technology company. With a team comprising global podcast executives, Flight Studio aims to revolutionize every aspect of podcast development, from creation and growth to monetization.

Steven Bartlett's Flight Studio Set to Redefine Podcasting Industry

Bartlett’s Journey Towards Innovation

Flight Studio emerges as the culmination of Steven Bartlett’s tireless pursuit of experimentation and innovation over the past three years. The success of “The Diary Of A CEO,” one of the world’s fastest-growing podcast brands, with nearly 400 million views on YouTube and an audience of over 2 million per episode, underscores Bartlett’s expertise in the podcasting realm.

Focus on Growth and Innovation

Flight Studio’s growth platform is centered around fostering podcast brands that contribute to enhancing the overall human experience. By collaborating with leading experts across various content verticals, Flight Studio aims to create podcasts that resonate with global audiences and drive positive change.


Inaugural Podcasters Joining Flight Studio

Flight Studio has already attracted top-tier talent to its roster, including renowned figures like:

  • Davina McCall: A beloved UK broadcaster and author.
  • Paul C Brunson: A global leader in relationship science and broadcasting.
  • Dr. Tara Swart: A neuroscientist and best-selling author.
  • Africa Brooke: An author, consultant, and international speaker.
  • Kristen Holmes: Global Head of Human Performance at WHOOP.

The Diary Of A CEO Exclusively on Flight Studio

As a significant coup for Flight Studio, “The Diary Of A CEO” will now be exclusively available on the platform. With over 5.5 million YouTube subscribers and 350 million views, the podcast’s migration to Flight Studio signals a new era of growth and opportunity.


Proprietary Growth Platform

Flight Studio’s proprietary growth platform leverages data-driven methodologies and cutting-edge AI technology to streamline the end-to-end podcasting process. From production and audience growth to distribution and optimization, Flight Studio ensures maximum visibility and engagement for its content.

Maximizing Intellectual Property

Flight Studio is committed to maximizing the intellectual property (IP) potential of its podcast brands. Through innovative strategies encompassing product development, ecommerce, live events, publishing, and rights management, Flight Studio offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for IP expansion.


Leadership and Collaboration

Led by Steven Bartlett, Flight Studio’s leadership team includes Georgie Holt, former Acast executive, and Christiana Brenton, former US Head of Sales and Brand Partnerships. Together, they bring years of global podcasting and media expertise to the table, driving the company’s ambitious growth agenda.

Global Presence and Expansion

With production studios spanning London, Manchester, New York, Boston, and Los Angeles, Flight Studio is poised for global expansion. The company will unveil a diverse lineup of new shows and talent signings in the coming months, further solidifying its position as a leader in the podcasting industry.


Vision for the Future

Steven Bartlett, Chairman and Founder of Flight Studio, envisions the company as a trailblazer in redefining the global podcasting landscape. With a focus on creating meaningful impact and amplifying diverse voices worldwide, Flight Studio represents a paradigm shift in the podcasting ecosystem.

Testimonials from Flight Studio Leadership

  • Steven Bartlett: “We have every core component ready to redefine the global podcasting industry with Flight Studio. I’m driven by the potential to scale this globally for the voices that will change the world.”
  • Georgie Holt: “Our ambition is to create the most valuable podcast brands and technology worldwide. We’re committed to scaling shows that make a positive impact on a global scale as fast as possible.”
  • Christiana Brenton: “Flight Studio offers the most compelling proposition to our partners across various media platforms. Our relentless pursuit of scientific experimentation ensures we deliver the most effective media partnerships globally.”

Flight Studio’s launch marks a significant milestone in the evolution of podcasting, ushering in a new era of innovation, collaboration, and impact. Stay tuned for more updates as Flight Studio continues to redefine the podcasting landscape